10 Awesome Tips to Become a Better Automation Tester

Automation Testing is every tester’s dream. We all want be automation testers. But only a few of us are successful at it. Here are some simple measures that will help you be the kind of superb automation tester that you desire to be.

10 Tips to Make You a Good Automation Tester

Tip #1: Learn the basics of testing very well:

Automation tester

This is because Automation Testing is nothing but a branch of testing – a form that uses a little more ‘techie’ approach to testing itself. To know what you are testing and why you are testing is very important. ‘How’ – is where Automation and manual testing differ.

Tip #2: Start early:

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I’m Writing an eBook and Need Your Help to Make it Super Helpful!

This is something that’s in my mind since a long time. I get so many questions from readers about getting started in software testing and becoming an expert in this field! I thought it would be helpful to all if I share these answers in an eBook.

So, I’ve decided to write an eBook on software testing career and becoming an expert in this field. It would be the collection of answers to all these burning questions almost all testers face in their career life. I’ll also include some of the most useful guides I’ve ever written on this blog over the last 6 years with updates aligning with latest trends in software testing field.
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Test Automation – Is it a Specialized Career? Can Normal Testers Do Automation Also?

I’m really happy to share a wonderful guest post by Gunasekaran Veerapillai. He is working as a competency Head in Wipro Technologies Testing Services.

Gunasekaran has covered an interesting transformation of automation industry – How it was a few years ago and where is it heading now. He has also answered one core question: “ Whether we need dedicated automation experts to do the test automation or the normal testers can do automation also?”

So please enjoy and take it away Gunasekaran!

automation expert

Test Automation is no more a niche skill” – “any good business tester with the right attitude can create test automation scripts”.

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10+ Tips to Survive and Progress in the Field of Software Testing

These tips will make you not only survive but also advance in your software testing career. Make sure you follow them:

Tip #1) Written communication – I repeatedly say this on many occasions that keep all things in written communication. No verbal communication, please. This is applicable to all instructions or tasks that are given to you by your superior. No matter how friendly your lead or manager is but keep things in emails or documents.

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