Software testing resources (Speedlinking 05/2007)

These are some of the helpful links about software testing:

  • An information resource for software testers by Danny Faught.
  • Software Testing templates Use Case Tutorial, Write Your Software Testing Plan Today, Quality Throughout the Life-Cycle, Managing Outsourcing Risk
  • Software Testing (QA) Template PackSoftware Testing (QA) templates provide you with the logs, forms, checklists, and templates
  • Capability Maturity Model Product development best practices.
  • Die Software Testing Website Articles, book reviews, software for download, and a discussion forum. Most of the site is in german.
  • Effective Performance Testing Presentations on a variety of performance testing topics.
  • Test Driven development community
  • Essays on web site quality
  • Software Testing Education Includes notes from courses by James Bach, Cem Kaner, and Bret Petticord
  • Software Testing and Resource centerSQA tester resources
  • Software Quality Hotlist Providing access to worldwide software quality technology sources
  • Smart Software Testingwhere and how to start on your software testing career path to become a successful software tester.
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    #1 sibaprasad mishra

    i am working as a se and a tester.
    my question is what r the things provided by tester to a developer

    #2 sibaprasad mishra

    how to test a porject

    #3 Ravi Kumar

    hi, sibaprasad mishra

    i am providing u a checklist to test the project for your company……

    #4 Ravi Kumar

    checklist to test the project for your company.

    #5 sibaprasad mishra

    what are the current tool used presently in the market please tell me

    #6 raju

    what is the diff between
    abs x abs y, x y ,

    #7 shashank


    Now days a Question is very famous among interviewers:-

    Online money transaction is common on any WEB-Application by DEBIT card,CREDIT card or NET Banking,then how you Test this Functionality that money transaction is successful with full privacy,accurate amount and having HIGH-ACCURACY at that ACCOUNT where you want to transact that money?

    I gave almost 6 Interview and in each interview question is same?

    Plz answer this

    I Think answer of this question saves my career

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