Now get paid to find software bugs. uTest is paying testers to find bugs

Some days ago I have written a post on Pay per bug approach to charging clients on the basis of a number of bugs. There are some distinct obstacles in this approach like how to validate bugs? How much to be paid for bugs? Will core functionality and business logic bugs get caught in this model? There was a good discussion on this topic in the comment section as many readers suggested some key approach to handle these obstacles.

In spite of these obstacles, uTest is now offering some decent cash to testers to find flaws in customer applications. They are going to pay to testers for every approved bug.

How will it work?
uTest is going to tie up with some companies which don’t have dedicated QA teams and want to outsource their testing work. Such companies can use uTest services and testers community to get their application tested. In return, companies will pay some amount to uTest based on the severity and priority of the bug. At the end, this amount will be awarded to testers who find these bugs.

Anyone can sign up with uTest to test software’s and make cash for finding bugs. Testers can earn from few hundred to few thousand dollars per month based on experience and performance. The bug pricing will be decided by bug type, type of application and severity of the bug.

What are the benefits?
Good cash benefits for your skills,
Work from anywhere,
Flexible working time (work whenever you want),
And last important benefit: Be your own boss ;-)

As per now, I think this is a win-win condition for customers who don’t have separate QA departments and testers who want to earn some descent cash from their skill and experience.

Have your opinion on this in the comment section below.

Update: This is a pilot program from uTest and only selected testers will get a response when this pay per bug system goes live. This is a beta program and right now I can’t predict any success of this program. So wait and watch till next update from them.

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#1 santosh.r

Hey its very cool thing for testers, really its great opportunity for every testers who have good skills and experience.

#2 santosh.r

Unable to register

#3 Justin

hey Vijay thanks for the alert,
just signed up and waiting for their approval mail.
very interesting to watch how it works and really how much we can make ;-)

#4 Vijay

@ Santosh
Any particular error message?
Fill all the info properly on 1st sign up page. You will get verification mail and then you can continue with rest of the steps.

#5 i need to work from home

I want to work from home is there any jobs for testing.

I have good knowledge on testing & automation

#6 Chitra

unalble to get registered in, pls help me out.

#7 Moses

All bullshit. Site will not pay you anything, it is only meant for Advertising. Beware guys before you fill your personal information, it is not secured.

#8 santosh.r

Got mail, then i click on that link… filled out the second and third page but when i click the next button in third page, then the control in not redirecting to 4th page. Staying in the same page without any error message also. Please consider this……

#9 Rajesh

What is the mode of there Payment.How will they Pay us?

#10 Vijay

For detail info on payment, registration and about company please visit below links:

And here is list of links from trusted sites which have some more detailed discussion on this pay per bug approach:

#11 Shilpa

hey i creaetd sign up.
where do i login?
moreover, i am not able to create a new debit card acc , it only asks for sign up
please help me out
has anyone got paid from them?

#12 Hemant

Hi, I find it interesting for those who are getting not much salary, but feel insecure giving my credentials like debit card number and other sensitive information, Would appreciate if some one can give me any contact number or call me at +91-9810493799.

#13 renu chakraborty

i want to ask you the procedure how would i also join you as a tester i have done diploma in software testing pls. do reply soon

#14 vijay

Yes i would like to know , Security for my all credentials provide to you. Will you take care of all these security and money matters .

#15 Anon

The product must be in pretty good shape for companies to do this..

#16 Sulu

I really find it a great opportunity for the testers, as they can work from anywhere anytime. But I really doubt whether they are doing it only for advertising. Has anyone idea about such sites? please help?

#17 Sulu

Hi Renu,

Visit the site first

Then click on “Join Now” button below “Software Tester” section.

#18 Robin

So many errors in their registration pages..!!! i dont believe they are running a testing venture.. anyway i registered and after that i dont know how to login.. i use the link from my mail..

#19 Robin

Hi vijay.. Here so many are asking questions about the availability of starting testing in their home itself.. It seems so many are interested in this .. Can u please publish an article about this with some good stuffs.. I mean the pros and cons and some resources.. It would be very useful.. :)

#20 Murali

It is really good one for testere who do not have any jobs. is not getting loaded, help me out

#21 Giri

i hope you are not going to loose your reputation.I dont
see that site as serious one.they belive that company URL always end with .com…

#22 pappu

Registerd in UTEST. But when i tried to sign up ,its saying incorrect email and password. Whats that? Somebody help me in this regard. Really i am eagerly waiting to work from home…..Thanx

#23 pappu

I dont think this UTEST site is fake, bcoz Google also has the same thing like this..But we have to be familiar with google products..If they think we are eligible,they will mail us..

