QTP Tutorial #6 – Understanding QTP Record and Run Settings for Our First Test

This is the 6th QTP Tutorial in our QTP training series. Please visit this post to check out the list of all tutorials we covered till now. As a reminder, we have started the QTP online training article series and we’ll be covering almost all QTP tutorials with simple examples to understand the concept.

The last few QTP tutorials have been about the QTP’s Keyword view which was really crucial in getting a high-level understanding of a QTP test’s structure and also introduced us to few ways in which our tests can be tailored to meet our needs.  So I think we are ready to record our first test in its entirety.  We are going to do just that in the next few QTP training articles. Today’s topic, therefore, is the first step in doing so which is the “Record and Run settings’. We are going to understand all about this, why it is important and how this can affect a test.

Record and Run Settings Dialog

When QTP is launched and we choose to record a new test, the ‘record and run settings’ dialog opens up.  Alternately a user can choose to access this window by Continue reading →