QA, Test engineer’s Payscale

If you are working as a Test engineer or a QA engineer then this might be shocking for you, Specifically my Indian friends.
See the salary chart below:

This is the salary for Test/QA engineers by their experience. This salary structure is for those who do the job of design, implement, execute and debug information technology test cases and scripts, Automate test cases, Find bugs, defects, and regressions, Verify fixes, Validate and document completion of testing and development. Here get the detail company wise, US city wise salary structure.

QA Test engineers Payscale

Come on what you are thinking now ;-)

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#1 Anonymous

I completely disagree with the chart of pay scale. I’ve been in QA field for less than 1 yr and I make $40/hr. your chart is nowhere close to my number. I’ve atleast 7 colleagues that I know make around that much in USA. You got to fix this chart.

#2 Anonymous

The above chart is from…i believe that the salaries vary greatly from company to company and between various job profiles…a white box tester earns much more than a black box one….similarly, somebody testing a product may earn more than a service industry tester

#3 Vijay

Thanks for informing the discrepancies. let me tell you that this salary is average in the industry, so what you are getting may be more than this and may vary from the city in which you are working.
The latest updated data by can be found on the link I provided in the article.

#4 Ashish

Can you suggest the pay scale given in Indian cities and the opportunities in QA.
Pls. suggest.

#5 Ashish

Also i would like to know whether the payscale of a developer is more or gets more as the experience he builds as compared to a QA person.i am at present a .Net developer and changing my line as a QA as having interest in it.Do suggest, and why is this misconception that QA line is not so challenging as compared to development and anyone can enter into it without any prior basic knowledge.

#6 Chanchal Kumar Upadhyay

Hi, this is first time i am interacting to you.As Iam a frehers in testing and I have all the manual testing ,automated testing knowledge wored with winruner,testdirector,load runner,qtp. But i am thinking there is no good company for me.But iwant build my carrer in this field only and Iwant to upto top level so what i should do,Please advise me Email:,
advance Thank a lot.

#7 Cary

The above chart is INCORRECT. I am working in a product-based company which I joined as a fresher(0yrs of experince). I have been offered $5000(Rs2,00,000) per annum. Your chart scared me!!

#8 Deepak

Now the Payscale has been changed in all companies after layoffs…

it is now more than 2.4 for freshers..

#9 Seema

Now again Salary is growing up. There is small slow down in the market. But it’ll be ended in the coming time and salary will be more good for QA or testing people. Enjoy

#10 cry

i’m earning 8k per month and i have 2 years of experience inmanual as well as automation testing…

#11 preeti

hi, im in testing field from last 5 months, and im earning only 4k per month :(, worried will get any good job or not

#12 Tiger2k

Hey Preethi ,
Maybe its high time you change your company,
because , i think a fresher in testing gets anywhere between 10,000 – 12,000 Rs if not less.

#13 Deepak

Hi, i am working in the website testing near to 1 month.

My payscale is 30k/month.

Sal varies from company to company.

So better switch in other companies.

#14 Edison

I saw the chart about. Now I am working aprivate company at position QA. I want job in USA. How to contact US visas and companies. please send advice and advice for me.

My E-mail id:

#15 sravanthi

I am sravanthi working as a test engineer in US based company.Currently my sal is 8k.Now i want to change company please forward me if any interviews are going on…………

#16 patrick

HI Guys,,

I want to state the important notification to people who are looking forward to build there career in Testing.

As myself working as Test Manager In Accenture i want to provide useful suggestions.. Now guys in testing there will be very very less openings in future as a fresher & experienced people…

Every company needs more developers than testers. As in our company we are training freshers in Testing domain so those guys who are trying as Freshers or experienced wont get any chance to work in MNC Company.
The same problem exist in all companies..

Now manual testing has no value in testing domain.
As current market needs telecom & protocol testers with 3 to 4 year exp in MNC Company..

Guys who are looking fwd to do testing course and planning to try for job then it would be a wrong decision…
U have to struggle a lot there is no way u will get job. Better move on to Java,.net, Php as u can easily get a job as lot of openings will be there in this field..

In testing lot of fake candidates with fake experience are entering in this field they will face a problem in future as every company are keeping track of all fake institute & company… just they will blacklist candidate profile in Job sites where in future no company will refer candidate profile..

Even in small companies they need more developers than testers. No one can expect a bright future with good salary in testing domain..

Upto 2010 all MNC based companies don’t require any experienced testers. All MNC are training freshers in testing, who has got selected in campus interview..

Dont waste money by doing courses in any institutes as u cant learn anything related to automation tools. So just dont think that by putting fake experience in automation u will get a job..No institute can provide training related to Automation tools..

As a senior with 4+ year of experience in testing it is my responsibility to assist juniors who are looking for a bright career in testing..

This is the right time to think seriously as everyone who are searching for job are not getting any interview calls in testing domain..

In our company we are getting 1000 profiles for 1 position. This is the scenario in all IT Companies. So all majority companies are not in need of any testers in future..

Those who are freshers doing testing course or having 1 or 2 year experience in testing my suggestion is to shift to programming field related to Php, .NET, JAVA, SAP, DATAWAREHOUSING, PL/SQL, SEO,… U can get a good salary in a good company with job security….Now it is the right time to take better decision for better future..

Now it is the right time to take better decision for better future.. Now those who are trying for job in testing field knows the truth that they are not getting any calls.. But if u are a programmer lot of opportunities will be awaiting for u….

#17 Kavita

Hello all, i would like to seek your advise especially at this point of time wherein i have practically no experience in S/w Testing while my background is that i have done my B.Tech (passed out in 2002 and have not been working since then although i have done a course in S/w Testing too).

I am a housewife with 2 children and would like to take up a job in S/w Testing. And, i fully understand the phenomenal change in the industry and the profession.

– Can i get into a S/w Testing job as a fresher within

Any advise/tips/suggestions are welcome.


#18 jk

Hi Kavita,

Nice to here that ur very interested in S/w Testing field. Welcome to our world. And coming to ur point, U can search job as a fresher too…along with S/w Testing course, pls learn any one Testing tools as well. And with this need some programing language and one database knowledge also. Pls update ur knowledge and try for the job. all the best.


#19 AKM

its quite surprising how many induviduals are out there trying to “get” in within the software quality assurance field, to the induviduals who say they are serious:

answer these questions (yes/no):

have you atended any software testing conferences within last year?

have you created any templates which you believe would increase the stability of traceablity within the testing effort?

have you ever progressed forward on to attempting to teach others bout this field?

have you watched videos/ read any books on software testing best practices, then tried to implement them?

have you actually “actually” started studying for a software quality assurance designation (certification)?

have you held seminars / talks at work to promote change and effectivness (business cases) regarding the quality efforts and how it might be done?

have you constructed your own definition of quality, other than the one memorized from texts?

if you have answered no to these questions, then guess what, you may not be interested in software quality assurance as a passion to enhance efforts,

now a days recruiters/interviewers are smart enough to question outside of the box of just questions regarding testing, they will poke and probe deeper and deeper in ordert o get a consise answer, or even ask questions you were not expecting all to find out how passionate you really are about this field.

always remember, anyone can be trained to do a testers role, but a passionate, proactive innovator will always be sought after.

#20 nityasri

Hi all
I just read an article written by Mr Patrick on 07.02.08
#17 in QA,Testers payscale. Is tht really true????
i got training on manual and automated tools…. now im searching jobs on testing… feeling bit tensed after reading tht one…..plz confirm tht it was not true.

#21 beach5563

Hi all
This is exactly the site I have been looking for. I have been in the I.T. field since about 1999. I have mostly been doing Nortel Telecom programming. I have been working a job as an Availability Analyst in a Data Center for a automation monitoring group since March of 07. I use Mercury Loadrunner to download and test scripts for web applications. I do quick fixes to them like a text check or maybe comment out certain sections if we see something turn red on the board because of a change to the site. I also help update and build out telescope applications which we created for people in the data center to use to test scripts. Our scrips are in a C++ format. I really want to just go into software QA automation testing. Can someone give me some advice on how to prepare for it? Do I need to learn certain programming languages such as C++ or C#. Should I focus more on .NET stuff. A lot of this stuff is new to me, just thought someone out there can help. One of my co workers over in india used to just do QA stuff building and testing scripts. I think she knows VB. Where should I start.

#22 abhishek

@ mr. vijay ,
sir plz clear my confusion which arise due to following comment “#17 patrick on 07.02.08 at 12:41 pm”.
is it true?
i m working as Q.A engineer (4 month exp.)

#23 Deepak

Hi Friends,

Latest Tester’s payscale in Microsoft.

Tester = $ 24/hour
Developer = $ 16/Hour.

Future of Testing is very Bright.
There are so many openings coming at the end of this Year and Start of the New Year,

#24 Rahul Kumar

Hi Friends,

I am fresher in testing and getting 1.8 lacs per annum . Career in software testing is very bright. There are many oppurtunities in this field.

#25 Rahul Kumar

Hi , Thanks

#26 abhi

patrick you should always cop others not dissatisfy anyone.
there are good institutions gives good training in tools also.many have got job in testing also.
coz recession period is going on so no much calls in any domain.s i agree no much calls in testing also due to that.but we hope for best.

your straight approach of convincing is not good here

thank you

#27 Ritesh

Hi Patrick, I am working as a Test Manger with an MNC and soft advice without hurting you is that you doesn’t seem to know much undertanding of feild nor the objective of testing.

There can never be a situation in any company where developers are preffered for testers, as both the domains have their roles defined, and more the development more are the chances of a defect in the work done and which itself enhances the chance of someone testing the work- This is such an elementary and basic approach of testing.

Also contrary to your beleif even smaller companies are increasingly getting cautious about the need of having testers in the org, as the software success doesn’t entirely depend on the developer it’s depend on the tester who will enentually test the software before it gets launched in the market.

#28 deepu

could anyone tell me the career prospects of game it a better career to opt for? how are the salaries for entry level ppl and experinced…
thnks in adv

#29 Deepak

hi Deepu,
One of my friend is working in the gaming company in Bangalore,
It is also a good career,
Fresher : 11k+3K Incentives+Food coupons+Yearly Bonus+6 month appraisal.


#30 Vivek

This is great site where i got everything that is very useful

#31 venugopal

hey guys
I have an opening for testing engineer for my client at propotional to strength of profile.Interested come to my mail

#32 divya

Hey Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont Worry !!!!!!!! Now Great scope for the testing is there n one more thing, in Australia ,,more jobs openings for the testing ……… :)

BBye ……
Take Care

#33 abhisek

how about the salaries in testing.They r very less in d beginning.Do they increase after experience?

#34 Deepak

Yes, Abhishek…the salary offcourse increases with the Experience..
you can easily go upto the package of 6 to 7Lp.a.

#35 abhisek

i heard thers no growth in testing.a tester remains ats ame level thru out his life.Is it so?

#36 Surya

Hi All,

Iam not agree with Abhishek. In testing also very good future. But we should learn more things like Functionality and Development knowledge.
Future of Testing is very Bright.Salary structure very very good…in india also

#37 kumar

dear friends i m looking for fresher opening in testing i got previous experience in marketing and i got knowledge in manual and qtp ,pls give me information about fresher mail id

#38 abhisek

The salary is just 10k for few years .which is quite less when compared to developers. Moreover the competition is high as every non IT student does this .

#39 Deepak

Abhishek you are correct at some extent but not exactly. if you are a fresher then you need to work for 1 year at this package but afterwards it depends on you that you are widening your skills or not..

#40 abhisek

in testing which tool is in demand?whether blackbox r whitebox or load runnner?

#41 abhisek

The guys who say that testing have got goood demand& salaries are correct & trustable?

#42 Abc

Hi All,

All the discussion above related to the QA reviewer has been done keeping in mind that the work that testers do can be done by anyone(freshers).
There are many things in testing which needs testing experience and cannot be done by developer.some of the things are the prioritization of testing,Taking correct decisions under a lot of constraints,perform the testing in limited schedule for all this it requires testing experience and it cannot be done by person who is an experienced developer .

To be a good test lead requires a lot of skills which a cannot be learned overnight.Some of these skills are communication,diplomatically handle the situations,Quick decision making and a lot many other qualities.
For the organizations that want to deliver quality products with minimum rework require persons who can Evaluate and establish process that can assure quality in the deliverables produced by the process and the need for such persons will never end.

#43 Tushar/Tushi

No Comments !!!!

#44 Girish

dont worry guys….IT field grow up again..time is coming u need to wait sometimes

#45 Ganesh Kumar

i cant able to c the image

#46 beach5563

Is this forum only for engineers in India? I was just wondering because I havent had a response to my question at #22. I’m in America so I dont know if I can get any help here or not. Anyway I will try another forum.

#47 Chinmay Trivedi

The salary structure shown above considers US based professionals or Indian ?? Even if it is avg salary then for 1-4 years exp testers, the salary might not be close to $53,821. Not sure of this, so please excuse me if i am wrong.
Also, can anyone of you please guide me on which Automation to learn ?? I am in Manual testing and wanna switch to Automation, so which course or tool is better ??

#48 abhi

hello guys .Does testing have any demand during dis economic recession times?

#49 Shirisha

I am in a problem. If anyone can please help. I worked in a small company to start my career. Say for 8 mth. Then got an opportunity with MNC. I went for it. It was a contract position. But as the client asked to ram down we on contracts had to go through layoff. Not all. Some were mapped. We were told this is layoff and not because of performance. How true is it?
I worked there only 3mth. And the total experience is 1yr now. Now I cant see any further. But I plan to do ISTQB and QTP certification. Is there a possibility to get another job sooner or later? Will I have to again start from a small company? Will my 3mth at MNC be questioned? I was told(personally talked to PM and HR) that whenever there is a requirement in future we will be given the opportunity 1st. Was this just for the sake of saying? I was told by my PM, TL to be in contact.
I am depressed and don’t know whom and where to approach… Anyone can please help?

