Software Testing Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Software Testing Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Considering the daily volume of questions I get, it’s difficult to answer each and every question. But here is an attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked software testing questions with short and useful answers.

You can put your questions in comment section of any of our latest posts or send directly to us. We will answer it over email or post it in our FAQ page without disclosing your identity if it’s a generic question.


Software Testing Interview Questions – Testing Career and Technical Questions

Requirement 1: The system shall allow the user to order Accountable Items by individual quantity or by the number of bundles.
I wrote – verify the user should able to order the items by combination of other items as well as individual numbers of 20 (As of now no designing documents are available so I can’t write the test steps, can I say this to my manager?)

Requirement 2: When the user orders by quantity or number of bundles, the system will automatically calculate and update the quantity of the field not entered.  For example, if ordering quantity of 18, but the bundle is 20, the system will automatically round the quantity up to 20.

I am not sure how to write test cases for this one. Can you please help?


No one will ask to write test cases without requirements unless:
– There is prior version of the application already released and now team is developing next version based on that
– You are the experienced tester on the project working since many iterations of the application

In these cases some requirements are assumed to be known by testers or team members and they are expected to write test accordingly.

In your first scenario if you are familiar with your application and know any such other version or requirement reference, you should use that for writing test cases/steps for current version.

Also you have mentioned some requirements so you can write test cases and get those reviewed by any senior team member prior to showing to your manager. I assume you don’t have mockups/wireframes for writing test steps. So it is okay to write scenarios only and you can update the exact steps at later time when those are available.

In your first scenario there could be following tests: (note these are just on my assumptions as I don’t have idea of your application and its business rules)
– system should allow user to buy one item
– system should allow user to buy multiple items
– system should allow user to buy single bundle item
– system should allow user to buy multiple bundle items
– system should allow user to buy individual items as well as bundles in combinations
– system should apply business logic as specified in your requirement if individual item quantity selected by user is nearer to bundle quantity
– system should allow to buy multiple bundles of same type
– system should allow to buy multiple bundles of different types
– rounding to nearest bundle values can be calculates solely on business rules on how to round and how many items are included in the bundle. Based on this info you can create multiple tests of rounding to nearest bundle value.

Also make sure to write test cases/scenarios using each and every field used on the page for calculation of the total items and amount. Calculating amount can be even complicated based on the logic applied for item count.



I have done MCA, and after a long gap I want to restart my career. Will software testing course help me? I don’t have any experience, so please suggest me, what is beneficial for me, and a good institute from which I can do the course (automation or manual testing).

You need to prepare for software testing concepts. Also you need valid reason for career gap. Doing a course can help you update your skills. I’ll suggest going for manual testing course which is covering software testing details with practical information to test the application and basics of automation. This will help you to prepare for manual testing interviews and also you will have good understanding of automation testing.

You can have some basic checks about the reputation of institutes before joining any. Check out this post before joining any software testing institute.



I have been working in a BPO industry for last 7yrs. Now I want to pursue a career in software testing. I am 35 years old. Will I be able to shift to this field at this age? Will my age is going to be constraint if I want to pursue my career in software testing? I completed MCA 10 years ago however I could not make a career in IT for some reason.

You have long break in your career. You need to show that you still have all those skills required for software testing. For this any professional software testing course will help you update your skills.

Getting into software testing (or any other field) is not impossible as long as you possess interest in that field. So if you want to be in this field you need to –
– Learn software testing (clear understanding of concepts and practical knowledge)
– Have reason why you want to switch to testing field
– Need interest in this field
These are three basic things to get back into this field.



To take HP’s QTP Certification, a person would just need to register on the site and sign up for a Learner ID.  I’ve noticed that there are more steps involved which requires (according to the site)  me to first go for HP ATA and after taking that exam, I would be given a Learner ID after 5 days. Do we need to first take HP ATA for taking HP QTP certification?

You don’t need to take HP ATA exam for learner ID. However this is useful for courses and training centers if you want to get prepared for QTP certification.

For certification you get learner ID and then use it to register with PearsonVUE.
Get learner ID from this page by selecting customer option. This process is same for all regions.



I just wanted to know the format of assigning tasks to my team for their daily tasks.
Currently we are using below format:

Project: (Name of Project)
• Ticket No. – (Mention unique id)

Database Test Environments:
• Server – Name of server
• User Name – Your credentials
• Password – your password
• Database Name – SPGDB
• DB Scripts –   if required

Application URL:
• Tracker –
• Web Site / EXE –

Documents Location:
• Test Cases : location is to given
• Understanding Document –
• Requirement Matrix –
• Prototype – NA
• Release Documents Unit Test Document

• Start Date –
• End Date –
• Total Man Days –

Release version –

Developing and following your own templates that works perfectly for your needs is the best option to get the work done.

You have mentioned the template and if it is working fine for you, you can use same or tweak to fine tune the missing details.

This management tasks can be better handled using the test management tools itself. E.g. TestLink can handle test cases assignment and execution. Test plan or strategy document refer to other project details like environment and test types etc. which is also handled by TestLink. Also you could circulate to all testers before test execution or even before starting to write the test cases.



I have a Group Discussion interview followed by a face to face interview for a commercial job. It’s my first GD and I am not confident about it. I don’t know what to say there. Kindly help me how can I improve my communication and interpersonal skill.