#24 Zahoor

In my company, I have been asked to study Perl scripting. Can anyone tell whats the use of Perl in testing?

#25 Sham

I signed up on, but how do i login to that site now?

#26 Abhishek

I already got registered with Utest and also i have received debit card from their paying company paynoeer.Its dont sounds like fake.So its better to wait and watch.
i am looking forward for this great concept.


#27 Abhishek

Login information they are given yet in their website.I think they are gonna put Login link once their pilot program is ready for lunch.

#28 Ashwini

i hav join dis community n got confirmation mail too…bt i wana made sum changes in my profile bt der is no option to update my profile…can any1 help me??

#29 Pradnya G.

I am really excited regarding this opportunity ,I will sure be the member of uTest .eagerly awaiting for the next step.

#30 Pradnya G.

Respected Sir/Mam

I Miss Pradnya Gaikwad have a Problem regarding registration that The ID No which wad requested for Validation of Debit Card ,Since I have no Driving Lience and Passport what should I do.
Yours Sincerly


#31 Pradnya G

I have completed my registration with utest, however I just need a final confirmation regarding the same.With all the information like my registration Id , Debit Card No , In all information of my registration.

#32 anil shirur

Its realy great news for the unemployed/employed person who are being exploited by their employers

Very, very great opportunity for individauls

#33 sammer

hi there i wana know what is the pay for testing a software



#34 Anuj Chauhan

had any body got some money from yet….?
Surprised not to have any comment with such details.

+91 9313499294

#35 siddharth

Hi there,
Its nice stuff for testers and a oppurnity to learn new things also keep me in touch with this

#36 kiran

I have completed my registration with utest, & i got the approval mail from there. i woluld like to know about what’s the next process.

#37 Parinita

I am houswife, completed my education in Computer science. I am good at finding issues in application.

#38 Pk

Hi Parinita,

Its not that much easy to find issues like in home.(just kidding)
so try to learn first and U come to know the situation.

#39 Anuj Chauhan

Hi PK,

how can somebody comment like this….? you can not underestimate any body specialy a woman!!

Parinita, this is nice to know u are intresting to work together with your responsblity to be an housewife.
I wish good luck to u


#40 Pk

Hello Anuj,

Am not underestimating anybody. Who ever should come to this field but with out knowledge nobody can sustain in this field..thats what I mean to say ok!

#41 Anuj Chauhan

how can you say somebady have or have not knowledge, untill you dont know he or she. and the fact, that knowledge is require to sustain in this field is always true and same for every field….

#42 Pk

How can u say that she has knowledge(testing) man?
This is not a place to become smart. This is technical forum so be a professional….bye

#43 Abhishek

Hi All,

Its nice to see some people debating on some other issue :-)
Well i m here to give some information about utest,as told earlier i have already received card and confirmation mail from utest and i have start doing testing for utest.I have earned some dollars which will get credited to my card in this end of month.
Parnita:Pls refer utest blog for information about utest updates.

#44 Parinita

Anuj / PK,

Let me clarify few things.
I mentioned I am good at finding issues in application that is only based on some experience. I don’t have great experience but have mindset and knowlege of testing.
I can do functional testing and can find good no. of issues (not only cosmetics). Given a chance can prove myself a good tester.

#45 Hariprasad.MS


It is realyy fine and greate revolutio for the testing work.lets come will be part of this community.

I joined just now…will see how it works

#46 Saravanan

visit my blog to learn more

#47 Niharika

Is it safe to provid credentials like PAN # or passport details?

#48 Kiran Kumar

Very good opportunity for all QA people.

#49 Vishal Chhaperia

I think many of us are not abel to register,
i am also having problem to login and it also not giving any sort of error so that i can find it.
If any of u have any idea i mean have earned some bucks from it then pls let me know, coz as of now i dint find anyone saying that he have earned from it.

feel free to call : +91-9830704327

mail me:


Hi All,
Is this all fake? i found if u r a beginner then they provide u wht kind of testing…i’m asking bcoz they r not providing any specialization like Functional,performance etc…

I know all abt functional testing but don’t hv exp. i can do functional testing better than a experienced person….
so Plz suggest me wht option should i choose?
Beginner or Expert


#51 Vijay

Hi dear all,
This abhishek got a debit of 1000 $ because he couldn’t test within their time limit\dead line. Hope they won’t come for recovery. Anyway dont get cheated from this kind of Sites.