#50 subhadeepthi

Hi I would like to know whether the payscale of a developer is more or gets more as the experience he builds as compared to a QA person.I am at present a .Net developer and changing my line as a QA as having interest in it.Do suggest, and why is this misconception that QA line is not so challenging as compared to development and anyone can enter into it without any prior basic knowledge.So Iam having the Knowledge of ManualTesting So iam having 3.5Years Exp so guys if you have any Knowledge of job openings on Testing plz send to my mailid

#51 Rahul

if u have decided to move to testing welcome to testing difference in salary much and more over wt matters most is your job satisficiton not ur sal.keep searching job at chetanaforum.gud lck

#52 Rahul

dont worry dude..its all part of life.i will provide u a link n hope u gonna rock in ur new job.

#53 Rahul

for testing what matters is DOMAIN knowledge .i will tell u domain knowledge is not the only thing that matters a lot..
Now i will tel where it plays its role.see in testing we basically try to find bugs nad if we know the domain terminology it will help to understands thing much easily and possibility of finding bugs are more likely..
I hope aLL got the anwser y tester require to know domain knowledge.
further assistance ping me

#54 Sumeet Srivastava

Hi, I am Sumeet Srivastava. Looking for java fresher.
Pls, let me know, if their is opening for Java….., 9821026294

#55 Sumeet Srivastava

Pls help me out. If thier is any opening for Java fresher. I have 8 month exp. Mail me :, feel free to call :09821026294

#56 Indian

Salary chart shows that salary is unimpressive..for sw developers who work at lower salaries..Your job will someday be taken over by automated system that could write the do the trvial tasks you do today…
An indian got $80k & he was a fresher with no exp frm no well-known/top ranked university..& there were still much better propositions..there are better dev jobs ..apart frm many “for the sake of formality ones”…

#57 Rajani

I am rajani working as a software test engineer on contract basis. Basically company pay 2.4 package but i am on consultancy payroll. They are giving me only1.6 pac
Now 2 time my project extend but they are not increase my salary may be 3rd time it extend but company doesnot want to hire me as company payroll due to the recession and same reason has told me consultancy HR foor increament.
Could any one suggest me the company job as company payroll.
I have 2+ exp in manual testing.
Tell me the tact how to increase the salary.

#58 balaji

i joined as a fresher in manual s/w testing and earning 18K per month(2.6 per annum).its 7 months by now
i feel manual testing can be done even by the bcom guys. u really need not be a technocrat for that…..iam looking up for suggestion from seniors in testing field to know what i must do to improve my career and pay-scale in testing…. what courses should i take up…. If a person is planning to learn QTP, what is the prerequisites…..which knowledge he should have b4 taking a course in QTP.

#59 Suby

hi am working as a QA Engineer n its been 1 yr but my salary remained the same arround 10k, am basically a mechanical engineer but i joined this field.So what the future here.Please suggest …n what different courses i can opt for a good future


#60 Pankaj

Hi I am Quality Assrance engineer having 2.5 Years of experience in Testing in Telecom Domain, Currently i am working with a top class company, However i would like to work in the U.S. , so can any one suggest me how to proceed.

#61 Pankaj

Send me a mail at

#62 karan

Software testing is not just executing the test cases as like others. We have to show ourself as unique person in testing by identifying critical/core/complex issues. It would be possible, if you are interested in manual testing. Think differently and test the application. YOU can see the different issues.

My suggestion is to become a good manual/automation test professional, we must work at least 2 years in manual testing by doing different/analytical testing. It will create in/out of Testing/Domain/Application knowledge within us.

For automation testing, i hope we need to have basic programming concepts with analytical skills.

If anybody has any different opinion…please share..:-)

#63 charty

hi everyone.
there are different types of testing.telecom testing, mobile testing,linux testing…what is testing and where these testing types came from..
how to start career in testing, in confusin..pll explain me…

#64 Rahul

I am a QTP automation developer in NY/NJ region. In 2007, I did rates of $70/hr (corp-to-corp), I had friends in the market who were at $80/hr (corp-to-corp). These year things are different, most QA automation rates are at $55-60 around NY/NJ region. Indian recruiters are low-balling at 35-45/hr asking for ‘QTP experts’ & ‘automation gurus’. When you offer peanuts, only monkeys turn up.

On, I see full time jobs for QTP guys at about 80-100k depending on the industry.

In the near future, on the functional testing tools side, I see better rates for Selenium, JUnit, NUnit & other open source tools.

Some of you think Loadrunner is a testing tool like QTP, Winrunner. Well here in the market I see that most companies are not looking at just ppl who script on the LR tool, they are looking for performance analysts who can do – LR, Weblogic configuration tweaks, DBA tasks, J2EE/JVM performance tuning.

Please share your views & inputs on the QA market.


#65 Rahul

In continuation to my post above, I forgot to tell you about my profile. I have 6 years of QTP automation exp. & Mercury CPC certified.

#66 Prasad

I am software tester (manual tester) with one year of experience and would like to switch to automation. Are there any special certifications?

#67 prasanta panda

I am software tester (manual testing) with 3 years experience and would like to switch to there any special certifications?

#68 R Verma

I have been a tester for almost three years and I don’t make anywhere near the starting salary. I work in the US and was born here.
Companies are not paying what is listed in this chart.
I work in the Philadelphia/NYC area; you will not find a company paying this much.

#69 thirumal

Hi for all

really the position is dull now we know very well ,the fact is as a test eng we wont expect any more openings compare to developers

#70 Sachin Shivpuje

Hello friends,
I am a tester having one year exp in Graphics Testing(Games as well as Graphics Performance in Different Operating System).
Right now working in Data Mining as a Quality anlyst.
it nice to work in this area.

#71 The Bluffmaster

Hi All,

My friend “The QA Manager from Accenture” has said that here will be no more opening in testings for Freshers ans as well as Experienced.
If intake of testers will decrease then Rate of Quality Softwares will decrease in eavery company which in turn result into Client Loss and Revenuew Loss as well.
See you take example of any MNC in IT. Almost 30% or revenue for each company is coming from Testing only. So Friends !! It is a very bright career option.

Now we talk abaout payscale!!!!
This thing depends on you that how better you sell yourself to the company at the time of yoour salary negotiation and how much skills do you have

There are N examples that 2 persons of same years of experience, working in the same company, both from same technology(Not only testing; you can take any technology here) But still there
can a lot difference in their salary.

All depend on your skill set and you USPs

Approach for a career in Testing
Manaul: Then it should be domain specific(Like you should do certification for particular domain like banking, finance as well)
Database Testing: You have to have a good knowledge of SQL,PLSQL
Automation: Tool based which require scripting knowledge

All three fields can give you a lot of salary if you skills are well enough.

Like people say that Manual Testing can be done by a 10th pass person as well.
But a complex Banking Domain Application with crticilallity can only be tested by a domain expert only.

So dont worry. There is very good market in testing and it will remain good always!!!

#72 raj1402

what should be the salary for some one in manual testing with 1-2 years experience!!!
im getting 12k is it correct !!!

#73 The Bluffmaster

From 1 to 2 Yeard experoence it has to be 15K to 18K.

But it can be varied from company to comoany, All depends upon company revenue profitability and their norms

#74 harry

I have close to 3yrs of Work Exp in a top class Indian IT company, now I’m looking for a change, Please let me know what is the current pay scale for 3+yrs of exp.


#75 butterfly

Please help me .I wanted to get into automation testing.Also please let me know the current pay of scale for 2.6 years experience in India.
my id
Thanks in advance

#76 STE Stuff-Everything That Test Engineer Needs..!

Awesome dude…am just sharing it on my site :)

#77 Raj

Hello friends

I want to know if software testing is a good career option. Just yesterday, I attended the seminar given by an institute in my local area who have a tie-up with IBM india and are offering this course in software testing. in their brochure it is mentioned that the starting salary could be in the range of 4.5L/yr. also they say knowledge of C, C++ is a must to do this course. I have exp. of working as an editor for 4+ yrs in the field of med trans and thinking of changing my career. i am a bsc grad. is this a good career option for me. Pls advise me in this regard.

#78 Arjun

Hi friends,
Its my first visit on this site as i was searching for details for manual/automated testing. i have been working with a well known financial company which has its own technology department for inhouse software developement and testing. i am working as a test engg and getting 3L P/a without any prior experience in testing. I got a good knowledge of financial domain. I need your help to find out the best course and institute in Delhi/NCR in testing so that i could improve my testing skills for a bright future.

Please do write me at:

#79 Tester

The QA manager from accenture lacks sense and knowledge , i am just wondering how he could be a Manager in such a big organization. I seriously doubt that. But yes , my sincere advise to freshers and wannabe testers , Please try something in development or some other area since the competition is already huge here.

#80 P prabhakar

Hi patrick,
I would advice you that don’t frustrate/Demoralize the Testing guys.I thing when you wrote this comment(02 July’08),you was not in good mood,or may be possible that you have lost your own job due to recession.Hence due to personal problem,don’t advice blindly to other.By your comment it looks like as software testing industry is going to be closed in future.I would like to tell that I am getting highier salary than developer with same years of experience.I am getting 4.8 Lacks of package in JDA Hyderabad with 2 year of experience.

#81 Rohit

Hi All,

i have gone thru this thred, it looks like there are more misconceptions rather then facts about software testing.there is huge potential for software testers, specially in india. it all depends on individuals skill sets. like, not all devlopers getting same salary,this holds true for testers.

my humble advise to all budding testers need not worry about salary and jobs, try to learn as much as u can.

i am working as SQA engineer in a product base company. in my organization testers starting salary is 5L/anum.


#82 tester

Hi frnds I m working wit a Mumbai based s/w comp in web testing. I have 2.4 yrs of exp in IT and getting 20,000 per/month as I started my career wit a low pkg.Now i m planing for a switch in job.So wat shd I ask for interms of salary.I m working in web testing.

#83 Quest4knowledge

I am a MCA Graduate ,done a course with seed infotech on manual and automation tools also worked as a developer in india and abroad
Now seeking for a Automation Testing job.

can mail me at

#84 Sr Tester

Hi All,

I am a Sr. QA Tester working in MNC from Past 5 Years and testing is a very cool Job and I don’t feel stressed out much as my collegues do (Developers) and Earn equally with them.

I had never worked less than $45/Hr and you will get more billing – Pharmaceutical, Finance domains and be an all rounder and adopt to new technologies. You will be fine and do well in testing field as you gain years of experience and it would be easy lift in your carrer to go to team lead position / QA Manager with in 5 Years – 10 Years Max taking into other set criteria into consideration.Ex: Certifications etc.

#85 seema


I am also looking for job in Software testing,
I am very keen to be a part of testing field,
I do have Knowledge of Manual testing and QTP.
Please help me to get job in this.if any one has details of job opening or walk ins in bangalore please do contact me the given mail id

#86 renrut

I’ve been in the QA field for just under 5 years. The pay scale is accurate up to the last job I took about a year ago. I started at $50k USD + 10% semi-annual bonus’s and had a minor pay reduction in order to keep my position. The trick is to specialize in a field and own it.

#87 Akila

I am a fresher (09 pass out). Wanna start my career in testing. I have completed Diploma in software testing and hence have good knowledge in manual, QTP and QC!!! If any gud offers come across yo way for freshers do let me knw my frns..

#88 Kavi

this is kavi
i finished my UG and finished a course on software testing
i am a 2008 passed searching jobs in testing but didn’t get any job
now its the end of 2009,so i want to know that whether they will consider me as a fresher?????????
and i need some better way to get through the interviews
pls pls somebody help me

#89 Reddy

Hi friends and experts,

This is Raj from usa. I will be done with MS in IT soon. I was wondering how would the opportunities and pay scale packages as I am trying to opt this field of my choice.
The curiosity is up in me from both ways as there are misconceptions like the pay, career and other inferior gossips. Is it real or would this thing takes me to new heights that would be challenging and gives good pay.

Whats the best way to approach for career as I am a fresher with just as a TSE in one of the BPO’s in india.
What is needed to get started from both manual and automated side and which tools and domains have more openings and career choices.

Please experts give me an indepth idea and broad sense of what it takes and how would really the things be and answers for my confessions.

I am as well doing my reserach paper related to software testing. Any push in this area, u would be of great help.

Thanks and I will look forward for ur answers and like to be part of helping the needy in future.

#90 Prasad

Hi friends,

I am frm pune & m into recruitment. first time i got a requirement for US for a software developer. for this requirement, i need to send few candidates to Ohio, US having 5+ yrs of exp. Everything is to be decided by me as they wil b on my contract working for tht co. in US.
Now the problem is i dont know the payscale offered in US. I ve searched the web which shows the payscale frm around $50k – $80k per annum, which is actually quite high if calculated in Indian currency. So, i jus wanna ask tht is it the same for the foreign employees too or it varies fr the other country employees.
plz help me at the earliest as i wnt to send the candidates immediately, if u can plz mail me at

#91 sri

Do dome Google search you will definitely get latest salary scale in US region and experience wise for foreign candidates.

#92 Poorni

Hi ,
I have been working for a private company as tester for 2 yrs. I dont have any knowledge about automated and thinking of doing some certifications. Will it be really worth. Im interested to take my career in Testing. What should i do to develop my knowledge further. I heard of saying some guys that testing is not worth compared to development.. Please suggest

#93 Thomas

I got a offer from a Private company as Software Tester. I m a fresher to this domain and would like to know how much I can earn as Software/QC tester. Please help ..

