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  • Difference Between Client server and Web application testing: The most frequently asked software testing interview question. What is a difference between Desktop, Client-server and web application testing? I have shortly addressed this question here.
  • Some interesting Software Testing Interview Questions: Here I addressed three basic questions like What is the most challenging situation in your testing career? What if one module is modified in the application, Is it necessary to test whole application? How to test the application without specifications?
  • How to improve Testers performance? You can find here answer to What measures can company should take to improve testers performance as for some companies it’s not possible to hire a required number of testers. Here you can also find an interesting debate in me and Pradeep S.
  • Will Automation Testing tool make your testing easier? Some ins and outs of Automation. Be sure to think these points before going for your project Automation.
    So after taking decision for Automation you will not be in trouble.
  • Why does software have bugs? A million Dollar question! The broad list of reasons like miscommunication, Software complexity, Changing requirements, programming errors and people egos which introduces common bugs. See some of the man introduced reasons and machine oriented bug reasons here.
  • What if there isn’t time for thorough testing? Find out some tips to complete testing in time if you don’t have time for detail testing. Points to be considered when you are in such dilemma of what to test first?
  • How to test complete Application? SQA processes to be followed in the testing life cycle. And guide on how to test complete application right from the requirement gathering to last step post release maintenance?

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#1 Syed Adil

iam a B.E graduate in Electronics,i have done software testing course,iam very much intersted in software testing,Pls can you suggest whether a software tester should know programming languages.


#2 sricharan

Please Tell me about test object model in qtp?

#3 lavanya

for attending interviews i should prepare winrunner or QTPin depth

#4 Kiran Kumar A.S

Plz suggest me a good software testing institute.

#5 Ajay

At Syed Adil,

Hi Syed,

It is not mandatory to know a programming language to take up a job in testing. But still basics of any language would be an advantage…

There are many testers who do not know any language and find it difficult to learn automation and scripting tools. some testers who have atleast some basic knowledge of any language can easily grasp the new scripting tools.

So, finally it’s upto u. If u have time and interested, go for the languages or else learn on the job.


#6 Vijay

@ Syed Adil – I am very much agree with Ajay. Try for at least one scripting language. This will help to learn other scripting languages very easily and quickly.

@ sricharan – I will try to include some QTP question also in my coming posts. I am currently in learning phase of QTP. So this would probably a learner to learner session.

@ lavanya – This depends on your expertise. Go for any tool you feel you are comfortable in and have hands-on experience.

@ Kiran Kumar – All readers please keep in mind Software testing institute is not your final destination. Select the institute if you are not able to prepare by your own or having some difficulties in starting with software testing. You can select any institute which is focusing on manual as well as software automation. Get some info about institute from your area before joining it. Finally focus on home study during your course period.

#7 sricharan

Pls tell me what is the difference between bug and defect & review and walk through ? is both are same ?
And also tell me all metrics formulas ? from them how can we asses the quality of the product plese tell me indetail.

#8 vijay

its nice

#9 krishana

i am graduate in science(pcb) and having post graduate diploma in business management. after doing 3 years job in sales field i am not finding job satisfaction here.can i shift to it industry as software black box tester.non technical background candidates can debut in this field.which companies not prefer non technical background candidates.
new delhi

#10 Vijay

@sricharan – Bug and defect are normally used as synonyms of each other. Client don’t want to differentiate in between bug, defect, error, fault etc terms. Client is more concerned about whatever is causing the failure in their system.
Some standard definitions of these terms can be:
Bug: Is what used to refer deviation from expected result.
Defect: The problem in code leading to program failure.
You should know the use of above terms from your industry or where you work.

@ krishana : You are correct that companies will not prefer non technical background candidates industry. To be suitable for any post you should have that much experience, educational background and interest in that field. In your case I suggest find out the cause that you lost interest in sales field and why you are not satisfied with your current job before thinking of any new career.

#11 latha

I have experience in IT field of 3 years as a faculty ,coordinator. i am looking for software testing institute online. can you guide me. Also wouldliketo know about six sigma testing

#12 Ajit

I am a BBA graduate,working in a BPO want study software testing pls anybody can guide me as to institution(bangalore) and career.


i am ajaya kumar mallik from orissa, kendrapara ,choudakulat,i am MCA graduate from ravenshaw university plz give some information about testing,


hi, iam ajaya i want to know about testing

#15 Aman

hi, i m Aman..
Plz suggest me a gud institute 4 Software Testin in Noida, DElhi, Gurgaon or Chandigarh…

#16 swetha

exp about v-model

#17 Sasikumar

It’s cool and really useful.

#18 aruna

hi all

i don’t have any experience in qtp, if i selected in job as qa analyst what i have to do in project

#19 dalvi bhushan

hi i am bhushan i have 9 yrs experience in electrical maint. i am interested in software testing, can consider my previous experience in software testing job pl tell me

#20 Binoj

Which is the good center in bangalore to study S/w testing?

#21 Neeharika

Hi all,

I am Neeharika. I am a B.Tech(CSE) 2007 passout. I have an internship experience of one and a half year in manual testing(until december 2006). I want to get into a software testing job from oct 2008. I want to learn QTP, Winrunner and load runner in the mean time and also write a certification. Could you please give me some links or material to learn the above tools and any information about suitable certifications. Thank you in advance.

#22 prashnat

hi I am prashnat, I completed my diploma in electronics in 2005 and I am having one year Experiance of TATA Motors(It is an automobile company), i also completed my software testing course in SQTL Pune, can you please tell me can i get job in software testing as a test engg. in small scale industry. And what should I do for it.

