Test Automation – Is it a Specialized Career? Can Normal Testers Do Automation Also?

I’m really happy to share a wonderful guest post by Gunasekaran Veerapillai. He is working as a competency Head in Wipro Technologies Testing Services.

Gunasekaran has covered an interesting transformation of automation industry – How it was a few years ago and where is it heading now. He has also answered one core question: “ Whether we need dedicated automation experts to do the test automation or the normal testers can do automation also?”

So please enjoy and take it away Gunasekaran!

automation expert

Test Automation is no more a niche skill” – “any good business tester with the right attitude can create test automation scripts”.

Over the last decade, test automation has undergone multiple facets of changes. Same vendors have introduced new tools, open source tools have come to stay, and still, some vendors are marketing their products as the ultimate solution for Quality. Continue reading →