#94 jeetu chanchlani

Hi all, i visited this forum and i liked it.
I have been working in service provider company for last 2 years and here my role is QA and OE of product(STB).I want to know, what is future of product testing?

#95 deepak Verma

hi all,

i got placement in niit technologies and i have joined the company from the last week. Those who are selected are around 75. Last day on 27-11-09 , our batches were declared. 40 got java, 30 got .net and just 15 got QA Testing as decided by the management. and I am in the QA Testing but i have interest in java and i donot want to work as QA Engineer because as I have heard that there is no career in testing as compared to developer.

please help me. I am in great trouble. please tell me what can i do?. i and most of the employees those who get QA send their names to the management to change it.

please clearly tell me that testing career is not bright ?? Am i true??

#96 balaji

hi tester i am also in webtesting can you please tell me i have experience web based application testing i should try for that web testing company only or i can try for the client server application ple reply
and i want to know the jobs in web testing , i got information that opportunity is less for web tester when comparted to the domain tester ( banking,finance,telecom) because mnc is in domain

#97 Anamika

Hi Guys,

Anamika this side,Actually i m doing a course in software testing(Manual & Automation),i would like to know that as a fresher how much i can get in both the Testing?

#98 gurpreet

hello guys. i need ur help. i am 2009 batch comp. engg. fresher from delhi. I have got an opportunity for 6 months internship in Mobile Handset Field Testing in MediaTek Company,Noida which is 4th largest fabless company in the world. I am worried about what i vil do after completion of my internship. i want to know the future of Mobile Handste Field Testing. should i go for this. somebody rply plzz.

#99 Shriya

Hi Friends…..Please help me in answering my question….I’m having 1+ years of experience as a QA Engineer….I’m being paid just 10,000/- per month….Please tell me how much Salary should i be getting 4 my Experience in Testing…

#100 mallikarjun

plz can u send the details and payscale for 2years experiance in testingtools

#101 Sr. Tester

For a Fresher – US$45 To 50,000 P.A , INR 2.5 – 3.5 LKHS/P.A
2-3 Yrs – US$55,000 P.A, INR 3.5 Above P.A
4- 6 Yrs – US$60,000 P.A, INR 5 LKHS TO 6 LKHS P.A
Above 6yrs – ABOVE $60,000 P.A , INR 6- 7 LKHS P.A

From my experience, it all depends on the Domain you are working. Finance, Health care and Insurance companies pay very well. Please feel to free to add to my list. I am now become a Team lead and leading a team size of 10. you can see my post #85 above. I was then a Normal contract guy with 5+ Years of Experience.

#102 Alexander

I understand why outsourcing becomes so popular these days. Outsourcing testing company – offer QA services for just 12$/hour. This is extremely small for experienced QA engineers. What do you think?

#103 Ashish

I am agree with the comments of Sr Tester. Testing field has a bright career. I have 3+ years of experience in testing and my package is 4.8L/annum.

#104 yash

hi frnds ,
i had completed my B.E in 2009 …n now i want to go into the testing field……plzz frnds suggest me weather i hav to do cirtification for dis or not …..n if yes which is the best institute in mumbai for testing n wat r the requirments for goin into testing field…weather i hav to be good in c , c++ etc….n wat are the pay scale for freshers in this field.
thanx frnds

#105 san

hi yash,
i don’t think there is any need to join any training institue. There is lots of material available on the net, like, which is more than enough to be aware of this domain. It would be better if you join any professional for getting more help.

#106 Harsha


I am harsha. I am working as a software test engineer (Manual) from past 3 yrs. Now i want to update myself with some technologies. Like oracle, SAP etc..
Please suggest me which course to do, which will be very helpful for me in future for getting a stable job in a good MNC.

#107 Narayan

what r the chances of going abroad?

#108 Harsha

Hi Narayan,

Right now in the compay where i am working, there are no chances to go abroad. But what i am conserned is, i am just a manual test engineer, I have to update my skill set, i am having good knowledge of QTP. But what my point is as a tester knowing one DB (Oracle) and unix. I want to know will this help my testing career.

#109 Ramesh


I am technical writer and moved to testing 2 years back. I am doing manual testing. I also do run automation test scripts developed in Test Partner.

Although my total IT exp is 7 years, my testing exp is 3 yrs. What is the best salary that I can get with this kind of experience. Of course, I can use my technical writing skill wherever required in QA documentation.


Best Regards
S. Ramesh

#110 yash

thank u so much san,
i m still confused frnds ….i have completed my engineering in 2009 n still searching for job ….i dont know anything abt testing …..plzz guide me abt testing ….as how can i take help frm proffesional…if u hav any plzz let me knw ….as i m desprete to see my self working….

#111 Gaali sangamesh

is there a growth in testing field…can i expect upto 80k after 4-5 years of exp… the company fine testers at recession whom they are paying a lot of scale

#112 pallavi

wat is the scale for the exoerience of 3 years in manual software testing.

#113 San

As you said that you don’t know anything about testing. So what exactly is your approach towards testing domain. How you are preparing yourself. That is the main point.
So I would suggest you to search and study the testing material as much as you can. Apply the scenarios in any of the application either it is a simple Calculator application or it is GMail kind site. No need to go to any testing institure. Think as how you can break a software and apply those points in your testing.
Second thing attend the software testing interviews, so that you should aware with the industry requirement. What they ask, what kind of scenarios they put. So after attending some interviews, you will be confident.

#114 Sam

@ Sr. Tester and to ALL

Hi all. I have joined an MNC company as tester and they are offering me 2.2 as i had good knowledge in automation. I need to know whether is there any differences in salary between a tester and a developer with experience. Please help me out as i have passion for going in testing field. Please do respond at the earliest

#115 Sam

@ Sr. Tester
Sir i need ur counseling and guidance regarding testing

#116 Sr. Tester

Hi Sam,

Please refer to the above Post #102 for Package that is acceptable and don’t accept which is less than what is posted there. Automation Tester have lots of opening these days especially for QTP in India.
I would really suggest to go for any speciallized ERP(Siebel, SAP) testing to standout in this competitive world.

1. Automation – ERP Tools – QTP and Test Partner
2. Performance tetsing (Load Runner, Capacity Planning, Network concepts, Server metrics monitoring s/w like sitescope etc..)

From my experienbce I didn’t see much difference from .net/Web techonologies (Developer) to 5+ Yrs of experienced tester in Income levels.
So, be confident . There are always pros and cons both side. Make a Appropriate decision based on where you want to be in next 5 Years.

When I started my carreer as a Tester I always dreamed to become a QA Manager and I am now Team lead and in the process of acheiving my goal in next 2 Years.Hope this helps!

Sr Tester.

#117 sam

@ Sr. Tester
Sir in my company, what i have enquired from experienced people is that salary is based on the band and the level, which u posses. As a fresher, whether a programmer or tester, both were kept on level1 band 0. So not much difference there. But i compared to a tester salary and a developer salary after 4.5 years. I saw that a tester (who is having experience in rational robot) is earning at 4.2, where as a developer is earning around 6.5 with same level of experience. Since we all are starting with same and and level, then how come there is so much of a salary difference done.

Secondly i heard that most of the CMM5 lvl companies have this band and level system. So does that means there also there will be such a salary difference

#118 Sr. Tester

Sam, Nice you brought it. It all depends on Client to client , The Domain (Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Health care) and In my company with 5+ yrs of experience having QTP earning 6+ lakhs per annum.While I was working in US I had seen people working for $32/hr and $50/hr for Manual testing with same amount of experience. Hope it answers your questions.

It woudn’t be a wise comparsion in income levels of a test engineer to SAP Basics, DBAs, Siebel EAI or Configrator or UNIX will find lots of variation. Take wise decission based on your Instincts. All the Best!

#119 San

Well Sam,
you are right, this is the mentality of most of the companies that they think testing engineers less technical than developers. If you talk about small companies or mediocre or even top level companies think testing as the secondary requirement. Even now companies have started hiring non-techie graduates for testing the software applications. Even as per latest survey 20 to 25 percent of staff will be non-technical graduates in the companies like TCS, WIPRO and HCL in coming one or two years. This is the latest Cost Cutting Mantra of IT companies. This News was published in SiliconIndia on 19th March 2010.

#120 Sam

Then is there no company, that treats testing as equal to developing ??

#121 Sam

If what San is saying is correct, then how come people work in that environment with such a discrimination (No offense, but i joined testing out of desperation but loved the nature of the job after studying that. If u make friends with developers and at the end of the performance appraisal, if u observe such a HUGE difference in salary, then how will u focus in ur job). Man ! these things are really haunting me like hell, i don’t know what to do with my future. May be i will end myself up like a desperate developer who don’t have interest in that (not because i’m not good in programming)

Requesting Sr. Tester to put some focus to my problem at the earliest

#122 San

Well Sam,
I doesn’t mean to dishearten you, I myself is in software testing and software quality domain for last 7 years. But the current trend is just because of the slowdown in the global economy, when every company was looking for the Cost Cutting. It will recover but take some time.
And I don’t know why you are comparing your salary with a developer. There are different technologies and different experts in the same. Definetely a SAP or Automation tester is getting better salary than a normal one even better than a developer. Of course there is a difference between tester and developer, but not a HUGE difference, as you said.
Why don’t you think that there is a KIND of stability in the software testing field, you don’t have to update you everytime with the latest technology. Take my example, I started my career as Foxpro Programmer and I was expert in that. Today no one ask for Foxpro Programmers. But being a tester I will always be there in the industry. Every domain is good, but you have to put your effort to make that good.
So think positive :)

#123 San

That is a general discussion, so that we all should know about what is happening, and these kinds of ups and downs are always there in almost all domains/industries. So don’t loose your enthusiasm. And let your work speak…

#124 Maccky

Hi All,
Please any buddy give me knowledge about telecom Domine for Testing…????

#125 Rob

Well I give up on asking questions up here. I guess this site must be for people from India only. Everytime I ask something I just get ignored. I just dont get it.

#126 usman

yes i believe that the future of tsting is very bright. i am working as SQA/Test Engineer since 4 months and i am getting 15k/month and it will increase with the passage of time as i get more experience. i am using Test Director which is very useable tool for the freshers….

#127 usman

yes i believe that the future of tsting is very bright. i am working as SQA/Test Engineer since 4 months and i am getting 12k/month and it will increase with the passage of time as i get more experience. i am using Test Director which is very useable tool for the freshers….

#128 ramesh


Let us discuss the issue in brief. Barring some small and start-up companies, every medium large Indian software companies and MNCs pay well for software engineers.

As far as I know, a software tester with 5 years of experience will get a minimum of 4 LPA and max 8 LPA. In the case of automation engineer, it would be in the range of 5 to 9 LPA. And if you have specialized in a domain or a product, your range will go still higher.

Use a simple calculator to know your value.

Multiply number of years of experience by a lakh of rupees. Keep 2 to 3 lakhs as buffer for maximu limit. In worst cases, keep 0.70 lac per year of experience.

So if you have 2 years of experience, you will get 2 to 3 lacs. Few people who get a chance to enter into MNC as a fresher may get 3 to 3.5 in the beginning itself.

Only issue could be there is more rush in this profession. To keep away from the crowd, specialize in a domain or product testing.

All the best….for queries, reach me at








Jai kumar is not responsible for the above comments…I AM RESPONSIBLE..

#132 Goodrich Consult

For Jobs in abroad email your resume to . pls 5yrs experience and above.

#133 yash

hi frnds,
i m planning to do diploma in software testin from SEED INFOTECH VASHI thy provide traning in software testing….and even provide job assitance….can any one tell me abt the truth of tht institute…… will it good for me to do my traning from there ……or if u have any best institute for testing in mumbai plzz sujjest me ….i will be very greatful to you….and 1 more thing ……seed provide testing on IBM ROTATIONALROBOT….IBM ROTATIONAL FUNCTIONAL TESTER……. plzz tell me does these have any value in current industry…..waiting for ur reply ..

#134 yash

hi frnds,
i want to do testing diploma from SEED INFOTECH MUMBAI can any one tell me about this institute …..thy says tht thy provide testin on automation tool such as IBM ROTATIONAL ROBOT ,IBM ROTATIONAL FUNCTIONAL TESTER ……What is the values of these tool in current industry….is there good traning institute in mumbai which can be best for testing traning ….waiting for ur reply…..

#135 Divya Fernando

I am a Software Test Engineer with over 3 years of experience in manaual and automation testing.My domain has been purely finance oriented.I am looking for a job in Dubai as I hav relocated here post marriage.I am not able to see many opportunities here.Can sumone please tell me r there testing openings in dubai?what is the future and scope?

#136 Brajesh gupta

HI all !

i m Brajesh gupta from delhi.. i have completed B.C.A in yr 2001 ..since than i was indulge in my family business and some time i worked in various call center but i don’t have any IT exp… so in this regard i want to know my career in software testing field as i m touching 30+ old …would it be right decision to move for software testing career or should i try somethine else….

plz guide me soon as i m not getting decide what should i do

#137 jamal


#138 kunal

i hv compltd my engg this yr.i wnt to join SEED INFOTECH pune. is it reliable..n pls tell me if der is proper growth in testing field…

#139 vasu

Hai !
my dear friends could u pls help me Game terster companies & as well as financial companies if yopu know . bye
from vasu hve a nice day

#140 vasu

Hai !
my dear friends could u pls help me Game tester companies & as well as financial companies if yopu know . bye
from vasu hve a nice day

#141 suresh

all your comments on testing sounds good,but some who have not shined in their carrier in testing have a bad look on this field.please dont give negative feed backs,it really spoils ones future,especially freshers,i have 2+ in one of the mnc i am paid more than a develp.
if u think u are paid less,then go for other better company who can pay high,it depends on ur performance in the interview,for ex if u are pitching 5kpa for 3+ n the company is not ready to pay u,n ll ask u for lesser like 4lacs or 4.5lacs,please dont accept for it,it proves u r not stable,this depends on ur confident.all the testers are more r less have same knowledge…….all the best………..

