Need of Skilled Testers

Some years ago many companies preferred not to have separate test engineers in the project team. But this I have not seen in past 2-3 years in my career. As now all the companies have a clear idea of the need of the QA and test engineers. Also, the QA and testers rolls are now concrete and there is no confusion.

Unfortunately, still, I find the perception of testing as an inferior role in some developers mind. This “anyone can do” attitude should be removed from those people’s mind. Lots of companies hiring “any” skilled personals to do this job and eventually suffering from the lost of money and time. Instead of hiring the junk of testers they should hire some gifted testers who can do their job beyond the developer’s limitations.

If Managers and management remove this inferiority thinking from their mind then they can hire these gifted testers in their organization. Such testers can do a complex job well, can find complex bugs and furthermore can add some procedures to the way of doing the routine jobs in order to make it more structured.

This is what I expect in coming years; let me know your opinions.

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