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qasymphony logo

QASymphony’s test management and agile testing solution qTest, helps teams test faster, communicate better and thrive in the agile world. With qTest, teams benefit from:

  • Accelerated testing to keep up with the pace of today’s development
  • Time savings through best in class usability
  • End-to-end test management capabilities
  • Greater testing visibility, traceability, efficiency and collaboration
  • Requirements management, test case management, and detailed reporting
  • Supports traditional testing and provides a bridge to agile testing
  • Robust integrations with ALMs and defect tools and a native integration with JIRA

Visit QASymphony’s websiteQASymphony


QualiTest Group


QualiTest Group is the world’s second largest pure play QA and software testing company. QualiTest offers Managed Testing Solutions (MTS) for long-term SLA-based testing outsourcing through a combination of Right-Shore and crowd testing models. QualiTest offers demonstrable success implementing Results Based Testing (RBT) and contractual guarantees for quality improvement & cost reduction.

Visit QualiTest websiteQualiTest Group




WebLOAD is an enterprise-scale load testing tool which features powerful scripting capabilities, so you can test complex scenarios. WebLOAD supports hundreds of technologies – from web protocols to enterprise applications, from Selenium to mobile and much more. WebLOAD allows you to generate load both in the cloud and on-premise. You can start with WebLOAD Free Edition, which features 50 virtual users and is fully functional – perfect for DevOps and testing development servers.

Visit WebLOAD websiteWebLOAD


Enov8 EcoSystem

enov8_long_dark_72dpi transparent

Enov8 are an innovative software house specializing in solutions for “IT & Test Environment Management”.

Flagship products include:

  • IT & Test Environment Management
  • Enterprise Release Management
  • Holistic Test Data Management

Enov8 help organizations be “Agile at Scale”, through the implementation of Platforms that uplift IT Environment Transparency, Governance & Streamline IT & Release Operations.

Visit enov8 website –


Parrot QA

Parrotqa logo

Parrot QA makes it easy to build functional, cross-browser tests without writing a line of code. Record yourself using your website with our Chrome Extension (the QAmcorder) and we’ll repeat exactly what you did, across multiple browsers, every day.

Organize all of your tests using our beautifully simple Mind Map tool. Capture fully inspectable DOM snapshots with every test, and configure test expectations using our intuitive, code-free user interface.

Visit Parrot QA Website – Parrot QA




TimeShiftX is a time-shifting software that lets organizations time travel their software into the future or the past, safely and efficiently, to run temporal testing of all date and time sensitive functionality such as leap year, year-end, daylight savings, interest rates, enrollment, billing, etc. TimeShiftX employs virtual times to allow time travel inside of Active Directory & Kerberos without code changes, OS manipulation, or system isolation for your forward date testing or back dates testing.

Visit TimeShiftX websiteTimeShiftX


Performance Lab

logo performance lab

Performance Lab is a private company established in 2008 to address a growing void in the area of independent software testing and quality assurance for enterprise customers. Since 2014 the company has been the leading provider of these services within the Eastern European QA market.

The company’s rapid growth is a result of proven success across multiple industries, such as finance, insurance, telecom, retail, e-commerce and software engineering, including companies listed on NYSE, LSE, and MOEX. The company offers a full range of quality assurance services and has exceptional expertise in performance testing, automation testing, and mobile application testing.

Performance Lab is represented in USA, Russia, and Australia.

Visit Performance Lab website – Performance Lab



Testhouse Logo

Testhouse is a global thought and market leader in Software Quality Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps providing on-site, on-shore and offshore test services, either on-demand or outsourced, including consulting, software testing solutions and training globally since 2000, focussing on traditional IT, mobile, cloud and internet of things platforms.

We also have a specialized Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX practice with automated build and deployment. Our strengths are the global expertise and technical prowess of our 240 staff, our innovations and strong global partner ecosystem which includes Microsoft (we are a Microsoft Gold ALM partner and a Silver DevOps partner), IBM and HP.

Visit Testhouse Website – Testhouse




An online test case management tool that has been built to be productive and easy to use. TestLodge focuses on allowing you and your team to manage their test plans, enter requirements, create test suites and cases along with performing Test runs. TestLodge has a variety of dashboards, activity feeds and charts allowing you to stay up to on what the entire team is testing along with also integrates with the most popular issue tracking tools allowing tickets to be created whenever a test case fails.

Visit TestLodge websiteTestLodge




PractiTest is an Intelligent Test and QA Management solution that improves the planning, design and execution operations of your team.

  • Manage tests & testSets, requirements, issues, run tests
  • Advanced Views and Dashboard to provide visibility in real time
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Full end to end to extend coverage of your entire ALM process
  • Simple Web-based
  • Integration with automation, version controls, bug systems; robust API

Visit PractiTest websitePractiTest




iCEDQ is a testing platform specifically built to automate ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring. It helps users identify data issues generated by the ETL processes. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built-in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across/ within heterogeneous data sets.

Few Use Cases: Data Warehouse Testing/ ETL Testing, Data Migration Testing, Data Model Testing, Production Data Monitoring.

Visit iCEDQ websiteiCEDQ




Building on long-term success in quality engineering and process excellence, PASS Group is a Swiss headquartered global IT and professional services provider with over two decades of experience in providing applications development and professional testing services. We help our customers, from small, high-growth start-up’s to Global 1000 companies, embrace “the crowd” through our passbrains platform and crowdsourced testing services as a way to close the speed versus quality gap in a digital world where applications require more support, and testing, than ever before.

Visit Passbrains websitePassbrains



testrail logo

TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management tool to efficiently manage, track and organize your software testing efforts. This tool makes it easy to create and manage test cases, test suites and coordinate your entire testing cycle.

  • Manage test cases, test plans and test runs
  • Real time insights of testing status

Visit TestRail websiteTestRail



Loadster load testing tool

Loadster is a load testing tool for high-performance web applications. It helps to discover performance bottlenecks, application crashes, and improve scalability in your web applications. You can load test your web application by simulating thousands of concurrent users.

Visit Loadster websiteLoadster



WAPT logo

WAPT is a load and stress testing tool with a cost-effective way to test any web site. Using this tool you can create your load tests within minutes. With simple test setup you can create thousands virtual users execute multiple concurrent sessions against your web site.

Visit WAPT websiteWAPT

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