#142 suresh

hi sam,
if u talk about indian mnc’s we all know wipro,tcs,infosys etc,really they ll pay less only because they r getting the projects just for thier cost cutting using indian peoples.but if u see their sal in abroad its totally different,they may get high,this is the present status…

#143 Deepak

I really want to know that- If i would like to go with the s/w testing. It will be good for me or what? I have compleded my MCA in 2010. U all r welcome…… Please suggest me

#144 Pratap Singh

Hello Friends,

I m new in software testing,currently working with web development company new delhi,getting salary 75k/month.
my task is to test the PHP website and documentation with working on CMS.
is it a gud career…?????
plz plz help me soon….:)

#145 Pratap Singh

Hello Friends,
B.Tech in Computer Science.
I m new in software testing,currently working with web development company new delhi,getting salary 75k/month.
my task is to test the PHP website and documentation with working on CMS.
is it a gud career…?????
Plz also suggest me any kind of software testing course in Deli/NCR.
plz plz help me soon….:)

#146 Mayasen

75k or 7.5k…?

#147 Pratap Singh

7500 Rs/Months

#148 Pratap Singh

7500 Rs/Month

#149 Mayasen

As a fresher is it not bad one. But try to increase your knowledge level to bid more on your next move.

#150 Pratap Singh

can u tell me about any short term course in soft & web testing.??????
if really difficult for me to learn these software through research…

so plz help me …

Thanx for ur valuable suggestion.:)

#151 San

I don’t think you need any course for learning manual software testing. It would be better if you buy some good software testing books or there is lot of material available on the net, which is more than enough for you to learn and to improve your knowledge in software testing.

#152 Bala

Hi I have 3 years of exp in Telecom Isp vendor. Now i am intrested to switch my career to telecom testing side. Plz guide me what are the courses to be done, will i considered fresher, and let me know the good institutes in bangalore….

#153 Pratap

Hi San

Thanx Dude….i have a gud collection of software and books…just starting reading…..i will tell you later…howz i m perfomring after R & D.

Thnx :)

#154 jam

I’m having 8 plus years of experience in testing.Still I’m working as a test engineer.many ups and downs in my career life..a coulple of years back worked at onsite US and again now working as a test engineer in mobile testing .can any body please suggest me or give me any reference in any company..

#155 Mayasen

Good pratap.

If possible try to learn some tools. I think its not hard for you.

#156 San

Good Pratap,
All the best…

#157 atul

whats the scope of a QA,test engg. to go abroad
right now i am doing a couse on software testing both manual & automation. should i go for performance testing good is it…..

#158 atul

is the performance tester paid more than the manual or the QA engg.

#159 Karan

Your pay scale chart is overlapped by Gooooooogle ads, here’s why you need QA

#160 Pratap

Hello San,

how r u..????

can u give me ur email Id????

Plz invite me on “Gtalk”

#161 Neelima

I am a (computers) graduate and did M.B.A (Finance) through correspondence. Having 5 years experience in other fields like finance and BPO. Can i try as a fresher in software testing? Please do suggest. I have learned the tools and oracle 9i and even worked with .Net for few months. Please direct me

#162 San

Of-course you can join the software testing domain as a fresher. There is a lot of books and material available on the net. Just get the basic understanding of software testing and go for some interview. After attending 2-3 interviews, you will surely gain the confidence. Because then you will come to know, what kind of questions are asked in the interview.
All the best.

#163 Priyanka


#164 RajPool

Dear All,

I am under depression at tis point of time…. I have 1.6 yrs on developing(Java) domain and 1.3 yrs of manual testing, strong knowledge of QTP, I feel testing is a quality job and carry my future with it… Rite now i am earning on 1.6lks per annum…
Wat culd be my package in an MNC company……
I need positive advices… PPPPPleaseeeeeee Help.. :(

#165 Chennai Super Kings

hi friends
i am MCA Fresher and got (Performance Tester) job in css corporation , 15k per month .
Is performance Testing has better scope in future ???

#166 Venkat Ramana Shakelli

hi guys
I am a Instrumentation Engineering grad passed out in the year 2009, I have a soft corner towards the Software Industry. I have learnt JAVA but ended up getting into ‘Wipro BPO’ as a ‘Technical Support Agent’ and now I got selected into a company as a ‘Software Developer’ with 2 years of BONDAGE but they put me into the ‘testing team’ and to mention which has only ‘Manual Testing’ now I am worried about my future as I am into Oblivion about the Career Growth in the Testing Field.
How are the promotions and PAY HIKES in Testing.
Please help me out in suggesting a good course in
Manual as well as Automation Testing.

And I always had a dream to go to the ‘US’ to do Masters degree over there so is there a chance for a S/W Tester to go to U.S. and work there for a few years.

#167 Anonymous girl


I did MCA and I’m working with an MNC for the last 1.5 years(total exp. till date after MCA) as a Team Lead.For others my job is really happening as I’m getting between 4 to 5 lac per annum but I’m not happy with the way my career is going.

I’m thinking of switching to software testing but I’m not very sure.Its a general perception that anyone can do testing(at least manual black-box) and people from any educational background can get into this.

I’m very confused as I have knowledge of all the phases of software development and have good programming and client interaction skills.I’m not sure whether I’ll be able use my knowledge and skills in this domain.
The reason for domain change is that I’m working in all the phases of database development but I’m expert in none.I’m also thinking of doing course in Data-warehousing from a good institute as I think it would be an extension of what I’m doing right now.

I’m a person who is always ready to learn and want to excel in whatever field I’m.I really need help so that I can take decision as soon as possible.

#168 swatik panda

Hiii All ,
I m into testing for the last 1 yr .
I m getting 15k pm but developers at this level gets around 20 k pm . Wy there is such diff. Even i m also a holder .
Plz suggest does QA have any Future . I remains tensed about it . PLZZZZZZZZZ help me frens .

#169 swatik panda

I m into testing for the last 1 yr .
I m getting 15k pm but developers at this level gets around 20 k pm . Wy there is such diff. Even i m also a holder .
Plz suggest does QA have any Future . I remains tensed about it . PLZZZZZZZZZ help me frens .

#170 W

I am looking for a free download site to download qtp 9.2 V or above. Pls help if there is a site to download.

#171 Hari Shankar

Dear All
I am working in software test engineer,one year five months in experience,but salary low six thousand per months,my carrer successive or not

#172 mukesh

Hi, this is first time i am interacting to you.As Iam a frehers in testing and I have all the manual testing in website testing .can you plesae help me weather website testing has a good furture or domin testing .and if domain testing (like telecom) then how can i shift to domain testing (as i have only website testing experience).

#173 sandhya

hi,this is the first time and i want to know whether i can switch my career to testing? i have 1+yrs exp in embedded systems. can any one suggest me if there are options for testing in the same field.
i do know oracle so should i go for database testing. am confused plz help me

#174 sateesh 9739863543

Hello Friends,
I m sateesh. B.E in telecom engg. i m doing testing course so
I m searching testing job, but i have low agrigate in B.E.
if any openings in testing field or telecom,any IT field. i m ready to work anywhere. plz plz help me soon….:)

ur,s sateesh

#175 Muhammad_z62

hi, i have work for Dell as Test Engineer in USA. i question this article rates. i go through recruiter for job and they only pay me $30hr for software testing in USA. i only test, not developing, so is this fair rate in USA for Dell?

i ask my indian friends and they say $45-$50hr is good rate even now in bad economy. i try to get more pay, but recruiter say sorry, maximum $30hr. recruiter some time say $25hr. i can’t pay bills on $25hr.

i have feeling recruiter make more money than me.
plz help as confused.

#176 Muhammad_z62

i add that Dell job only work 9 months at $30hr. then have leave Dell 100 days before return. $30hr very low right?

#177 Test_7923

There some one in these thread said testing can be done by even class 10th standard student. I don’t have patience to check his name, it is for him
1. There are many guys in school 8 standard 10th standard who knows to develop website and also they find it very easy to develop any web application or desktop application. And if you give them domain knowledge of different departments in an enterprise they will develop ERP solutions. So what is the need of Engineers, companies can hire students from school level itself.
2. There are so many people who has not completed their schooling but they are very good marketer now, in fact there are so many college students who have very good convincing power and are good marketers . So will you now tell that marketing job is non skillful since it can be done by non collegiate also. and like this there are so many profession which can be done by school students.
Beta profession sahey kuch bhi ho hamesha ek hi siz kaam deta hai logical smartness jo ki I think evry testers are logically smart.
1. We are logically smart.
2. We have good soft-skills.
And this is what is needed to survive in this dynamic volatile market

I think u understand what I mean to say, don’t underestimate testers nahi to ek bhi software bikega nahi.

#178 por

you are wrong.. i am a fresher i am earning just 6k/month i am working as a quality assurance i am crying…

#179 sujay

hi , i am want to switch from testing to android developer. if you come across any jobs in bangalore plz infor me

#180 sujay

hi , i am want to switch from testing to android developer. if you come across any jobs in bangalore plz inform me

#181 JIMS

My Dear, Now the time is changing. Testing jobs is increasing in Indian market in 2010-11. My current CTC is 6.5 Lakhs PA. Most of the telecom software companies hired software testers. It’s the time to grow up.

#182 pratik

hi i m a software tester in surat,i m thinking to move to usa ,so please tell me about the software testing job scope there and pay scale.i have 3 years of experiance in manual testing. plz reply.

#183 rOck

hi all…

Testing is really a good field.
And my sincere request to all is dont compare testing with developing, even in payscale cos it ultimately depends on u, how much knowledge n passion u have.

And for all those who need proof here it is:

I have 2 cousins who work as testers with 4 years of exp and 1 cousin gets 7L/pa in one mnc and the second cousin gets 8L/pa in other mnc…and above all i m a developer on linux with same exp and i get 6L/pa..

we all at a time completed BE n joined companies through campus.

so the diff in salaries is cos my cousins have better knowledge n they both have studied lots of tools. I on the other hand didnt do anything as m lazy, so low salary.

so the final point is better u gain knowledge the better ll be salary.

#184 am

i am working in an R&D based company where i have to work with board level and unit level GPS units testing for correct functionality. I want to know the future with my current profile an what could i expect in future.

Please suggest

#185 am

and also undergone through qtp course, can i stick with the current hardware job or to go by qtp in future concerned circumstances.

#186 pravin

the tester has more opportunities to go for onsite than developers

#187 raj

with 11 years i make over 90k/annum whereas in contract u can make around 50 to 60/hr on corp to corp basis in usa.

good luck :)

#188 Sweety

Hello All,
could any one tell me about job scope in software testing ???I did masters in Electronics,but here in USA I am not getting good job..Should I go for the software testing courses or look for some other options???Please help me out on this…

Thanks in advance..

#189 Jaya

after 4 yrs of development, I am shifting testing. Plz suggest is it a good decision?

#190 Ravichandra

its very very Bad Descision

#191 mani

Does any one let me know the Market salary of an ISTQB tester with 4.5 years of experience in manual & Back End testing.

#192 mani

i forget to mention. Iam talking about Indian Market :-)

#193 Anitha

This is Anitha and i hav competed my B.E in 2007 and i have 1.5 yrs teaching exp..Now i m searching for testing jobs …for that i need some good testing course institutes in bangalore with 100% placement ..plz help me.

#194 santhosh

hi i’m working as a software testing engineer(manual) in small IT is the software testing domain in future?. it ll give good scope?

#195 santhosh

i expecting your reply on :

#196 Magesh

can you prove that, anyone from around the world getting the salary mentioned above in that chart

#197 Magesh

hello friends,

so from all of your point of view testing has more scope than any other sector in IT field Right.

#198 Magesh

who will be the best “tester or developer”, I want to know both in salary and also in work load like stress, depression etc

#199 Gvl

Hi All,

I’ve done my B.Tech in 2007 n workd as a tech support for 2 yrs. Then got married and moved to US. I always want to get into testing field. I got trained in testing and QTP. Have knowledge of SQL. Now am seriously in search of testing job. Please let me know the options I have.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.

#200 anwar

hiiiiiii all.
i am anwar . i have 7 months exp in telecm hardware. am am getting very low slry. now i want to switch software testing …..any one please sugest me how future in this ….and wat tools i have to learn i.e (atumation or manual)
please sugust me any exp person on this field on my mail

advance thanks to home sugesst me.

#201 Ayush

Gappa 6 aa badha

#202 Nitin

Hi i am nitin and looking for QA job in a reputed organisation as a fresher and i am also doing diploma in
software testing(manual+Automation).please let me know if any
mob no:9975082421

#203 anil kadian

hello frnds…
i am an engg. student and want to choose software testing as career but i have no idea what to do for a better job in this field ….so i need your help pls give me a way….
ph. no-07206926706

#204 swatik panda

Hii all,
I am swatik having 1 yr 6 months expirence in manual & Automation testing & currently working in a Iso certified organisation .I hav hands on expirence with tools like – Selenium (for functional testing) & J-meter (for performance/Load testing) . Does anyone requires QA with above requirement then plz mail me at – , or even ring me at – 09861422701 . Thanx in advance .