#52 Adiman

For those that registered and can’t find the link to log back in:
I registered, and after i completed the process it took me to a webpage that had only text and images; no links, just the “Logout” link was available. After I clicked that, it takes you to the login page :)
Here it is:

#53 jhenz

Wow! This is great information! :) I like the idea, hope it will formally launch and cater to as many testers as possible – just like blogging with pay.

#54 Hima


This is really good….but i think its better to learn more regarding this

#55 Karthik

I think All these are fake and nonsense… (:PPPP

not to believe how can we test a web application from uTest site, lot of Questions will arise….

think once…


#56 Mayuresh

HI Vijay,

Would like your suggestion regarding whether to join into utest. what do u think? is it safe enough or is it fake. the previous blogs on this community have been confusing with some in favour and some against.

Would value your comment.


#57 karthi

Hi all,

Please check this link

#58 Lalitha

hi iam looking for a software testing job which can be done from home. i have 3yrs exp in software testing. this is really good if it works properly

#59 satyajeet

hi parineeta…
if u yhink u r good at some things plz go ahead..
and about this …guys i think ther are some freelancers..type..who pays testers who work from home…
i hv quite a few cntacts..but nt sure whetr thy are trustable ?..
will provide if u wanted..

#60 Karthik

Hi satyajeet,
Please provide the following details, so that we can chk out in our side also. Im juz in initial stage of registration. If anyone got the link regarding testing activity plz share the link. We will see whether testing thru online is possible or not.


#61 Seema

Hi All,

Pls suggest how gud is it to join uTest… No doubt it seems uTest is really a great opportunity for every skilled and experienced testers, but dont want to be duped… Also let me know how safe is it to provide personal credentials while signin up with payoneer.

(Just came to know all abt Payoneer and uTest by going through all these comments)

Awaitin responses to decide whether to join uTest or not. Mail me @ .

Thanks in advance.

#62 sundar paul

If someone has to share how secure is,I think someone has to face problem ,and then share th problem faced :-)

#63 Neeraj Goel

I want to work from home is there any jobs for testing.

I have good knowledge on testing & automation

#64 rashmi

Hi Vijay,

I was very happy to read about utest. I have been reading about freelancing, but this is first time i found it related to softeware testing.
Looking at the comments its bit confuisng. Please please clear the picture. I am unable to decide if its safe to join utest or not.
Please reply.

#65 Juan

Hi all, I think uTest is very secure. Moreover, it get on general availability a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very good idea. See you

#66 Hiten

Hello guys,

I am successfully registered over and got my first release also for testing.

Anybody having any doubt can mail me on

#67 chandru

Hi all,
how can i register in this testing war.

#68 Smita

plz let me know how to register??

#69 shubhangi

registration form can’t submitted of utest.

#70 Mahesh

Hey great news, today I have received $ 200 credited to my account………..

#71 inulhuq

In the default payment drop down, there is no options to choose. plz reply.

#72 venkatesh

Hi Friends
i am very new to software testing any one help me about how to improve my testing skill.

#73 Narendra

I came to know about UTest by reading this article few days ago. I have registered successfully to this site.

Can anybody suggest me how to proceed futher, how can we know that some work has been assigned to us??

last but not least…is it real to earn money by this kind of work?

#74 Pratiksha

Hi Everyone!!

When I’ve sign up utest there was hardly 8 testers from INDIA. It was good experience working with uTest.
Now due to the crowd in uTest, it is hard to get the projects. Some people make fake ID’s to make money…
So, I request to the people please don’t spread the news to everywhere….

#75 nidhi rastogi

i have done MS Office. i am a housewife too. i would like to know how much does a tester gets for part time?i would also like to know about on-line jobs…..are they reliable?if they are ,please do help me out in knowing some trusty and worthy sites where it does not end me into any nuicance.

#76 Anilm

uTest has any office in India , in Pune ? if not , how to faith the company which had not office at here ?

#77 Samip

Is there any other website like uTest?

#78 paaru

I have 7 years of experience in testing field (both manual and automation) and would like to work from home. I hope this is a best option for me.Waiting for the next step. Kindly send me the details.

#79 sunita


Realy it is very good option of working people like us , who are married n have a small baby. I am also too much interested to work this type of job. I have completed my testing course before two years ago.
But some reasone i can’t joine any company. So i dont have any experiance if u give a chance
it’s my pleaser.


#80 NArendran

Here registration not working properly,i think web maintainence very bad,whenever i try to registered it showing error message as a “there has some in ur password” make a very strong i cant register wat to do.?????????????????

