How to prepare for software testing interview

This is the a guest post from author “Suhas R M”. Author is working as a software test engineer and having 4 years of manual testing experience.

A colleague of mine recently asked me, “Where should I start with for preparation of interview? It’s almost 2 years I have faced any interview.”

My answer was straightforward: (This will help for fresher as well as working professional who want to switch the current job)

What you need to know about software testing?
First basic thing – Testing Concepts: One needs to be very good at this especially the manual testing methodologies.  But only knowing different testing concepts is half work done. The next – most important thing is to know which type/technique/concept of testing can be applied at what stage of SDLC.

“What should I test and when” is very important. There might be some concepts, which are not applicable to what we, professional test in our company, but it’s always better to have an idea of all testing practices.

Many freshers and working testing professionals have might not worked on various testing domains like localization testing, time Zone testing etc. But knowing more than what you have worked on will help you better answering the different questions from the interviewer. I always try to keep my testing knowledge updated besides my current project work. This helped me a lot while switching my job some years ago. What if an interviewer asks you question on topic, which you have never worked on? For example you don’t have any experience on web based projects or client server testing and interviewer asks you to test “Yahoo mail application”. Will you be able to answer this question? You can. Even you have not worked on this type of projects. How? Your curiosity to learn the things you never done before will help you in this case. So broaden your thinking area, be curious in every work and every query you face in your daily work routine.

Knowing more is harmless and will definitely help you at least to give your thoughts on the questions asked by interviewer.

If you don’t know any testing concept, e.g. “Localization testing”, then try to learn the concepts first. Like – what would be localization testing? It’s simple; Test if the application looks local for you while using. Then go on exploring. See for used colors, content, images, culture etc, Different countries, locales have it in different way. Consider a web site that reads from right to left, is it accepted in countries other than Middle East? Obviously NO. Or can you display the same geo specific content in India what you can display in US? Again NO. This is just a simple example how you can learn unknown testing concepts.

The very essential part of a test engineer is “Thinking out of box”. If you are not capable of thinking out of box, believe me testing is not for you. What do you mean by thinking out of box? Don’t just follow the traditional methods. Implement new things in testing. Try to summarize, automate the routine testing work. Think from user perspective. Think how user will use your application. What common mistakes he can make or which tasks he can perform on your application? This way you will get insight of any application and will also help to answer the questions in depth.


Besides from “curiosity to learn” you should upgrade your skill in following areas:
– Some hands-on on basic database/SQL queries and concepts
– Any basic scripting language (For automation testing)
– Networking and system administration concepts will help you in system domain projects.

Do not just write the UI test cases, check what is happening inside the application. For application having database connection check for data updation, retrieving and in any case there should not be loss of data.

Get hold on project. Know the application under test before starting to test it. Instead of looking in the requirement document, look into the architecture doc, design doc, sequence diagram and activity flow diagram.

Most importantly you need to be perfect in what you mention in your CV. All the questions interviewer asks will be based on what you are specifying in your CV. So do not mention the skills you have not worked on, just for the sake of decorating the CV with multiple skills.

The key point in interview is, You should make interviewer feel that it was a complex application you were testing and had lot many challenges in it for a tester!

And one last thing – If you don’t know answer for a question, say so. Don’t fool around and get into trouble.

If you have any query on “preparation for testing interview” then comment it below.

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#1 Sameer on 01.14.08 at 12:41 pm

Do frehsers need to worry about domain knowledge for projects?
How can we prepare for domain specific opening interviews ?

#2 A.N.Vamsi Mohan on 01.15.08 at 4:19 am

Freshers are not expeted with any specific domain knowledge. What all you need is basic concepts of testing. The advantage with freshers is that they will have a steep learnning curve. So, if you have the basics you can be moulded into any domain. Do not worry about the domain.

But understand that the “embedded domain” testing definitely differs from a “web domain” testing.

#3 Robin on 01.15.08 at 10:04 am

Hi Mr. Suhas.. Thanks for the new post.. I have been in software testing for the last six months but the term “Localization testing” was new to me and also interesting.. So can u please write some more testing terms which comes very rarely but important in preparing for an interview..?

#4 shabeena on 01.15.08 at 11:21 am

Hi Vijay,
How to configure any testing tool for a particular project? On what basis we should decide the tool?
Like for ex: If i have a project on school,then which tool should i use?