#205 shbi

hii all,
cud u tell me please what a scope of sw/t in future .cud v can earn more money in this field nd in how much time .
cud anyone suggest me to choose software testing .i have done MCA correspondence (IGNOU) nd i hear abut dat in s/t regular student have more prefrence nd 10-till pg high % should b. actually m working as a php developer but m not satisfied bcoz of sal nd lot of pressure so m toooooooo confused right now . so please cud anyone help me

m awaiting ur responce,

thanks in advance

#206 rahul

i am a Test engineer with 3.5 yrs exp and i am getting around 4.7 lakh per annum. which is low according to the industry standards.
by june i think it should be more than after a 20% raise (which is due as the promotion to test analyst) is due.
i am a manual tester

#207 shbi

hii rahul,

cud u tell me plz currently is testing on gud position or coming time or testing has gud future in india or abroad
nd from where u have done testing course.

Thanx rahul

#208 Raj

Hello Friends,
I m Rajesh . B.E in Information Science (passed out in 2010 with 2 years gap ) with a low aggregate of 57 % ) .Currently i am working in a BPO… i wan to do a testing course … Will the companies prefer Guys like me…considering i gain excellent knowledge in Testing Tools…

#209 wasim

hi i am wasim khan completed bsc computer in 2010

i read all the article .i was thinking to start my careear as a tester .but i am confused what should i do .i am disappointement with patric .also some guys mentioned above that he got palced as tester but in campus

i got 48% in graduation .so can any one tell me which is better field for me in which i get good job in mnc

software tester and php developer
i also heard that there is no job for php developer in mnc

#210 gnanambigai

hai… i am BE graduate and i have finished manual and automation testing course.. now i am searching testing job.. many company asks experience… pls tell me any vacancy in testing including any small company.. right now i am in coimbatore.. i can work in chennai, bangalore, coimbatore.. i am not consider about salary.. now i want experiece in that field.. pls tell me if u know any vacany pls…

#211 uma shankar pal

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me,if I can switched my career from BPO to software testing field, I am a grad and have done GNIIT (3Yrs diploma in Computer software), Currently pursuing MBA in marketing, I am very much interested to change my field.

Uma Shankar

#212 Suneel Kumar

Hi All,

Currenty i m working in TCS. Before joining i was working in a company in .Net PlatForm. But in TCS i got testing profile. i m good in programming.
Please tell me ,is testing is better me?
i m good in programming what should i do?

#213 sandesh

There is no meaning in automating a test wihtout executing it manually. the requiement and design documents are never clear and detailed enough so it is impossible todevelope automation script wiht out knwoing designing manual test script.
No test automation tool can analyze requirement and draw up test strategy and test plan an design test data, build test environment etc.
Even Hp quality center only helps in recording an tracking the plan an recording test cases,
I agile project nothing is clear and nodocuemntation is present so how you automate wiht out manually writing and executing test cases first.
But over time the testing has been commoditised by Indian service companies by offering testing as free if desing and developemnt is given , the test profession has been diluted, by shifting the test strategy and planning responsibility to dev team. infosys has merged testing with BPO for britsh telecom project as billing rates are low.
congnizant moved testing work of UBS to BPO as rates are too low and they cannot accomodate those rates as technology work.
so overall testing no more attractive profession, get out ASAP as testing guys are first to be fired if there is downturn in job market.
go to any walk in moe testers coe than any other technology HR says it is eas yto fill testing roles

#214 learntesting

If you want tesing career tha tis respectable look at the testing profile requirement at micrsoft and google.
These are knwon as technical testing roles. They do more coding than the developemnt guys and it requires skills in java, perl , unix and c c++ and other web stuff.
Any investment in gaining the above skill and getting into google will be worthwhile , fulfilling and rewarding and most important respectable.

#215 sapana

hi, I am in testing field from last 11 months, and I am earning only 5k per month :( , worried will get any good job or not

#216 sapana

hi, I am in testing field as software tester in small company from last 11 months, and I am earning only 5k per month . Worried will get any good job or not with good pay scale.

#217 AJ

I am having 4 yrs of Exp in c++ development and now i got an offer in White Box testing with handsome package. Do i have to switch in Testing?

Any suggestion….

#218 Amit kumar

Hello everyone,
i’m 2010 passout computer engineering student….i have completed manual testing course….i’m searching a jov in this field…can you help me to find a job for me so i survive in bangalore……..Thank you.

#219 Ravichandra

@ Deepak Verma

First you change your field from Testing to Development…

I’m Working as Software Testing Engineer my suggestion is in Testing no future , bec if u find bugs and assigned to developer and there is no credit for u , all credit goes to developer and also Upto 4th level in Your career in MNC your salary will as like developer after that your salary dos’t Hike , no future in Testing so many fake candidates goes through company i see those people … Now m moving to development side m doing course in NIIT an JAVA , if u r in development there is no fear of RECESSION …. MY personal advice is to First Jump into development side


#220 sachin


#221 sachin


#222 gaurav sharma

hey i m stunned looking at these my personal view testing offers a good career.bcz testing is as useful as the development is possible without testing.

#223 Rutuja

i read almost half da comments posted above….wel m rele confused abt it… plz guide me weder s/w testng is bettr or s/w developing… n if m nt gud at coding den wot shud i prefer…. av dun bca, waitng fr d results nw….. ur concern wud help me get in d right path…

#224 Gaurav

Hi Friends
I have a small query, currently i am working as a Network support associate (Technical), i don’t see any growth in this field. I have BCA and PGDIT in IT field. and I am getting a good offer to join as a Software manual tester.
What should do now ? should i switch to IT industry, which industry is best in term of Growth, hardware Networks or Softwares ?

#225 Vinodhini

Hello all,

I ve completed my Engineering in Information Tech 2010 passed out. Currently working as a manual tester in chennai for past 5 months im getting 7.5k per month, is there any possibility to move to another company with dis experience ? or should i continue to gain experiance more than a yr? If der is possibilities then plz let me know the openings in chennai.

my mail id:

#226 Vinodhini

my email id is

#227 anjali

i am a MCA graduate who got placed through campus placement into,then have taken me into performance testing team and training us on various tools like Lr and jmeter.2 were selected for 27 people. i am wondering now if i have scope in performance testing or should i shift to development.its been 2 months in this team and 4 months training on java.i am really confused if i have to continue in this or shift to development.(pay scale is what worries me for performance testing after 2 years).please tell me which pays you higher .i m currently being payed 33k per/month but not sure of scope outside this organization

#228 Nihar Ranjan Patra

I have more than 3 yrs exprience in S/W testing (Manual & Automation). But I am switch to my home city Bhubaneswar, Orissa. I work there in low salary as compared to Bangalore. I worked there as a Test Lead but with 15K salary p.m.

Can You suggest / Help me to switch to MNC in Bhubaneswar.

You can also send me reference at

#229 Cristy Capellan

Hi ,

I would like to ask your advise if this is the correct salary for a QA engineer with more than 3yrs experience. My monthly salary is around 40000 pesos Im working here i the philippines.


#230 Alok Kumar

Hi everyone!
Its nice to read all these experiences and views on testing field. I am a fresher and have completed my B.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation but have a great urge to work in IT field. I am basically looking for developer position but reading all these I am confused whether I’ll get into a developer position through off-campus. Any way my doubt is whether after working as a testing engineer can we shift to developer field after some experience. Will there be any difficulties in switching the field.
As a fresher from current session I am not getting much infos about openings everywhere they ask for experience and IT companies have still not started offcampus so I would like help of you people.
If anyone can help me in getting a good start I will be very very thankful.
Mail me at :

#231 Anish

Hi, Can anyone of you pls tell me abt some part time job in testing earning a good money in that. I am already working in one Company as a Test Engineer. Pls mail me abt the same. My email id is

#232 sahil

Hi frnds,
i want to tell those all frnds who are looking as career in software testing field…..there is nt much scope in s/w testing field.people in this field are dumb…Although in current market scenario there are lot of jobs for s/w testers,but they are hired at a very low package.In comparison to s/w testers ,developers are at brighter side in terms of both scope and salary package.Also job satisfaction is more in development field than s/w testing field. so go fr brighter side……

wish u all best luk!!!!!

#233 abhishek

i have just working as test engineer is game testing company. so can i easily switch to software testing from game testing ?

#234 abhishek

plz reply on my email id

#235 jaikey chauhan

Hi all,

Please anyone is there who can give me a valuable advise. My question is that i m just working in BPO sector but i want to make my career in IT industry in SQA(in software testing) I have done GNIIT (software engineering diploma) from NIIT New Delhi. I hv some knowledge of sql server, c#, c++ concepts,, Please give me some advise about which course is better according to . I am very disturbe because i m working in BPO and you guys know that there is know growth in BPO sector so plz plz plz advise me. and 1 thng more that i hve two days weekly off and having time in week days to learn this technology .please please please suggest me what should i do
Thank a lot in advance.

#236 jaikey chauhan

please give me a suggestion according to above question. I am very serious for making my carreer in IT industry.

#237 harishkumar

hi friends currently i am working as a manual test engineer,but i am from electonics background,i have much interested on telecom domain like network protocol testing,will it be a good option for me?,ie i am planning to learn Perl language,different protocols knowledge.

#238 vinayak

please help me,
i am from electronics branch, i am looking for software job. i am very confused whether to go for testing r development. pls guide me. i want to know future opportunities in these fields. pls pls

#239 ayush

hey guys i wanna know dat what cource we hav to do to become a software enjeenier

#240 ayush

what is the salary we get as a manager in a software compony

#241 ayush

Thanks for informing the discrepancies. let me tell you that this salary is average in the industry, so what you are getting may be more than this and may vary from the city in which you are working.
The latest updated data by can be found on the link I provided in the article.

#242 sourabh

hi friends if anybody interested in my comment then plz. tell me what,s my starting salary in s/w testing i completed my testing course and searching for job..plz suggest me…

#243 Nikhil

Hi All,

I am into the Automation/Manual Testing field since around 4 yrs and during my entire tenure their has not been a single moment I have felt that Testing is inferior to development in any way..its the way you perceive.. undoubtedly it takes hell lot of effort to differentiate yourself from the crowd, be it Testing for that matter. But once you do it.. theirs a successful carrier and growth to follow you..I believe for all those who think differently and also destructively to add on :) testing is NO bad option. Automation/Load/Database testing are few other options which one has to enhance his/her testing skills and one should definitely opt for if choosing this line.

#244 akshay

i have compled mca this year
i want to start my career in testing
what will be the package at the start
please help me

#245 Sheril

Hi All,

I am 3+yrs experinced manual tester working in a reputed MNC. My job is to write test cases and execute them. Its very simple functional web testing. Requires no programming knowledge. I have been searching for a job outside for the past 6 months. Companies either ask for domain experience or other techincal skills. I feel that my testing profile has no weightage. Everbody says that the job i do now can be done by anyone. I dunno what to do and how to proceed. It would be of great help if somebody could advice me on what to do and how to improve my profile weightage. Thanks in advance!!!

#246 KUMAR

i have finished testing course .i am planning to show 2.5 yr exp in manual,automation(QTP).hOW ABT FAKE GUYS IN testing industry.
whats the package i can expect

#247 Suvro

Hi All,

I see some good opinions in this post regarding testing & the payscale related to it.I myself have been working as a tester in
a reputed MNC for last 1 year.

Here in this post, I find people mostly querying about career in testing.
Well, I too had these questions in mind for last few months.I searched a lot for answers & communicated with
experienced people to have a hint on this.

Allow me to share my findings.

1. Please don’t get lured by the opinions like, automation testing can bring you a bright future.
Even if you have knowledge about automation testing or various tools, that are used for testing, you might not get a good opportunity, as
it absolutely depends on what you are going to do.

2.Efficiency : Please don’t jump into testing directly. It’s better if you have a knowledge of the domain you are working on.
If you have knowledge in Embedded systems or Web development, then you can be a perfect person to work as a tester
in the respective domains. If you have experience of application development in PHP,C,C++,for example,
then you can be an efficient tester in a project which involves the above languages. Please understand, your efficiency varies depending
on the project you are working on & off course, the relevancy, your skill set have to that project.

3. Payscale: Your payscale is absolutely related to the above efficiency, you have. More efficient you are,more value or rather
package, you will receive.You just can’t expect to get more salary,because you know how to wotk with testing tools or
know automation testing.

4. Career: It’s not something impossible to achieve or really bad option as a career. But you have to live life with some narrow options.
in my opinion, it’s better to participate in a software lifecycle as a developer, a developer gets a better understanding
of applications & thus can test it more effectively. So a developer can shift to testing if necessary. For a tester,
it’s not that easy always. Atleast, he or she won’t be able to be equally effective.Though, it’s necessary to have proper
knowledge of testing. Testing has it’s own varieties & a good tester can make good contribution to a development project.

5. Last words: Narrowing carreer options is not very wise in IT industry.Opting for a hard core testing career might just do that to you.
So, I’d rather suggest to equip yourself with proper knowledge of technologies or domains. It’s the only way to have a bright career
in testing in future.

#248 Deepa

I Have Degee in Electronics engineering. I am permanent resident in US. I don’t have any experience. Now I like to start my career in QA. Please suggest good training center in cleveland,OH.

#249 Anil Negi


I would like to join the SQT basic course and would like to know the spatiality of the course, career objectives, and future prospectus.

The actual duration and total fee. And about the placement as well.

I am working professional and having 7 years working experience in airline domain. So please suggest if it is a suitable short-term course for me? as i would like to move from airline/travel industry to IT. I am already earning more than 40k p/m. and having well working exp in airline domain like-amadeus, sabre and galileo

My mail id-

#250 Naresh

Hi guys .i joined in a company for 8k..after 6 months my salary increased to 1.8

#251 Himansu

Hi All,
Recently I have joined as a trainee QA in a company which mostly deals with mobile apps(iphone/ipad/android) development.Do i have a good future in this mobile apps testing.I’m requesting all to plz answer to this.Because i have a good knowledge of QTP10.0 and i am very much fluent in writing scripts also,but i think qtp is not being used in mobile apps testing.Can i shift to web apps testing and to automation in any other company after working in mobile apps testing manually for 2 years.

