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“Practical Software Testing – Manual Testing Help eBook Version 2.0” – A free ebook from STH in association with Chindam Damodar. Assuming that you have no idea where to start in learning software testing, we have designed this free ebook just for you so that you can get started in no time. There are significant changes in the Software Testing pertaining to these recent days. In this ebook are the exact basic steps and testing fundamentals you must know before starting to test any application. It is pleasure to present this second version of Software Testing e-book to readers. Like the first edition, we think this improvised and updated version would also fetch more admirers. And to ease your learning experience, I’m giving 3 people a copy of my “Software Testing Career Package

” premium ebook (a $15 value) for free. You just need to complete below simple two easy steps.

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To enter the contest: 1) You need to tell me – what is holding you back from learning software testing or getting a job? 2) Download the FREE copy of “Practical Software Testing” eBook below. If you don’t want to enter the contest, no problem, just download the free ebook below. What You’ll Learn in this ebook:

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Enjoy the ebook and don’t forget to tell us your feedback in comments. Your valuable feedback is huge moral support for us! ****************************** Contest Update: The Winners Thanks for taking part in this contest. Sorry for the little delay in announcing the winners. It took me a little longer to go over each and every answer I received. Got over 340 awesome answers from our readers on their biggest hurdle learning software testing. In coming weeks I will be covering the topics they are most interested in. As mentioned in this contest, I’m giving away 3 copies of our premium “Software Testing Career package” eBook to 3 winners. And the winners are… 1) Deeksha 2) Lorelei Leyson 3) Cindy Note – If you are a winner, you will get an email from me soon. Congratulations again to all the winners, and to each of the participants. Hope you will enjoy reading our free practical software testing ebook. Best, Vijay