16 Things to Do When You’re Bored of Testing

Is Software Testing a Boring Job?

Testers are very enthusiastic at the beginning of their career. But when the learning curve is saturated they start feeling bored. They quickly get tired of writing the same bug reports and executing the same test cases again and again. They simply don’t feel challenged. Almost all testers have the same feeling in their career at least at some point. Especially experienced testers don’t find any challenge and creativity in their work. Continue reading →

10+ Tips to Survive and Progress in the Field of Software Testing

These tips will make you not only survive but also advance in your software testing career. Make sure you follow them:

Tip #1) Written communication – I repeatedly say this on many occasions that keep all things in written communication. No verbal communication, please. This is applicable to all instructions or tasks that are given to you by your superior. No matter how friendly your lead or manager is but keep things in emails or documents.

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