#81 Narendran

Here not working registration properly,i think web maintainence very bad,whenever i try to registered it showing error message as a “there has some in ur password” make a very strong i cant register wat to do.?????????????????

#82 shivakumar

i have sign up in utest but when i enter the user name pwd its showing error so how to enter and i need some web application to test and execute so please provide needfull information

#83 Sujatha

Hey guys i have joined utest and they will credit $100 to my account.If anyone have a doubt pls mail me

#84 mani

hi all

Please clarify on payment options.

iam from india , how will the payment be made?

#85 Akash

Article writes required call for more information

#86 anand

is their any other site like where we get paid for finding bugs?

#87 sivakumar

Provide some online Test in Software Testing and selected can intimate with any opening in Testing.

#88 Deepak

All (Web Testing) Skilled/Experienced/Part Timer

I have got some projects to get testing for Web Testing.
Manual & Automation.
So just write me on

#89 Tester

Obvious, is getting the testers paid by working from home…please start working…

#90 Tester

I have collected 3 lacs from utest

#91 Lolo

Some of you lot need to improve your writing skills (sentence construction and grammar usage) before claiming to be good testers. Anyone can claim anything, but look at your writing styles, is this the way you lot are going to report bugs/communicate with stakeholders? It’s people like you who bring a bad name to the rest of us – seasoned test professionals from india and devalue us.

#92 Raj

No one is getting anythig still………….seems scam.

#93 Smita Shrivastav

Hi…I have 7 years of Work Experience in Manual Testing B&F domain .i would like to work from Option ..if u come across some good option let me…


#94 webtester

I read the complete blog
Does any one got paid by uTest?
what is the method of payment?
where we can see the amount credited to our account?


#95 SHY

Hi !!
Sounds good…
But just let me know, did any one got paid for such kind of testing?????????

#96 Rajkumar

Dear Vijay

I have enrolled for this site more than a month. So far, I haven’t received single test. Please tell me how frequently does the new testers will receive the activity.

Kindly guide me.



#97 Mercy

MTECH graduate..interested in part time jobs…………….expert in testing

#98 madan

Is there any website like utest to do part time testing and earn money? can any one help me pls…

#99 faraaz qa

I have registered to Utest, it seems to be Genuine company so no need to worry. Its the patience u need to wait for Test Cycles and you will be assigned for the Project. U need to test within time limit and raise bugs as much as u can and earn few dollars :)

#100 jayakumar

Thanks for helping

#101 SAPAN

User is not able to get register since there is a dead link in ‘continue’ button of registration form.

#102 Thilak

can any one confirm me is this good site to register?

#103 Chris

When setting up the new tester account page I get an error message when I click done. the error says com.yfactorial.objectiveresource can anyone help

#104 Jyoti

Hi All,

I, myself was an utester earlier. Though, my experience was good, till the time when the bug assigned by me was awarded as the 2nd prize in the “Bug of the month” contest. They told me that I will be getting “UTest TShirt”, which till date I haven’t received :) yet. They confirmed that they send it thrice…but with no success.

Thought to share my experience.. :)

#105 Lalit

Unable to register

#106 Saranya Palanikumar

Hi all..
I am Saranya from India..I have registered successfully in I am waiting for my sandbox program invitation. I have 2 years of work experience in the software field. I am very much interested in testing software.Can anyone please let me know when will I get my first testcycle invitation?


#107 Murali Krishna Y


This is Murali. I am having 11 years software testing experience(Both Manual and Automation(QTP). Expert in Web testing, SAP and Oracle financial automation Testing with QTP Expert. I am looking for a part time job.

#108 Pallavi Gogte

Hi, I am Pallavi having 7+ yrs experience in software Testing. Want to work from home. Kindly let me know if there are any requirements.

#109 phani bhushan

Hi, i am phani bhushan and having 8+ years of IT experience in software development and testing. I want to work from home .Please let me know if there is any requirement.

#110 Neha Nahar

Hi..this is Neha…I have 3+ years of IT experience in Manual Testing. I want to work from home.

Please do let me know if there is any requirement.

#111 nksvb

I have participated in utest sandbox program. Initial cycles they won’t pay. In the Sandbox program you have to find 2 bugs and you have to write one test case. It was interesting. I found 3 bugs and sent a bug report for the issues. the mistake is I have to find only two bugs. Because my involvement in the testing I found 3 bugs,so it is affected my rating. Please let me know when will I get the paid projects.

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