#5 virender kumar on 01.16.08 at 5:16 am

Dear Sir,
Its wonderful to get this information , i wanted to switch to testing i am in academics since last 3 years tell me what and how to prepare ?tell me some of the tips, ???

#6 pavan on 01.16.08 at 6:34 am

This blog is useful. I think basic knowledge of UNIX also needed to sit infront of an interviewer

#7 zakir on 01.17.08 at 10:42 am


Hi shabeena. Configuring any testing tool for a particular project depends on the type of testing you are going to perform on that project. We need to choose the tool based on the Testing strategy and the client requirement which mainly includes COST factor. So a tool for any domain is not the logic friend.



#8 kailash on 01.30.08 at 8:07 am

its really informative. i have one doubt about product based testingand i am currently doing black box testing for our broadcasting products.. what are the required knowledges to learn before i am switching for new job.
if anyone having idea pls share…….

#9 Prabjyot on 02.12.08 at 9:16 am

I was working as a developer from the last 3 years but
know want to go into testing will you help me.I have started learning the concepts of testing please guide me how i can start my career in testing at this stage.

#10 rahaman on 02.21.08 at 9:10 am

sir i have good knowledge in mannual testing.
i am well to exposure in QTP tool also.
but i dont know how to explain about my projects to interviewers please tell me few tips.

#11 sakthivel on 02.21.08 at 10:26 am

I want to thoroughly know about software testing. Is there any free website

#12 Narendra on 02.28.08 at 6:25 am

Send me “Paypal express checkout” Test cases and scenarios

#13 dipinder singh on 05.27.08 at 6:10 pm

hi sir could u please conform me wheather at fresher leavel do i need to know some sql, or any other language i am from mechanical background and looking forward to shift to software testing

#14 karthikkumar on 06.02.08 at 1:24 pm

HI, first of all i want to convey my thanks. I am fresher in testing. Can you list that which test should happen which time?

#15 ahmer hussain on 06.09.08 at 4:05 pm

hi engineers

I think is vijay is sankat mochan of this site. I also have need to know about the status of winrunner whether it is relevent now in market or useless to learn or study.

#16 Reema Karande on 06.18.08 at 8:07 am

Can u give the Example of Test Plan

#17 Ashok on 07.02.08 at 2:31 pm

What should be the answer for – why you wish to make career in software testing.

#18 Vivek on 07.04.08 at 5:24 am

i m a fresher looking for a job in Delhi/Ncr as a Tester but not able to generate a call . if u can help so that i may act accordingly. Thnks in advance.

#19 KAT22 on 07.10.08 at 5:54 am


I am new to testing and from the above article I have one confusion in the statement

“The next – most important thing is to know which type/technique/concept of testing can be applied at what stage of SDLC.”

can anyone tell me about the different testing types we can use on different stages of SDLC. Does it vary based on project or it remains constant in every project.

Enjoy Testing
KAT 22

#20 ravikumar martha on 07.23.08 at 7:56 am

what is the difference between test specification document and test case document

#21 manju on 09.04.08 at 12:08 am

Hi all,
Iam new to testing and what is interrogating and querying databases (e.g. RC Update and BRIO)
please can u give some example and can u suggest
wedsites about quering database,RC Update and BRIO.

#22 yhhawujgsfavgj on 09.04.08 at 7:20 am

yhnvcud vvydvv d

#23 yhhawujgsfavgj on 09.04.08 at 7:20 am


#24 Ravi Kochar on 09.25.08 at 4:51 am

Hi All,

We provide the testing course manual + automation with all basics to advance..just in very nominal amount.

We are the proffessionals in industry for now more than 6 years with MNCs.

Course duration is for 10 days. 1.5 hrs daily (Only weekends)

For further details….email me at

#25 Murali on 10.02.08 at 6:52 pm

Some of the stuff up there is very relevant and useful… keep it up.

#26 Hetal on 10.08.08 at 6:56 pm

This is the most likely & an important question in the interviews, “Being an engg, why do want to make a career in testing rather than development?”
Kindly provide with some diplomatic & a convincing answer for this.
It would be great if you let me know.


#27 Renu on 01.26.09 at 4:54 pm

This is a very good site. I have done my M.SC. Maths & Computer Science from Jamia Univ. Delhi in yr. 2000. Since then i was in Teaching Field. Now I want to switch in Software Testing. Is it possible to get a job now? (I already have done a course in Software Testing.)

