QTP Interview Questions and Answers with Useful Interview Tips

Below are some useful tips to prepare for QTP interview, followed by the most common QTP interview questions and answers. Actually, we had planned this post at the end of our QTP training article series. But many readers requested to provide interview questions so that you can prepare for the interview while learning QTP.

Listed here part 1 and part 2 links for your convenience:

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Note – In this post, we have covered some useful tips to prepare for QTP interview along with top 20 common and crucial Quick Test Professional questions and answers. Please provide more questions in comments and we’ll update this post with answers to your questions. You can also post your questions using this “Share Your QTP Interview Questions” page.

We devised a list of pre-requisites or non-technical aspects that every QTP interviewee has to be familiar with.

Here are some useful tips to prepare for QTP interview:

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