#252 chandrashekar

guys.i completed my in 2011.i am going for course testing tools.can u tell me is der any bright feature regarding testing tools r not……..

#253 Anand

I would like to introduce you to Oditi net. Oditi is a Training and Consulting company for Software Testing, in Bangalore. Oditi is formed by people working for Software MNC’s with more than 10years of Software industry experience. Software testing is a buzz word in today’s corporate world which has made the customers more confident about the software projects/products being built by its vendors. People in Oditi understand today’s needs of customers since we have worked for different companies, clients and at locations across globe. This makes Oditi professionally competent from others.

#254 QAManager


I have a total of 15 years in the IT industry in all the phases of SDLC, i have been a developer for 8 years before moving to QA. I live in USA and am a US citizen (migrated from india 10 years ago). I work in NYC in one of the leading investments bank in a senior qa role and I make close to $200,000 Per year and few of my colleagues at work make $1000/day as consultants. QA is extrenely important to any business and especially at investment banks as any bug left undetected could potentially cause losses to the tune of millions. Recently, a UBS trader made few fradualant trades which caused UBS a loss of 2 billion and a lot of questions are being raised as to how it went unnoticed and along with its top management QA is also under the scanner for not catching the loop hole in the software product the trader was using. This shows QA is not only critical but accountable and that’s why companies are willing to pay huge salaries to QA people. Finally, I would like to say QA is good career and it pays well but it’s on an individual to see value in it and he/she should have passion and intrest in QA to make it work. Hope this helps.


#255 rahul


#256 hardik

i have an offer of QA so should i joined or not.?but i am confusing that is there any great future in QA?and how much i will get after the three years of experience.?

#257 Taposhi

Now i am really cofused..I am planning to do a course on automation testing..but..I am really confused whether i should go for it or not.. please guide me..

#258 Taposhi

Anyone can please provide me with the details of any software professional in delhi/ncr from whom i can learn automation courses..

#259 Nishant

Hi All,

I have gone through almost all the posts specially the one that Patrick has posted, I totally disagree with him.
I have done B.E in Electronics then i migrated towards IT world.
I have been working as a Software Tester since last 6 months in ERP domain.
As per my perception “Testing” will never ever come to an end — similarly the need for tester’s will never stop.

Developers and Testers are two main pillars of any software development company and you cannot merge them, they are dependent on each other and work in parallel manner if any one of them goes down the whole developed product will go down.

I have a few suggestions for all the freshers who want to build their career in Testing.

“Testing” is not a small thing as it looks from its name.
Its a big world in itself.
The 1st baby step to enter this world is Manaul Testing.

One needs to have a good technical knowledge and should be thorough with his concepts on Manual Testing.

Now coming back to salary — I joined this company as a Trainee Test Engineer at a Package of 2.2 Lacs P.A and by January i would be earning 3.6 PA (Appraisals and end of Probation Period).

As per my knowledge 12-18K is the average salary that Industry gives to entry level Test Engineers.

How you can move ahead in Testing ?

>> i would suggest that a fresher should spend his 1 year in just learning.

1. Acquire good domain knowledge.
2. Do a Certification on Testing ISTQB foundation level 1.
3. Learn SQL (every development company uses database to store their data). This will be an add on when you will go for a switch.
4. Once you have 2-3 years of experience. Go for ISTQB Foundation level 2 certification.
5. Now after 2-3yrs of experience – you can try moving towards Automation – for which you need to learn the most commonly used tools like (QTP, RFT , Selenium)
6. Once you are done with the tool, try to learn basic core java (this will help in creating automation scripts).

To acquire knowledge there’s no need to go to any institute — you may learn all this stuff using eBooks and reference books for the respective technologies.
Only you have to spend your money in certifications.

I can assure – if a tester is having all knowledge of all this things he will fly higher and higher there is no wall to stop tester.

The more you work the more you learn — so top asking questions – if you wanna start a career then just go ahead and join a good company and start learning things — there are many things on you way

#260 Kumar

Hi Friends,

Everyone has just 1 question ” Is testing a good career”
Dude… every career is good, if you put in your efforts

And Testing is never ending domain, you would see many programming languages popping up every odd year

Well based on my 4+ years of experience in Testing , I can say that Testing as a career rock
Currently working as Sr.QA
Testing Certification:
ISTQB (Foundation and advanced)

Development Certifications:

If anyone of you are searching jobs in mumbai and having 2+ years exp

mail me your CV @

#261 abc

still ppl in IT job tel no to testing job ? y is tat so?

#262 Munna

I m working in testing domain and the role of a tester is to provide a quality software by identifying bugs. The tester needs to be highly innovative to identify bugs. I accept tat the developer needs to be highly skilled in programming languages and all other stuffs. I assure u that testing domain can make u earn a lot if u think in different perspective for identifying bugs. The IT companies 30% revenue comes from Testing domain which provides u a quality product. If the tester is not good and if the developer is gud then it wont be a quality product. Both the testers and developers need to be gud enough to provide a quality product. so both developers and testers need to work hard to provide a quality product.

#263 rajesh

Testing is an evergreen part of IT..But getting job as a fresher ,1+ its bit difficult…So better make an 2+experience certificate from consultancies or approach iibc mattikere,bangalore..They are expert in providing fake experience can detect..They are ready to give certificate of their own fake company…**tq..70000rs…:(

#264 jain marciana

i’ve completed my BCA and joined in a company as

#265 jain marciana

i’ve completed my BCA in2005 and joined as a software traniee and worked for 2 yrs(2005-07) and therefore completed my MCA in Distance education in 2008 and as i was in family way i just quit my carrier and now i decided to work in testing vl this be apt for me…. as now am in Arkansas ,US.vl i get job here? suggestions are welcome…thanks in advance

#266 rajkumar

when recession comes first group of people moving out will be testers..:(

#267 siddhartha mohpatra

m going to place in a game testing company.i want to ask that is there any future as a testing enginer?and will d experience certificate work out in other it or s/w industries..??

#268 deepika

hey,one o my fre whos a fresher jus joined oracle n she gets 6.5 lakh per annum i dunno how tru it s.

#269 leela


i have exp in development for 3 years in open source ,php ..but due to maternity , i had 2 1/2 years of gap . No wanted to try in QA. Can u pls suggest me which area in testing is best in terms of money making ??

#270 Kein

What is the starting & High most salary

#271 Jon

Dear frns
I am perusing B.Tech. from a distance education board(last sem.). I have already done a manual and automation (QTP , LR , WR , QC) testing course.
Is it possible to get a job in any company without completing graduation.
salary is no matter for me,i just want to gain experience.

please suggest me.

#272 shiva

hello sir,
i completed my this year. i want to know which is the best carrier option either oracle or sap or networking which is the best for both growth and income. I want to anything if its the best and ultimate no matter how it was hard and tough. plzzzzz tell me in clear and detailed way
thank you

#273 naveena

Hi Guys,

Kindly forward your updated resumes who are interested for chennai location, Hexaware Technologies, 3-7 yrs of experience in SOA automation engineer. “parasoft & javascripting” experience is mandatory as well as SOA experience also. Above mentioned skills experienced candidates should have atleast 2.5+ yrs in all the mentioned skills.Hexaware is one of the CMM level 5 company & there are offering with very good salary package with facilities.

Candidates who are interested kindly mail me to the below mail ID :

#274 deepika

hi am working in an indian based mnc company.. I got project in testing field but my friends are scaring me that i wont have good future.. is that true? am really worried about this..

#275 Bhagyshree


i have read every comment and i think testing is not bad for a bright carrier but its salary is too less than developer and i know core java, C and C++ also…
so wt should i do??? Can anyone suggest me?????
i have no any exp. in IT field

#276 Bhagyshree


i have read every comment and i think testing is not bad for a bright carrier but its salary is too less than developer and i know core java, C and C++ also…
so wt should i do??? Can anyone suggest me?????
i have no any exp. in IT field…

#277 Bhagyshree


i have read every comment and i think testing is not bad for a bright carrier but its salary is too less than developer and i know core java, C and C++ also…
so wt should i do??? Can anyone suggest me?????
i have no any exp. in IT field… and i have complete my MCA

#278 Bhagyshree


i have read every comment and i think testing is not bad for a bright carrier but its salary is too less than developer and i know core java, C and C++ also…
so wt should i do??? Can anyone suggest me?????
i have no any exp. in IT field… and i have completed my MCA

#279 shivraj

Hey friends i am shivraj. I have done my engg in (IT) and after that PGDM in(Marketing with IT+operations) and one year gap is between my education. I am not focused towards my studies during engg. time. So i don’t know anything about programming. I have passed my engg. in 2007 and after that i have done PGDM as mentioned above. After that i worked with Religare Securities ltd. for 6 months i.e. from 28 dec 2010 to 3 june 2011 and after that i am in continous search of job but not able to get a suitable one. I wanted to do software testing course and come in testing. What do you think, is it right to do it or not, after looking my past???????????????? please help i am in great confusion

#280 Sam

If you are an Indian in USA and looking for Training and placement, Here i am to assist you.

Job openings will go BIG and CRAZY in 2nd week of January… I can provide assistance in this. Shoot me a mail @

#281 AnonymousSS

I have a programming background, 10yr consulting experience (S Corp – (My own company) ). I work in a Brokerage/ Trading company and create Automated Regression scripts in NJ, USA. I get paid $70/hr for a 40hr week.
As an S-Corp Consultant, I can write off most my expenses. (Car, gas, supplies, software, cell bill, technology classes, medical) etc.

#282 sam

i have a doubt what is the diff b/w telecom testing and software testing and protocol testing??

#283 Bhushan

Dear All,

i am working as developer at MNC and now i want to switch into the software testing and for the i that i joined the software testing course.please suggest me there is any scope, future for testing.

Pl. guide and help me

#284 Neha

Hi All,

I was working as a test engineer for approx. 8 months and the rest 6 months in QA in the same company, and i want to continue my career in QA function. total i have 1.4 yr of experience. Please advice me do i have more opportunities in QA or testing which will be better ?

#285 santosh

I am a student of CS 4th yeari just got placement in cybage software pvt ltd for QA. My salary is like 15000 for 1st 3 month then 21700 for next 6 months and after that 24000 to 30000.May i be relax with this job or should i keep on trying for the post of software developer.I ve heard that in this field there is no good future, plz suggest me.p.s. i am not much good at english.

#286 Maheswar

Hi All,
I waorked as s/w engineer in Satyam. Due to some reasons I got layoff there. I learnt testing course manual, QTP. And I know Java also. But now I have confusion on which side should i go either Java dov side or Testing side.
Please give me suggestions to choose my carrier .

#287 guru

I can not accept this chart. I am working as a manual tester in chennai. i have 1 yr exp. my salary 1.5L per annum. it differs company to company.

#288 Kumar

The QA manager from Accenture talks like he is a desperate person making no sense, I am in testing financial applications since 2 years and before that I was doing automation for another couple of years and I have worked as a developer also for 4 years, I have tried my hands in BA also for a year on contract but let me tell you this, I like QA analysis better than anything as it gives you a combination of technical as well as Business knowledge.
Obviously with experience you rise to levels of lead and managers and not doing the same work as testers.
Your salary rises as your experience rises and the work gets more challenging.
Any of the new testing aspirants, do not worry about comments posted by “Accenture QA Manager”, may be he is only thinking about his position and his work area but every company needs QA team because no software or application is 100% bug free.

#289 tesTer4Life

I am tester with 10 years of exp and i make close to 22 Lakhs per anum … working in an MNC in bangalore !

When i was in usa with 8 years of testing experience , i was making 90 K per anum …

Testing Rocks !! We need more companies to adopt QA policies and practices !

Advice for freshers : Start as a developer -with 2 years of devlopment experince – move to functional and then naturally shift to testing and QA !! Best of Luck !

#290 danny

i m a trainee in testing field in cmmi level 5 company …m getting 20k per month:-)……so guys js chill out testing is also the vital part of any software cmpany..and moreover the exposure of testers are much more than that of developers in business related issues and interactions:)

#291 salahuddin

Hi guys!..
‘am the odd man out ‘.. coz i belong to a bpo field n fed up wid calling as i dont hav a graduation degree which i decided to complete this year from open universities .. i have sm gr8 stuff regarding the testing n develper field n career in hyderabad.. n i want to know what are the courses i should do to learn the reqiured stuffs n how to make a career in this field… well the above abouts are alot confusing.. most of them are encouraging n fw aren’nt.. so plz help me wid any info possble.. as i hav no idea at all … :(

#292 tester ROKZ

hey guyz juz read and decide that u want to make ur future in testing or not………..but the main important thing is that u r realy intrested in testing…or other field….juz be focous on ur field whether it is……..

here a good news for software tester:-

Global Software Testing business to reach $13 Billion – Good news for Indian software Testers
Posted In | Career in software Testing, Software Testing Events

The most frequently asked questions to me till date are “What is the future of software testing business?” “Should I consider software testing as my career option?” – Now you don’t need to ask these question to me any more. See the good news below.

Infosys Chief Executive and Managing Director, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan estimated global software testing business to reach $13 Billion by 2010. Out of these approximately half of the testing work will be outsourced to India – according to Mr. Gopalakrishnan. That’s great news for Indian software testers.

Mr.Gopalakrishnan was speaking in inauguration of International software testing conference in Bangalore organized by STeP-IN. The conference was aimed to discuss on various software testing opportunities and future of Indian test community.

Currently Indian software testing community is the largest in the industry and hence there is tremendous business competition in Indian corporations. This competition finally leads to quality work and this is helping India to satisfy global customers. India is having immense talent and customers are coming to India for superior work quality.