#23 jenny

Its very interesting…

#24 jenny

what are cookies.Explain cookie testing??

#25 Santosh

Best Site

#26 shanthakuamr

Hi this is santha from Chennai. . I’m working as a software tester. In my company having two testers only. We both are relatively new. Can you tell me how I prepare test plan.

#27 RahulKumar

Its very simple..You need to prepare two thing
1>Test Data
2>Test Secnario.
Once these two are ready divide the Test Scenario into relevent no. of test cases and write the test case by using test data and hand over this to TL for review..One this is over start with test procedure.

#28 shanthakuamr

i want to know about system test case.can u help me.


#29 shanthakuamr

what is Low level design and what is high level design.
is teter using low level design or high level design

#30 pournima

i am electronics & searching joob in Software Testing .Can u suggest me companies………

#31 Parag

Can anyone please let me know what “Green Box Testing” is ? It is nowhere available over net..

#32 Suresh Balakrishnan

Hi Neeharika,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer . i have QTP,WinRunner and LoadRunner materials as well as Interview Questions and links so please give me ur mail id i ll send to u through mail.


#33 Pranab

Hi guys. i am Pranab. Can any body suggest good training centers for software testing in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon?

#34 Ananya

Hi Vijay,
First of all I would like to thank you for all the help you r providing thru ur posts.

I am working as a sr. Quality enginner And my next target is to be a quality manager. Can u tell me what should I need to learn to be a quality manager?

Waiting for ur reply.


#35 sheetal

hi, its better to contact at I-PAD Technologies in hyderabad.

#36 Rahul

@Suresh Balakrishnan\
Its great to know u r having such a great meterial with u..worth 2 share…Please send them @
I know its going to great help to me..thanks bro

#37 Umair Mansoor

I am doing Job in software house working as SQA.. Kindly give me some new / old methodoligies and techniques of bug-tracking.. as well as manual and automatic on C# visual studio 2008 platform. and desktop application.

#38 Umair Mansoor
its my email address

#39 Techno Services Pvt Ltd

Need an inter passed Female who like to study and work too on behalf of company
with good package as well.

Trainee management


Inter Commerce,Science,Arts


Must be emerging personality and piercing work style with modern society
criteria know how and establishments. Good English will be addition to the


Nature: 6 month contract then permanent if worked well.

Starting 6months = 15000 per/month then after being permanent 22,000/=

Company will be responsible for the higher studies that the course matter will
be selected as per the ability of student.
Bold courage and willing Girls may apply with confidence.
for further detail contact zero three four six three two seven nine double
three six.


#40 Raja

Hi All,

I have collected some white papers, interview question, FAQ and study material related to manual and automation testing. If any one need it, send me a test mail.

I feel happy to share my 5 years collection with you all.

Also, any one trying for job in singapore, i will really happy to guide to them.

Thanks & regards,

#41 sree

Hi Friends…
Now I hve comleted my Msc computer science and I decided to do a private course for two months. What course should I study. Iam not interested in programming development. Shall I study Software testing course.please do reply friends………

#42 sree

Hi Friends…
Now I hve comleted my Msc computer science and I decided to do a private course for two months. What course should I study. Iam not interested in programming development. Shall I study Software testing course. Is this will helpful for my career.please do reply friends………

#43 Umair Mansoor

Therz a Microst certified Software Quality Assurance paper Online.
Do This!
It will be benificial for you if you are not interested in development as its need much brain :p Lolzz kidding..
Well SQA / SQE / Testing is a nice field only if you know how to track the bug and development criterias Manual and automated testing includes total ERP maintaining UML Use case designing.. U should be prepared first for the interview as much u will talk infront of person taking your interview he will be impressed because the developer is not in concerned with SQA much he dont have much knowledge regarding SQA SQE so he will accept what ever you will speak continously.. But not to cross the limit that you start talking about testing Chemical reactions Lolzz :)
Dont mind i m habbitual of talking ridiculously but informatic.
Thank You.

#44 Umair Mansoor

Anybody having the help manual aur documents which instruct about the QTP scripts etc then kindly share.

#45 dev

Iam not interested in programming. I have an idea of doing a course in software testing. Is this will make my career in right way else What course should I do for todays IT world?

#46 Randibaaz

Maa ki chut tum sabki

#47 Ricky

I want sample test cases for any projects and also for c or c++ programs if u can plz mail me to my id .

#48 Anna Jones

Really wonderful post. Thanks for sharing us.

#49 gokul bharadiya

hi m gokul and i want all the information about the software testing course

plz help me urgent yaar plz

Thanks and regards
gokul bharadiya

#50 jegan

I am a fresher to software testing. I would like to know what are the things basically a tester should know? which certification courses help me to reach top in testing? whether i need to do any testing courses which make my career well. PLZ mail me to my mail id

#51 ketki

can u pls provide SQL based questions for intvw from testing poin of view??

#52 manikandaprabu

i have completed my MCA in chennai …i have intersted to study software testing plz say me where to join software testing course and what course ….

#53 anju

i need topics for a seminar in my office based on software testing or new technologies in testing..plz help me..

#54 Sachin

Hi Vijay,
we are making new (Advance) version of our current application. now some of the Feature are same with little new implementation so now my Question is..
How should i check these feature..
We already had test case for Old Implementation
and I am writing test case for New Implementation
so how should i Compare that in previous version and New its basic working is OK.
Should i need to add one more Test case of Comparison of Two Versions ??
or i do Regression with old test case ??
Please let me know on this.
If you do not understand any thing please feel free to ask me for elaboration.


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