#28 Jayalakshmi on 01.27.09 at 9:38 am

Hi Renu,
I also came from the same background as you mentioned as above in your comment. Now I am working as a tester in UST global. It is definitely possible to get a job in software testing.

#29 Renu on 01.27.09 at 3:59 pm

Hi Jayalaxmi,
Thanx a lot for your suggestion.

#30 vanaja.K on 02.07.09 at 10:28 am

k can you suggest me any good text book for learning testing concepts so that i can prepare

#31 Ravi Kochar on 04.28.09 at 11:55 am

Hi Hetal ,
Answer to your question “Being an engg, why do want to make a career in testing rather than development?” is:

1) If I will be a developer i have to work on a single peice of domain / functionality and in QA / testing I would have the conmplete business knowlwdge of domain and I wil act as an SME and will touch each area of the project.

2) In QA also, if I would work on automation, I have to do scripting / coding etc which is more or less development.

3) I love bug hunting and this is my area of interest.

For above 3 reasons, I want to be in QA/ testing rather than development.

Ravi Kochar

#32 Ravi Kochar on 04.28.09 at 11:59 am

Hi vanaja.K,

“Effectve methods of Software testing” or by William Perry or “The Art of Software Testing” by GlenFord would be good option for you.

Ravi Kochar

#33 satya kusum on 04.28.09 at 12:35 pm

i have done Bsc in Maths and then MBA in 2006 and since then i am into sales and it possible to switch to software testing at this stage.please advice.

#34 tushar on 04.28.09 at 4:41 pm

hi! thanks for the tips hope it will help me to crack

#35 Ravi Kochar on 05.08.09 at 7:03 am

Hi Satya..

You can..however before jumping directly to software testing you have to complete your homework parallely.

1) Study the basic stuff for software testing
2) Learn QTP / Loadrunner automation tools.
3) Try Dry Run Interviews
4) Get some corporate and business knowledge how testing done in live environment.
5) Learn basic SQL Queries and bit programming. (OOPS concept etc.)
6. Prepare resume accordingly with related projects

With all this homework done. You can defintly switch.

Ravi Kochar

#36 Ravi Kochar on 05.08.09 at 7:04 am

Hi Satya..

You can..however before jumping directly to software testing you have to complete your homework parallely.

1) Study the basic stuff for software testing
2) Learn QTP / Loadrunner automation tools.
3) Try Dry Run Interviews
4) Get some corporate and business knowledge how testing done in live environment.
5) Learn basic SQL Queries and bit programming. (OOPS concept etc.)
6. Prepare resume accordingly with related projects

With all this homework done. You can defintly switch.

ravi Kochar

#37 minu singh on 06.10.09 at 5:24 am

I m web I want to jump in software tesing. I have done software testing course. but I don,t get nay opening for testing requirement.

#38 AJAY on 06.10.09 at 12:05 pm

no body knows that you don’t have any expeerience to testing domain, just consult with any testing guy in your firm spend some time with him and try to do testing practically in any of the dummy builds(already released), and put testing expeerience in your Resume

#39 Dinesh on 06.10.09 at 12:32 pm

no… that will not work now( ajay said) , things have been changed over the period and you need good technical details about the things you mention in your profiles.As testing has became an profession now and most of the clients trust techi guys who can understand the details of product.

#40 RAVI TIWARI on 06.11.09 at 7:23 am

i have done Bsc (it) 2006 and since then i am into retail is it possible to switch to software testing at this stage.please advice. plz advise me best soft ware testing institute in mumbai (THANE/NAVI MUMBAI)

#41 jaya on 06.14.09 at 12:35 pm

i m a fresher,what kind of question asking for freshers in software testing

#42 Shruti on 06.25.09 at 7:41 am

Hi All,
I m having two years of experience in Web testing now I want to switch into porduct based company, so any one can suggest me that what kind proparation I should do for a product based company and as well I want to know which type of question in Manual interviewer will ask with the experience of 2 yrs.


#43 neha on 08.26.09 at 1:21 pm

i am a s/w developer. I have 2 years of development experience. Now i feel like switching to s/w testing, i find my interest in that field.
Please suggest me how to start my career in testing and first of all how to judge myself whether i will really find testing, as my passionate job.

