Living life as a Software Tester!

Recently I read a very interesting article on “All I Ever need to know about testing” by Lee Copeland.
I was so impressed with the concept of our day to day work compared with the software testing.

I will extract only points related to software testing. As a software tester keeps in mind these simple points:

Share everything:
If you are an experienced tester on any project then help the new developers on your project. Some testers have a habit to keep the known bugs hidden till they get to implement in code and then they write a big defect report on that. Don’t try to only pump your bug count, share everything with developers.

Build trust:
Let the developers know any bug you found in the design phase. Do not log the bug repeatedly with small variations just to pump the bug count. Build trust in developer and tester relation.

Don’t blame others:
As a tester, you should not always blame developers for the bugs. Concentrate on a bug, not always on pointing that bug in front of all people. Hit the bug and its cause, not the developer!

Clean up your own mess:
When you finish doing any test scenario then reconfigure that machine to its original configuration. The same case applies for the bug report. Write a clean effective bug report. Let the developer find it easy to repro and fix it.

Give credit to others for their work:
Do not take others credit. If you have referred any others work, immediately give credit to that person. Do not get frustrated if you did not find any bug that later has been reported by the client. Do work hard, use your skill.

Remember to flush :)
Like the toilets flush all the softwares at some point. While doing performance testing remember to flush the system cache.

Take a nap every day:
We need time to think, get a refresh or to regenerate our energy.
Sometimes it’s important to take one step back in order to get fresh insight and to find a different working approach.

Always work in teams, team score is always better and powerful than individuals.

Now its time to take nap ;-) Happy Testing!

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#1 priya

Need the test case models for Funtional testing.That too need test case models to test the Uppercase characters and Lowercase characters

#2 Nikhil

I like the concept of flush. flush to do performance testing right!

#3 sudheer

Thank u for giving this useful information for the tester. it will helpful to the tester.

#4 Deepak Pase

Content on this portal is really going to help me as a Quality Assiciate.

#5 vikas

Thanks for this exracting this matter!!!!
But.. What is the other side of the story??

#6 satyajeet Bhosale


#7 laxmi kanth

I Want to some test case models.
And how to write the test cases

#8 Kamal

Good Article…

#9 vishal c chinchane

i’m fresher as tester. How can i start testing a software which will be used at Share Brokers to import trades, apply brokerage & preparation of bills,etc.
pls help me out of this?

#10 Tanvi

great article….

#11 Anurag Jain

What an article.. I like your concepts.. I like to follow some steps which is given by you..
Thanks Dude

#12 Lakshmi

Hi !!!

Can anyone help me………..

What is the meaning of Build Verification Test?

Is this the tester responsibility to have BVT?

If it is , then what were the things that should be taken into consideration while undergoing BVT????

#13 bala

i would like to do software testing courses…
want to know the basic course wat i can do and wat are is the career that is available in this field… once i do the basic manual testing courses… wat can i do further…
please help me out

#14 ayesha

I want to knowwhat is error seeding and error guessing can u please help me out with this

#15 shabeena

This s good…..
I will agree, But here “x” told that, an experienced person has to help the new developer……….
But what i feel is, if we tell them begining itself, means we are some what loosing our holding on tht person…….:) …….rt?

#16 champ

The attitude you have is wrong shabeena. no body can have a hold on anybody.One should share the knowldege he/she has and move on to learn more . If your trainer ans teacher had your opinion you would never have learnt what you know now .. :) . No hard feelings.. leadership is all about producing more leader , NOT MORE FOLLOWERS !!!

#17 shreya

Hi champ
please suggest some topic in testing.
I have to give seminar in my company.

#18 rahul

@shreya take this topic very latest..

Vugen scripts.

#19 Muqeeb Ahmed

The points mentioned is realy gonna develope a good tester as well as it will lead soon the person towords management side i mean to say team management as know he is learning how to deal with people and work :)

#20 selvam

Hi Friends,

Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to switch my career to testing.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects.
If any one interested to teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the right place in chennai.
Thanks & regards

#21 ramesh


hi madam,

BVT is not but sanity.. this is we testers are doing whenever we get releases.


#22 ramesh

Hi all,

Iam very much interested in giving training on Manual and Automation testing (QTP) descriptive programming. Can anyone tell the institute we i can get chance to prove myself in Ameerpet ,Hyd.

Feel free to contact me at


#23 RAZA

really a good article!!!!!!!!!!

