How to Use Keyword Driven Testing (KDT) to Overcome Barriers of Automation Testing

This article covers following points:

1)  What Is KDT (Keyword Driven Testing)?
2)  Limitations of Automation testing – Why do Test Automation projects fail?
3)  How to use Keyword Driven Testing method to overcome Automation testing barriers?
4)  What is Test Language?
5)  How to use Test Language for Keyword Driven Automation Testing?
6)  Responsibilities of Functional Testers and Test Automation experts in KDT.

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Keyword Driven Testing – How to Overcome Barriers of Automation Testing

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#1 Sumit

Very nice article and approach that is required today. But I have an assumption: “How will I test an application that is simply not there. How will I develop functions and Items when I don’t know their object model. Very well I know I will be having BRDs but are those comprehensive enough to incorporate new changes into the automation infrastructure.Will it not increase the maintenance in the longer run.”

#2 justin

nice approach.
new to this test language but looks interesting.

We have tried many times to make automation a success but due to some restriction (includes one you mentioned) it always failed.

So currently our automation scope is very limited and as you said we just run scripts for regression testing.
changing functionality is also a major set back for out automation aims.

#3 Aman

Nice Article.

#4 husain jafri

Very nice article and approach that is required today.

#5 sanju

we are doing project on automation testing… it good or not….?

#6 Mayur

There is a new script free tool called autoczar, which uses KDT framework, no need to develop any framework, framework and test management is inbuilt in the tool. It is a nice, simple and easy to use tool.

#7 Geetha

Hi Friends,

Qualification: 10+2+BCA+PGDIT+MSc (CS), no IT experience but done courses in SAP Abap and oracle. But right now thinking of Testing career.
Please guide me ..what to do? how to go about it…?
I have completed my MSc in 2005..and worked in couple BPO’s.

Advice much appreciated.

#8 subrataa

I am trying on testing field having 2+yrs of exp.I want the inteview question on manual and automation.

#9 subrataa

I want interview question on manual & automation testing.

#10 Vibha Gupta

Hi I am trying to do Performance testing using JMeter, but how should i start from starting.
Anyone of you can help me for starting and apply this tool on my application.

#11 manjunath hakari

currently i’m doing testing course in an institution. will it be an advantage during interview when compared to other freshers ? shall i add dat institution name in my cv?

#12 Rajesh

I want know the faq interview questions with answers for testing soon, i’m preparing for interview, send to me as soon as possible.


#13 kk

Such a horrible article

#14 Sohrab

very nice artical

#15 Saranya

Really nice…

#16 deepmala

Please post the answer for my question :
for which testing we write more testcases UAT or system testing?

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