QTP Tutorial #3 – Adding Standard Steps From Keyword View

This is a tutorial #3 in our QTP Training series. Check out the first two QTP tutorials in this training series here: QuickTest Professional (QTP) tutorials

Adding Standard Steps From Keyword View

In last tutorial, we saw how to work with keyword view.

Today’s article is going to be about adding steps to a QTP test from the keyword view. Before we go about adding the steps, let’s see what kind of steps we can add at all:

  1. Standard Step: A standard step is anything that acts on an object. For example, a set operation on an edit box with a particular value or selecting a value from a list box.
  2. Checkpoint Step: Checkpoint is a step in a QTP Test that compares an expected value of a specific property/state of an object with the actual value. This is a kind of validation that QTP provides to the users to make sure their AUT is working as intended. So, when this kind of a step is inserted, QTP performs a check during this step execution and if Continue reading →