GD is not something that can be mastered overnight. But here are some points at least to have a positive impression:
– be calm
– speak slowly
– speak logically
– do not break others in between, ask for their permission if you are doing so.
– if you are speaking and anyone is disturbing you in between politely ask them to let you finish first
– note down points to discuss in first couple of minutes before your turn
– express yourself positively on topic and overall
– be confident in whatever things you speak
– Most importantly conclude the discussion and take the group to some outcome of the discussion.


Join any course for improving your presentation, personal and communication skills.



I have done my MCA and now searching software testing jobs but I haven’t get. I’ve decided to do any software testing certification. Can you suggest which certification is best for me to get testing job?

You can go for ISTQB for now. CSTE is also good software testing certification but it need software testing relevant experience. Also HP QTP is another better option if you have QTP knowledge or want to learn it.



I am working as a manual tester in a company from 2 years. I am looking for a new job. Can you please guide and tell me how I should prepare for an interview.

When I see sample resumes, I have seen people writing so many languages like C, C++, and SQL etc. in skill section. Frankly speaking, I have not worked on any of these languages in my company. All that I know is the basic knowledge that I studied in College. So I am not confident enough to mention these languages in my CV.
Really confused what to do and what to write in Skills section.

Can you please tell me how should I improve my skill at this point? Also do we need SQL knowledge for testing jobs?

I assume you have read our articles on preparing resume for software testing positions.

Apart from this you don’t need to write all those languages you are not confident in. Just mention all your testing skills in manual and automation testing. If you are familiar with any of the programming languages and OOPS concepts then you can include that in your resume with your expertise level.

You must be having good command over manual testing concepts. Apart from this if you are good at any automation tool, UNIX, and SQL it is certainly an added advantage.

To improve skills, concentrate on getting domain knowledge of the product you are working in, learn automation tools like QTP or Selenium. Other skills like UNIX system administration and troubleshooting, database queries all are added advantages if you can improve on.



Currently we are evaluating some software testing tools like TestingCzar, Qualitia etc. I checked information about these tools in Google. It’s mentioned that these are Scriptless tools, eliminates programming, making it fast and easy.

Then why is Selenium, QTP so popular when compared to these tools? Is there any reason? Is it because tools like Qualitia cannot automate complex test cases?

You won’t be able to analyze the tool unless you try it. So it’s a good idea to have hands-on experience on demo version. You will get idea how powerful it is and most importantly whether it is a good fit for your project needs.

Sometime these new tools can be more powerful than the existing ones. But it is not a good idea to say anything about a tool that is not used. So hand-on is the best approach for evaluation.

QTP and Selenium are the players in the market since long and hence the large market cap. But it’s not necessary to go with these tools only. Be open to other tools and do the tool assessment on demo version.



I like to learn automation tools for security testing. I asked my team members regarding this. They said that no tools are available for security testing. Also I was able to find only open source tools when I searched online.

Here are some commercial security testing tools. Some of these might be security testing services but there is something to learn from each tool.

HP Fortify
IBM Rational AppScan
ISS Internet Scanner
WhiteHat Security
GFI LANguard,



When to start test execution?

Test execution can be started when you get your first build ready for testing. Your project test plan should give you idea about testing schedule. If not, you need to start using and implementing test plan. Remember requirement analysis and writing test cases process starts from the project design phase. Actual testing process can be started after first build ready for testing. You need to start with smoke testing to decide if you can continue further testing.



I am a manual tester and now taking Selenium classes. To prepare a good resume with Selenium skills I want to know which keywords I should include in my resume for getting more interview calls?

Along with details of your manual testing skills you can mention your skills in automation testing as well. For Selenium you need to use the exact keywords for your skills: E.g. Hands-on Selenium Testing, Selenium IDE, Selenium Web Driver 2.0 etc. Also in projects, mention your Selenium skills in details. You need to position these skills at prominent position in your resume.



Hi Vijay,
Trust you are doing well. I came across your site while looking for resources on testing and the material is highly informative. I work in a consultancy and currently looking for testers for one of our clients in Bangalore. I was wondering whether you can share the job vacancy in your posting.
Let me know how to post it on your website.

We have created a page to post all software testing and quality assurance job openings. You can post these openings using below form:
We’ll review and post the jobs on our jobs section at as well as at



I’ve completed testing course and searching for job now. I’ve uploaded my resume on some job portals but I am not getting any interview calls. Can you please help?

You need to make sure if you are applying for the relevant jobs. Also while applying for the job use cover letter (5-10 lines) related to the job you are applying for. This should be convincing enough to show how you are the good fit for their opening. Make sure you are not using words that will show you are desperate to get a job.

Also use different versions of resume before applying for the job. Highlight your relevant skills in resume while applying for particular position. Getting an interview call is important and you can do this by – preparing a good resume, applying for relevant jobs, using a good cover letter and highlighting skills required for the job.


What all test cases can be written for “Amount” with a blank text box, where you can enter the values?

Sample test cases for amount text field:
– do not put any amount and proceed
– put valid amount like 10
– put amount with two decimal places e.g. 10.50
– put amount with four decimal places e.g. 10.0000
– put positive amount with max value supported by text field
– put negative amount
– put amount with $ sign E.g. $10
– put amount with other currency signs
– Put characters in amount field
– put multiple decimal numbers in amount field e.g. 10.50.10
These are only the sample tests and you can write many more based on the requirements you have.


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