4 More Essential Features of the Ultimate Test Management Tool

Last time out we discussed four essential features that test management tools should have. Our quest for perfection continues and, armed with feedback from real-world testers, we’d like to share another four expectations for great test management solutions. Let’s take a look at what can help specific test management software and tools to stand out from the competition.

4 More Essential Features that Test Management Tools Should Have

#1) Easy to integrate existing software

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4 Essential Features that Test Management Tools Should Have

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Vu Lam, CEO of QASymphony. Author has a great point about the state of the current test management tools in the market and highlights the importance of a tool having some core features that the testers want. Read on to know what he thinks are essential features of any test management tool. Let us know if you agree in the comments below.

As software development adapts to the agile methodology and increasingly makes its way into the cloud, we are seeing more and more ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools coming onto the market. Analyst firm, Gartner predicts worldwide enterprise software spending of $297 billion this year, up 6.4% compared to 2012. There is a huge amount of competition in this space.

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