4 More Essential Features of the Ultimate Test Management Tool

Last time out we discussed four essential features that test management tools should have. Our quest for perfection continues and, armed with feedback from real-world testers, we’d like to share another four expectations for great test management solutions. Let’s take a look at what can help specific test management software and tools to stand out from the competition.

4 More Essential Features that Test Management Tools Should Have

#1) Easy to integrate existing software

It can be an uphill battle to convince your development team to adopt new test management software or tools. You may be able to point out a host Continue reading →

Hands-On Review of qTest Test Management Tool

This is a hands-on review of qTest test management tool by guest author Kaushal Amin, whose team is using this tool. See author details at the end of the article.

I’ve been checking out the latest test management tool to hit the market, qTest, developed by QASymphony. The software is designed to mesh seamlessly with a typical Agile development and it provides a comprehensive set of options for the testing end of any project. It enables you to enter project requirements, extrapolate test cases, run them, and store all the results.

In effect, you end up with a clear and transparent chain highlighting the lifecycle of every individual bug that gets raised. It’s Continue reading →

How TestLodge Test Management Tool Improved with Your Feedback

Last year we did TestLodge review and mentioned some pros and cons of this test management tool. STH readers also shared their thoughts and requested some new features. The TestLodge owner Scott Sherwood took our suggestions seriously and improved this tool with new awesome features. Today he contacted me to update on these improvements. I thought it would be a good idea to post these improvements on this blog.

What is TestLodge?

TestLodge is a test management tool to manage project requirements, test plans, test cases, test runs and reporting. Simple and easy to learn interface makes this tool stand out from other available tools. Your team can access it from anywhere as it’s a web-based cloud-hosted tool.

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