QAI’s International Software Testing Leadership Awards 2007

QAI’s 7th annual Software Testing leadership awards have been declared last week in Bangalore. AztecSoft Won the first prize with NIIT and HCL as first and second runners-up.

Let me tell you in short about QAI. QAI(Quality assurance Institute) is global software testing and other ITES consulting organization. QAI is arranging the annual software testing conferences worldwide. The last conference was held in Bangalore on August 24 and 25.

The Software Testing leadership award recognizes the leadership and contribution in software testing field. The awards are aimed to bring long-term improvements and recognition to the software testing professionals across the industry. This time AztecSoft, NIIT and HCL bag the awards.

The best of the best award: Aztecsoft’s Sanjay Kulkarni for the submitted paper ” Practical Measurement Of outsourced Product Testing“. About this paper “This paper is a great example of a direction that more and more software organizations need to go in. It describes the development of a set of metrics to measure the quality of service for outsourced product testing. This paper is a model for test organizations everywhere.”

1st runner-up: NIIT Technologies, N.Ganasekaran and Vineet Banga for the paper “Automated Regression Testing framework”. About this paper “This very readable paper presents a clear step-by-step account of a successful and cost-effective implementation of automated regression testing. As automated regression testing is a necessity for contemporary testing, this paper should help more companies move more quickly acquire this important capability”

2nd runnerup: HCL technologies, paper submitted by Rajee Natesan and Ranganathan Santhanam for the paper “Creating Testing Evangelists: Strategies to drive high performance from Software Testing Teams”. The paper is about “The challenge of leading a test team to high performance is difficult and under-appreciated. This paper squarely addresses that oversight. Chock full of cases studies and practical ideas, this paper reminds us that testing is not just a technical activity, but a social activity is done by people. And people, who are led well, perform better.”

The winners are selected from the total of 175 best software testing practices submissions. QAI’s Software testing expert like Dr. Richard Zultner and Lee Copeland selected the winners from 175 submissions.

If you are interested in training given by QAI, you can visit their current training schedule in India.

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