#24 p.k.yadav

dedication to your work.

#25 p.k.yadav

I M interested in automation testing.

#26 p.k.yadav

please tell me anybody about QTP>

#27 Rahul

use best guru in sir..

#28 Girija Prasad Mohanty

Glad to know the info… furnished by you..
Great Job Dude…Keep it up…

#29 Satya

Thats a Gr8 article (All I Ever Need to Know about Testing I Learned in Kindergarten) Thanks dear for ur post

#30 shruti Khavaskhan

Wow…..Very Nice Article Really….

Being new in this field, this will sure help me…


Fantastic..Article….very helpfull….for this field….

Good One….


“A developer needs to understand only the requirements of the client,but a Tester needs to understand the requirements of both the developer and the client”!!!!!!

“Hats off to hard working testing professionals”!…

#32 Rajesh Kumar

Build varification Testing is nothing but Sanity
Testing/level-0 testing/build verification testing etc.,
because this test is the first test which we are conducting
as soon as we get the build from development team. here we
are checking/verifing wether the build is operatable,
understandable,or not and wether the build is stable.
Mainly we are concentrating on wether the build is working
or not and operatable or not etc., means verifying the build.

#33 Binayak P Silwal

This article seem to try enlighten tester’s soul. Nice try and a true tester will always follow this article from his/her heart.


#34 Vivek

Its very effective article for me while other tester doing same thing opposite than this article.

Very nice……..

#35 Pankaj Sharma

Gr8 Artical

#36 srinivasa thangella

i’m fresher as tester. How can i start testing a software which will be used at Share Brokers to import trades, apply brokerage & preparation of bills,etc.
pls help me out of this?

#37 srinivasa thangella

i would like to do software testing courses…
want to know the basic course wat i can do and wat are is the career that is available in this field… once i do the basic manual testing courses… wat can i do further please help me out

#38 ragavan

plz help me
how to start testing

#39 allwin

good one……………….

#40 Real napster

Nice article…. Hope to have more of these kinds….

Testers rock….. :-)

#41 srinivasareddy

i have completed load runner course,i need realtime exp plz tell me any realtime instituts or persons…,or any job assistance instituts…..

#42 Suganthy

A REAL good article. The points mentioned here are very valid ones.

#43 indumathi

All concepts are explained very clearly in this blog.I am searching performance testing concepts.I didnt find that in this blog.Can you explain how to do performance testing manually in a web application

#44 Mayasen

Hi Indumathi (#46),

Practically it is not possible to do the performance test in manual. You should use atleast any open_source tool to do this.

You can see the performance testing kind of tips in the comments @ web application testing page in this forum.


#45 Augustine

Those are really interesting points. I like.


Nice article

#47 Mahammed riyaz


please help me…..
i go a job in MNC,….with a Testing Domain.i want to go with developing….

what my ? is….which is good …testing/developing..
how will be the growth in future.

#48 sanjay bedwal

hi ..i think the idea of sharing information is really good..
as a fresher nobody can’t do anything without any guidance..
good points
best of luck to all tester …
i myself taking training for testing….

#49 Nadeem

very useful information for software tester, thanks for sharing with us.

#50 krishna


#51 Neha


I like your concept…its too useful for fresher in s/w testing.
very much Appreciated…………

#52 lipi

I have joined one multinational company.Here they set me in QA section.But i have know nothing abou this.So what can i do now and what will be my future?please answer me.

#53 raju

good Article

#54 Sri

Very useful and effective article.

#55 karishma khare

sir,my question is that after getting experience on automation testing,can anyone switch to development feild?

#56 karishma khare

plz answer me soon

#57 sami

how is life in software testing???and am certified in ISTQB….how is life for tester in USA,IRELAND and other western countries…plz do rply….

#58 sayed

good article

#59 Marcia

Just what i needed… Thank you

#60 Manali

I would like to ask you that i am having 2.4 yrs of exp in ERP but i m fed up with coding now so i want to do testing now.
so,i ll be treated like fresher or my exp any company take in to consideration or not.or which institute is better for testing may i know please.i am 2011 passout.

#61 viraj

i have just completed my BE in computer. my programing knowledge is i searching for job. should i search related to testing job. and what is the opportunities in testing.

#62 Jeevitha

Good article…..

#63 ashok kumar

the above article is very good not bad and it explains how a tester should be.

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