Software testers and analysts are now key part of any product team. Indian IT giants like Infosys is deriving upto 10 per cent of revenue from software testing services and significantly growing each year.

Irrespective of software testing global or Indian business I have always suggested candidates to choose your career according to your interest. One can make a good career in any field if you have interest and goal to pioneer in that field. Without interest not a single career option will work for you.

So tighten the belts – learn new technologies on software testing, continuously update your knowledge and don’t even think about future of software testing mark

#293 veenu

Hi all,
I have done testing course from one of the private institute in 2005. I applied for so many times for the job at that time but didn’t got it. Then i stopped applying for it. Now again in 2012 i am trying my luck in testing. I don’t know how fare it is. I need blessings of all you guys.

#294 jk@bnglr

Hello,I joined a company as QA qnd test engineer just in Nov,2011..My package is 3.6 LPA…at the sametime some other fresher joine with me as developer too has same package…I just want to know my future scope…Help me out…

#295 Sneha

I got placed in L&T Infotech through campus…after joining my company put me into testing…I am really worried about my future..i have heard testing has less growth and money as comapred to develpment…and there’s a typical notion among people that testing can be done by anyone…it is of a lower cadre as compared to development…..please help me….and is it possible to switch domains after few months????

#296 raman

hi sneha,
No worries about the testing domain..thing is how much smart you are in terms of testing…incase if u hav sound exp in testing…even its having a huge scope..snr positions,qa,test lead,quality head,quality manager ..don worry about domain and concentrate on the work…even developers cant exist without testers…

#297 Abhay

People might can disappoint this field what i think about testing is that it’s provoke a tester to think out of the box.
Testing needs high analytical skills. Ability to question over a perfect solution.
Isn’t awesome. Where a 10-15 years of wrk ex. developers made a product and a tester who is having significant work ex breaks it. Logic is the thing which requires no Training.
So Think logical.

#298 mans

hi i m into testing field from past 5 months and i m geting RS 8 k per month only i am worried Testing is the right field for career growth or development field. I have programming knowledge too or do i need to change my company i dnt understand any thing so plz any one suggest me

#299 manas

hi all,
i am currently working in IT comp in pune with 1.8’s is really tough time for the freshers still i will suggest to my friends to have a go at TESTING..with much more certifications like..ISTQB etc…then they could get chance to work abroad as well…

#300 Kaliraj

Hi, Now i am doing M.E[software engineering] in Bannari Amman Institute of technology. I want to start my carrier in software testing.

I want to do my project in testing. i don’t know where i will start.

To get a testing job what i have to learn now,
pls any one help me.

thanks in advance

#301 Pooja

Hi I am a Software Manual Test Engineer, having experience of 2.2 years and getting 13000 per Month. Please tell what should be my expected salary if I’ll shift my job.

#302 madu

Hi ,I am working in a MNC company.I hav an experience of 2yrs.presently i m wrking as ATM test engineer.pls suggest me like wat fields are still there left for me to go further like web tester or game or a mobile tester etc or any other fields in testing……:)plssss

#303 Durgarao

Hi Friends ! I have one year experience in manual testing. Now I want to learn one automation tool. From QTP and SELENIUM, which one is better for career ? and how about the openings in future ? ( I have good Programming skills)

#304 Vimal

Hi, I am working as Associate QA engineer(Manual Testing) in a private firm and my salary is 12.5k with 3yrs of experience.i’m worried about my salary and profile can anyone suggest me what to do QA a right choice to get settle in the career and also plz suggest me how much i can offer if in case i shift the company.

#305 Manoj

I am working as a QA in both Manual and automation , my work ex is 2.5 years , and my packeg was 4.36 at 1.5 years of exp , now i am ready for another switch and i am expecting 6.5 lac . so wth 3 years of exp you can get 45k in hand . # 16 patrick have no idea what testers do.

#306 kamini

I would like to get some list of mobile software companies or any software companies, if any links or website is fine.

#307 kamini

in bangalore. forgot to mention it #309

#308 Annu

hi frnds, i hv 2 yr of exp in manual testing in MNC. now i am taking break because of my baby, will i got job after 1 or 2 year gap in IT field again.
plz reply…. or should i choose some other field after that?

#309 test

after a lot of strugle i got a job in qa,i m 2011 passout ,i worked for one and half month as i phone developer salary=rs.4000,then one month in wipro as technical support salary=rs.10000,then one month as a server developer LAMP,node.js, salary=rs.13000,, now at last i got job with salary 2 lakhs in QA tester in cmm level 3 company and i would like to continue it with my best effort. thanksssssss

#310 Irfan

hi guys,
PLz help me Out !
I m worried about my career I hv completed my MCS along with Bcs! Which I suppose to complete in 5 yrs I have completed in 7 years! I m totally confuse in Language Programming shud I go for Software Testing shud I do core Java Programming as I m not to good in Programming ?
Now completing my Degree after 7 years my Parents have Lots of exeptation frm Me ?
I have completed Software Tesitng Certification But still unable to qualify for MNC as their Criteria does not match my profile!
Or shall I move towards Android Applications for Bright future!
I request u guys help me Out please as am very Tense n cannot concentrate on any thing?
PLz Mail me :

#311 Manmohan P

Salary structure mentioned above is average evaluated but frankly speaking, Salary differs in a way how you negotiate in front of HR and how you perform in the company.

#312 Raj

Hi everyone,

Patric is somewhat right. Actually the thing is u can judge it urself.

All(90%) heads in any organisation begin their career as developers.
I also head xyz organisation.
Any body needs to know in n out of technology as well as business to lead , right?
A QA manager knows less as compared to the Tech manager. ( Many shall agree with me)

Also, pls tell ans a question to urself.

if u test any appication, web service etc say for 5-10 years. What do u learn?

While on the other hand if u develope it for the same period u learn technology.

Sorry for overwhelming many of u, but its my opinion.

Thanks guys.

In the end , testing will never die, because we need to deliver more in less time, n that’s imposible without right testing.

#313 Kiranb

hi, i have completed B.E in electrical and electronics passed out in 2011. i am in dilemma that should i do software testing course or s/w developing? some people say testing and some ppl say developing. and one more thing as am from electrical branch some ppl said developing is difficult for me bcoz i don have knowledge about c/c++ basics or any other programming languages so someone suggested testing. few ppl say that testing don have growth.

#314 Kiranb

please help me. which course should i do. so that i have a bright future.

#315 Sarav

Hi all,

I have 2 yrs of exp in Networking domain with CCNP routing and switching certified and getting salary of 6lpa in India.

I also got an interview call from One of the leading company for Network Protocol Testing(L2 and L3).

I would like to know how the future would be in Network Protocol Testing.

Shall I continue my Job in Network Engineer or shall I change to Protocol testing?

Also I would like to know about the salary structure. How much I would get now and also after 2 years???

Please advice asap. I got interview in two days time.

Thanks in advance.

#316 Arokya Samy

Hi Every one…
I have 2 years of experience in Manual Testing and I completed Automation Testing course(QTP and LoadRunner). I have studied Selenium and Bugzilla too. Right now i am getting 10k per month as my salary. I am looking for another job. How much i can ask in my Expected CTC. please suggest me people…
thanks in advance….

#317 ankur

if u have 2 years of experience . then pkg should be around 3.5 lpa in india .. in any cmm level 3 . or it may be high in cmm level 5

#318 Sagar B

Hi..I am a MCA Fresher…..I want to know about Software Testing field…Is it good..? I am not sure that I’ll be comfortable in developing field. Should I join any Certification course for it..? Testing is having Scope na? Because I’ve heard it doesn’t have any scope…Some say its good..some say it doesn’t have growth….I am confused…Plz.. Plz..Plz Guide me..

#319 Depak

hi guys,
i joined as a fresher n still now working in same company as Senior VnV Engg. I am close to 3 years of exp. and my sal is 3.8 +42k(allowance). RFT n RSA, Selenium RC and manual testing is what i do. Want to change company for a hike as my H1 visa is yet not processed. If any 1 can help me do mail me the referals.

#320 Lavanya

I am a Manual tester with automation testing tool knowledge for 5 yrs in an MNC.

What is the industry standard Salary for me. Please let me know.

#321 Manish

I have got selected in MNC recently for position of software tester as a fresher, I want to know which type of testing is better (Manual or Automation) as far as salary is concerned?
What are the chances of appraisal? I’ll be getting there around 11K pm.
What salary one can expect after 3-4 years of experience?

#322 moneish


I have done MA from Mumbai University & doing an MBA corresspondant. Currently working in Non- IT area.
I want to do a carrier in Software Testing.
is it affect as I belonged from Non IT, Please suggest me scope in Software Testing & salary package in future


#323 Anand

Hi Moneish,

Yes, you can join IT – Software testing.
Software testing carrier is evergreen.Testing is nothing but Quality Control by validation of the application by the Testing team.
Salary package is based on your testing skills,domain knowledge,Automation/Manual,Years of Experience.
As a fresher, one must concentrate on learnings and not the Salary.In the entire world if you are capable of doing the things in right way,you would be given a best salary, no doubt about it.
If you are really willing to start career in S/W testing then first step should be from your end, to go through various testing techniques and why exactly we need testing.
Have one question…Why you like to join S/W testing?
Please revert for further queries.
Lots of best regards,


i have completed 2yrs of experience in manual testing,mobile,mobile apps,portal worked for Sony playstation games.i started as a fresher with 8k and now i am earning18k per month.i need to have a change.i am from andhra.can anyone help me out in finding a new job that amples a better option.

#325 Himanshu

HI, iam doing job as as software tester (websites only), i have exp near to 1 year. getting 10 k, but i am very confused. i want to get more.. can any one advice me if i do any manual n automation testing course , can beneficial for me. because now i test websites my own way. I work in small company.
Please advice me how is career as website testing and also tell me , can after any testing professional course, i can eligible to get more in some good company..
Please advice me i am very tensed

#326 karthi

i have 6 month test engineerexperience in lte mobile technology. i want switch company. so any opening please inform me.

#327 Rehmat

Hey Guys,

I am a Software QA and have 2 yrs of exp in manual testing with creating test plans, creating scripts, getting requirements from client etc. I want to switch my company now . Can anyone please let me know if there are any openings.

#328 rahul

hi, i have completed M.C.A passed out in 2010.Earlier i did Oracle apps technical training,but i didn’t get any job on it i wasted one year.Now I’m planning to do Training on Load runner.Had i taken a right decision.Pls help me.

#329 Deanna

I drop a comment each time I appreciate a post on
a website or if I have something to valuable to contribute to the discussion.

It’s caused by the fire communicated in the post I looked at. And on this article QA, Test engineer?s Payscale – Software Testing Help. I was actually moved enough to leave a thought :) I do have 2 questions for you if you don’t
mind. Is it only me or does it look like like a few of the
comments appear like they are written by brain dead individuals?
:-P And, if you are writing on additional sites, I would like to keep up with you.

Would you list every one of all your communal sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page
or linkedin profile?

#330 Vital

I am working as a mobile application testing engineer for Honeywell bangalore. I have 2.8 years of exp .
I am looking for job change . If any one have openings for mobile application testing positions please let me know. My mail id is
How much salary can I expect.?





I completed B.E. in Computer and working as a SQA in MNC company (sal : 1.2 L/Y) from 6 months. I am doing manual testing here so which testing tool I should learn?

#333 pulkit

Hey all,
After reading all these I have query,I have more interest in java developement as I have done several live projects on STRUTS,SPRING. But when i joined an MNC i was deployed into Performance Testing team. So my plan is to work here as Performance Tester over LoadRunner and after a 1 year exp i will try for development field so is it possible to do this? I mean possible to change profile from.tester to developer?????

#334 prak


#335 prak

And if job cutting will be started by any company then qa first.Because what they test if no dev.and it is well known fact that small and some medium level org. do not spend more on qa process.Present time no one want to spend extra so if u want to safe urself then choose dev.try to find qa company list it is less than the dev.This is the truth manual testing is just like a job of data be care full if u want to choose as future by one year try to switch urself in automated testing.

#336 Jinna

Seems to be fake numbers generated sitting in an office. People will work for less salaries when they are not skilled or when they are not confident enough. I see a bunch of QA folks getting more than 100K with 5 years exp. One can easily get around 125K with 10 years exp. Performance Engineers with 10 years exp can definitely demand for 150K + benefits, if you are in US.

#337 Curious Guy


I recently graduated from a good university with software engineering as my major. I recently applied for a developer position and passed thru an interview. The funny thing is I am starting as a test engineer. I wasn’t expecting it but the proposed salary is quite attractive. I was also offered a switch in the role to developer in future (say after a year). Now, the issue is I’m quite familier with databases, some programming languages, design patterns which are more development focused. I have to start as a tester but still I want to give it my best since you never know what future holds for you. I don’t want to reject the offer because the company is an international one and a good one at that.

Can you guys help me out with what certificatiion or training courses i should take so I don’t appear dumb in front of my collagues…

Any helps or suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks amd regards,

#338 vasu


Am completed in 12. am learning the testing. Now am searching the job for testing field.. any opportunity is there inform to me… with experience

#339 siddarth

what about manual tester salary for 10 years of experience.

#340 Girija

I would like to introduce myself as a test engineering having 9 years of diverse and extensive experience in software product testing. I took a break from my career in 2009 January and now I am looking for an opportunity in testing with flexible work time/work from home option. Are there any such opportunities?

#341 harish

@ Girija
You can be an Independent Test Consultant.

@ Siddarth
No one can predict salary just by expierence/domain/skill set, There are many factors to be considered.

