Practical approaches to improving your testing by maximizing code coverage [White paper for download]

This is a white paper written by ‘Huw Price‘. With over 20 years experience, Huw Price has been the lead technical architect for several US and European software companies. His new venture Grid-tools is specialized in test data management techniques. Thank you, Jessica, for providing this white paper for our readers.

How to improve testing by maximizing code coverage – A practical approach.

Article Summary:

As a white box tester, your first goal should be maximizing code coverage!

Increasing code coverage is the route to improved testing. Code coverage is always a critical testing path and creating good test data for maximum code coverage is another difficult task.

Testers need to balance the need for complete coverage with only limited time to test. The key challenge here is to be more efficient and more effective.

Should 100% code coverage be the testing goal?

According to Huw Price, 90% code coverage would be the maximum that can be expected. A more effective and realistic goal, however, is a 100% functional coverage.

How to create test data for code coverage testing?

Here are the three approaches discussed in detail:

This white paper discusses some techniques and tools to build the most accurate input to tests and also the practical methods and tools of creating the data to run these test. Simply building an optimized set of inputs is just the start of a solution.

Huw Price has explained code coverage and test data creation methods with simple examples. I can only say, a nice article for white box testers.

Download this white paper from the following link:

Code coverage testing