Software Testing Book for Preparing Testing Interviews and Learning Basics of Software Testing [download]

I am in a process to compile a list of good books on software testing. Soon I will share this list with you. But lately, I am getting too many requests to share any book on software testing for preparing software testing interviews. So here is a quick post to share an online testing book I found “A Software Testing Primer” by Nick Jenkins.

Basically, this book is an introduction to software testing. So those who are new to software testing field can start their preparation by reading this book. You will get a basic idea of manual and automation testing.

Here is a summary of what this book is covering:

In all this book is a nice introduction to software testing. The author explained some key software testing concepts like Regression and Retesting difference, Alpha and beta testing etc. where many testers get confused.

Download “Testing Primer” book:

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What is your favourite software testing book? Also, share your ‘best software testing book’ experience with our readers.