You can do ISTQB/CSTE

#342 Deepthy Jijin

Hi,I am working as a Senior Software Tester and QA in a Product based .llc firm.Before this I had been working in outsourcing firms.Could you suggest me some firms in Dubai which provide good work environment and pay scale.Looking forward to hear from you.Reply me om my id.

#343 neeraj kumar

which one is good development or testing

#344 mano

i have done my mca..because of marrige and maternity i was at home for about 2yrs…i have no work experience…now i want to start my career as a tester,,but m a bit confused before trying anyhing…will it be helpful for me to take up the courses on manual testing???how much i can earn on thiss field???plz guide me …

#345 Subhashree

Hello frnds.
i am a student n now i want 2 do some software in odisha, frm
s/w testing and php which course will b better fr me in getting a job soon.

#346 kirti

I am B.E student from vashi,navi mumbai. i want pursue my career in software testing..Is syntel ltd. is a good company to start with??????

#347 Balvinder Singh

Hi I did B-Tech in 2005 but due to family concern I was not able to join job. I worked in BPO field from 2008 to 2012. now I want to work as a software testing engineer. I am learning QTP QC and load runner. Please advice me as I will be questioned about my previous job in the interview. what should I answer about that. Please provide the tact to answer the question of HR.

#348 bharath

I saw the chart about. Now I am working aprivate company at position QA. I want job in USA. How to contact US visas and companies. please send advice and advice for me,and also formalities to be carried.

#349 keya

hi i am keya working as a BPO-UAT tool coding in TCS . i have 2 yrs exp as a developer and 6 months exp as a tester . i got very less package in TCS compaire to my other kaligs they have less exp then me . like their salary is 40% greater than me . please help me wht shd i do??

#350 NK

Even though, I see the Payscale above is kind of outdated (For Sept 2013).

One big issue I see here is that a lot of people here seem to have a problem differentiating between a F/T job as opposed to a W2 / contract / hourly position (W/no benefits).

You need to compare “Apples to Apples” – – There’s a huge difference between Salary ($ /yr(+Benefits)) and Contract ($ /hr (+NO Benefits)).

If you are authorized to work in USA – there are plenty of jobs, especially if you have at least a couple of years experience.

If you are US work authorized – Contact me – We are always looking for good workers w/experience – –

#351 Priya

working as h/w test engineer (2 yr exp) but less salary.. want to change s/w testing…suggest some courses.. wiil i get job in s/w testing.

#352 prathap

In this very fast developing world, Chances are more for doing mistakes.There comes the responsibility of a tester.
This field will never go off still human being exists.

Get 1 yr of experience in manual testing(Likely in Banking/Telecom/Pharma or any) and there after dont be there, Switch to Automation by learning Tools.Why because you will get bored in manual Testing.

Dont think much about salary during that learning period of 3 to 4 years.Thereafter you can.

Dont get disappointed with Patrick views.After all they are his own views.He is having the right to do it.Let him do.

#353 prathap

Hi Subha shree,

Testing is a vast field.You have lot of oppurtunities there.

#354 prathap

Hi Kirti,

Capgemini is best for Testing.

#355 swathi

Hi friends,
i worked as a etl developer recently i completed testing with my interest .
could u plz any one help me to give some reference on testing domain

#356 Nandhini

Hi All,

I m working as a product tester and I m getting 11000 per month.I have 2 years of exp. Now started looking for other companies.Is there is any openings?

Could anyone please help me on this?

#357 Harikrishnan

Hi All,
I have an offer with an 5000 per month. I have 3yr exp in automation testing and ISTQB and QTP 11x certified. Please suggest me is the salary they cote for me is right in UAE.
This is my mail id


#358 sudha

Hi all,
I have 2 plus years of exp in Manual Testing. I took a break. I’m a housewife now . the gap is growing its gonna be 4 yrs. I would like to start my career again as a QA Tester in India. How much do they pay for people like me.

#359 vaithiyanathan

hi ready to learn something in software field. but am little confused with the things DEVELOPER or TESTER. which one is best. i know developing is better than testing. for developing no companies recruit as a fresher that’s y am fearing. if i take developing course means shall i start with from JAVA, . NET or else from from basics is required(c,c++)
and the big thing is am a graduate in commerce :P. i know that well opportunities in commerce field but i don”t like.

#360 vaithiyanathan

hi ready to learn something in software field. but am little confused with the things DEVELOPER or TESTER. which one is best. i know developing is better than testing. for developing no companies recruit as a fresher that’s y am fearing. if i take developing course means shall i start with from JAVA, . NET or else from from basics is required(c,c++)
and the big thing is am a graduate in commerce :P. i know that well opportunities in commerce field but i don”t like. if i decide to do a testing means which tools i have to start and which is the best institute in chennai

#361 Suresh

I want know about salary pckg for SAP tester for 3 yrs exp candidate, and for fresher how much? there is difference between normal S/w tester and SAP tester.

#362 pankaj

i am working in a company as a manual tester but i get only 7k/month.

#363 Agnesh

Hey All,

Being a Black box Software Tester(Quality Analyst) for 3 years in I.T industries have not seen down fall. A tester is needed for all the developing company. And a experienced Tester is preferred most of the time, also fresher is preferred but experienced tester has upper hand.

For the fresher who doesn’t like to code can get into this field and make this a career path. I have switched from one company to another , I was earning 18K and now I am earning 30K/month. So you can see the difference. BUT!, Yes said in all the article for excelling in Testing you need to be updated in what every testing you are doing. It really helps. I have seen this in personally.

So don’t worry there is always a scope for testing till the development is going on. :) ! so just be focused & energetic in what you are doing & Yes keep updating yourself. Don’t stuck in one testing you are doing, keep on updating on what is there else you can do.

Hope I have not hurt anyone & not misleading any one.

Agnesh Tank

#364 Parmesh

Well, the future of the testing is good. If you are creating/developing a product, you will need a tester to test the product for sure. People who are saying the job opportunities or the future of the testing is not bright are simply commenting without having a knowledge of SDLC. Software development life cycle. Please go through that.

#365 tanaya

hello.I m a mca student and having knowledge of java,but I am getting offer for testing profile is there any future for this…should I start my career as a tester? What is the salary range as a developer and tester

#366 anonymous

I have 2 jobs 1 is .net developer and another is automation engineer at AMDOCS (PUNE)..plz suggest me to take right desission…im waiting..last day t decide ma carrier…package wise amdocs s paying 1L more thn .net developer…

#367 Saurav

Hello guys
I’m from bpo background and done bca as distance course through EIILM in 2012 have little knowledge of sql. im also planing to switch to s/w domain .. i have two option either pl/sql or im of thinking of as s/w tester .. can any one suggest which one would be better to start as fresher

#368 Rahul Chauhan

I have 2 years exp in Manual Testing but I got only 13K/m
I am very frustrated about my package i am also looking for job change But don’t get any offer in last 3 months.

I also have try to Writing script in selenium For improving my skills in Automation .

Write now using Tool:
TestLink for test case preparation
Bugherd used for online bug management
BrowserStack used for cross browser Testing
Selenium used for automation like order placed Testing

Pls help me how can i get good package according to my skills

#369 Rahul Chauhan

Pls help me how can i get good package according to my skills

I have 2 years exp in Manual Testing but I got only 13K/m
I am very frustrated about my package i am also looking for job change But don’t get any offer in last 3 months.

I also have try to Writing script in selenium For improving my skills in Automation .

Write now using Tool:
TestLink for test case preparation
Bugherd used for online bug management
BrowserStack used for cross browser Testing
Selenium used for automation like order placed Testing

Pls help me how can i get good package according to my skills

#370 Joshini

Hello all,
I completed B.TECH(IT).I am a fresher.I have planned to do some IT related courses,but I am in a great confusion because each people suggest me different course for e.g INFORMATICA,HADOOP,.NET,JAVA
Please someone kindly suggest me .

#371 chirag patel

i have done specialization courses in manual testing but couldn’t give me opportunity work in testing company then i was strated work in IT analyst and business development least 1.5 year finaly after join in IT company (testing job) but they dont provide me salary least 3 months.

#372 Justin

Hi, I’m a manual tester and have 6.4 years of experience. I am trying for opportunities in Australia. If you come across any vacancy for manual testing please let us know.

#373 ravi

Hi ravi here ask some important questions i ll experience in android developing for 6 months but i think i will move to software testing rather than android so please feel free to contact me for suggestions pls what should i do software testing have a good growth for future..??

my mail id:

#374 jani basha

Hi brothers,
I am jani basha. I am completed in 2015 batch. I am chosse the software testing tools. These is right decision or not. In these field better future or not. But which course is better.

Plz plz .reply

#375 irfana

Hai… I have done MCA in 2010 , up to 2013 I have exp in Banking field but after that marriage and baby still I am in home only , I want to switch my carrier in Testing Tools can you plz suggest me which course is right now in boom and what is the starting salary for that why because I want to settled in bright future jobs… Plz help me na

#376 Radha

Hi…I am into functional testing from more than 5 years. Now i got into Performance Testing. Is it a good idea or do i need to continue as functional tester only? I am in a great dilemma. Please help me…

#377 anil

Please advise me best state in australia for sw testing jobs. Also whts the payscales.

My exp 7+ years

#378 Sanju

Hi…Have done BCA(Bachelor of computer application)
Curently working in Accenture as a tester on a contract basis with payscale 12 k with 2 years of Experience in Manual testing ..Am totally confused whether shall i continue to work with this payscale or leave this job.
please advise me?

#379 RS

Hello Guys,
I just read all the comments. I am having around 6.5 years of experience in QA and i never felt even a need to switch to any other field. First thing that you need to keep in mind is that there are few key things that are really required to sustain in the industry:-
1. Communication skills( Much Much Needed)
2. Curious Mind
3. Adaptability
4. an eye for detail
5. Domain knowledge( That will come with experience)

Comm skills are required because in most of the scenarios the dev team and qa team are not in same place. So, if you are not able to communicate properly you will not be able to explain your findings/Issues to anyone. This will hamper your progress. You can be a good tester but if you are not able to explain the issue then you may face problems.
Curious mind is the factor that will make you look for issues where developer don’t think for example looking for new scenarios to break the application
Adaptability will help you to cope up in any scenarios of testing. You need not to be stringent towards the tools, methodologies, processes. You need to be flexible. There is a possibility that one client needs to follow agile and one needs to follow Waterfall. It could be cumbersome and a bit difficult but that is what i love about this job.
An eye for detail will make you look for issues that are plain visible bit ignored. like spelling mistakes which look like an smaller issue but can really affect the businesses of clients
The most important thing that i feel is necessary as an experienced QA is to have a domain knowledge. This is required to write better scenarios from client’s perspective. I can tell you from my experience that lots of Business analysts come from QA background.
So, please do not get confused with what people say around you. QA industry is very lucrative and challenging but you need to have above traits in order to play your hand well.
i hope i cleared doubts of people.

#380 Anil

Hi Guys,
Anyone looking for change in Testing profile please drop me a mail at ( Also drop me your CV.

#381 Software Tester

I am working as test engineer with experience of 2 years and salary 4 lakhs per annum.I am really concerned with the future of software testing.I don’t see growth in this field after certain time .Automation testing is good but jobs are very less and competitive for the post of automation tester.Developers are paid more than testers.I would suggest not to pursue testing as your first choice of career.Learn java,.net,php,Oracle,pl/sql,data warehouse.This fields have good future as compared to testing with respect to status,salary,job satisfaction.Testing do not have that much scope.Training institutes creating hype about testing and looting fresher engineers.

#382 Brijesh Patel

please guide me ,do i study mca with software testing ? and do , which collage best for mca and software testing ? how pay scale for software tester in company ?

#383 Sushil

Hi All,

I am a placement consultant based at union city, California. I am looking for QA Consultant with 4+ of years experience for one of my client.

Please send the resume to


#384 Sushil

Having any CV’s of QA Consultants who are working in USA. Please forward them to


#385 Dixita

Any great QA (1-2 years) around, i am hiring for Bangalore. Here is a link to the JD:


Invaluable blog post – I loved the specifics – Does anyone know where my business could locate a fillable FL HSMV 84901 document to type on ?

#387 pritamd7k

till the date software and technology will dvelop, there will be always a scope for a tester.And in coming 2016-2020, there will be a huge recruitment process gonna happen. Be ready for it, right now I’m in this ********** company as tester, don’t worry about the salary it will be around 3.0-4.0 lacs/annum for a fresher .

#388 Daisy

Hi Deepak,

I’m a Msc IT graduate looking for a testing job. Plz could you refer me in your concern.

#389 Daisy

Im available at

#390 Thangaraj

HI sir,
I am working as a database and ETL tester in accenture from july 2016 .I am fresher 2016 passed out.
Now my plan is after 2 yrs shift my career to developement .I am learning javascript ,php .
Shifting to development frm testing in accenture it is possible .Or shall i try outside company’s?
Give ur opinion on my decision ?

#391 goutham

i am having 2.5 years experience in software testing . present ctc is 240000 . im in automation. how much CTC should i expect if i selected in MNC comany interviews

#392 Abhijit


I want to do a career in Software Testing.

I am B.Com graduate.

Currently I am working as Technical Recruiter. As the HR industries they looks people who are done MBA or PGDBA in HR

I can not do these course because they are very expensive.

kindly give advise me Shall I do Software Testing courses … is it beneficially me …??


#393 Sheksha


I have completed manuval & selenium course.As a fresher these is any opening plz inform me my email id

#394 hasmukh

I am having 6 years experience in software testing. present CTC is 4.2. I’m in manual testing. how much CTC should I expect if I selected in MNC company interviews


Hi, I am having 5+ years experience in manual testing and I earn less then 3LPA I know this is very low for my experience and I working still my first company

Tell me how to grow my career and which one is best my career growth

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