#44 hello on 11.10.09 at 2:31 pm

how to prepare the software in this greatest world

#45 sunny on 11.11.09 at 2:10 pm


i have done BE(CSE) and working as Business Development Executive in software i want to start my career in software testing so please let me know the right way for that as a initiator.any suggestions are wel comed.

#46 ramya on 01.06.10 at 8:54 am

i want HR interview questions and answers can u tell me what HR will ask in real time for experinenced professionals

#47 kavya on 02.09.10 at 9:49 am

hi this is kavya.can any one tell how to tell project in interviews that is what all thing v should tell when putting 3years of expireience.

#48 jeena on 02.22.10 at 9:04 am

hii all
could any one suggetst me some good institute names in delhi for the software testing course.
thank u..

#49 Prasanna kumar on 02.22.10 at 12:57 pm

mindq systems in hyderabad

#50 Viju on 03.27.10 at 3:15 am

Hi All,

I completed my B.Tech in 2007 and worked as a tech support for Microsoft for 2 years and now I wanna move to testing.

Is it possible ??? If Yes, can I apply as a fresher or experienced ???

#51 sumathi padmanaban on 05.07.10 at 6:43 pm

I have completed my in 2003 as regular course
then i have completed my in 2007 in correspondence. then after i got engaged in family.
now i wish to work in testing.
Is it possible for me to get a job and how to prepare initially.

#52 Mayasen on 06.04.10 at 5:12 am

Hi Sumathi,

Of course you can start your career now. I think this article be the good source for initial preparation.

Prepare and perform well. Wishes…!!!

#53 Devinder Kumar on 06.07.10 at 8:15 am


#54 aruna on 08.11.10 at 3:34 pm

hi i have done testing course i faced one interview they asked tel me the tools used in manual testing i said bugziala,excel sheet etc but they said this is not their r 8tools than they the traning insuite has nt teached properly pls tel me the tools used in manual testing

#55 Mayasen on 08.12.10 at 4:08 am

Hi Aruna (#54)

No need to get confused. We won’t use any tools for manual testing. If you are using the tool for testing then it will be an automation testing.

As you said we can use Bugzilla, Excel, Manits, etc. kind of tool/app for reporting and bug tracking purpose.

#56 uma on 08.16.10 at 5:36 pm


I wanted to switch my career into software testing from toolmaking,for that i done my testing course(manual and tools)
and i finished ISTQB(passed) exam.
Now i am applying for jobs,please any one share the tips how to get interview and job.And how i can change my resume for testing jobs .please help me get into testing jobs

#57 Harish on 08.31.10 at 12:47 pm

What is the selection process for Software Testing? As in i am a fresher, BCA graduate 2010 passed out. Please help me in this regard. Tnx

#58 richa on 10.28.10 at 1:16 pm

I have 2 years experience in development in VB6.0 and SQL Server 2005.but nw I want to change my domain to testing.Hw should I prepare for interview before going for it.secondly vll they treat me as fresher in this field

#59 Sachin Bhalsinge on 01.10.11 at 5:43 am

Hi all i am Bcom graduate having 2 years of finance domain experiance & want to switch in testing should i get the job or not

#60 Kavitha on 01.19.11 at 5:47 pm

I am a java developer having 3 and half years of experiance now i want to switch over 2 testing, In my previous workspace i had some knowledge of testing should i get the job and how to convincing am really finding job for testing? give me suggestions

thanks in advance

#61 Kavitha on 01.19.11 at 5:51 pm


could any one suggetst me some good institute names in chennai for the software testing course.

#62 lakshmi on 02.08.11 at 5:05 pm

I worked for ~2years in embedded testing and I have break for 2years after my marriage
please suggest me how can I restart my career
whether I need to go for old company or I can search by this.
Now, I am staying at chennai
please suggest me .

#63 Gyanesh on 03.07.11 at 12:12 pm

I had completed my B.E. in 2007 after that i completed C-DAC and got job in software company, where i wprked for six months only.
Now i am in telecom company but i want job in software testing.
so pls suggest me what should i do to get job in testing.

#64 sumathi on 03.15.11 at 4:42 pm

I have completed my in Csc in 2003 in regular
then I completed my M.Sc C.Sc in 2007 in correspondence
I have no experience in any of the field .
But I wish to enter in software testing field. I am very hopeless because there is no extra qualifications or any experience. Is there any chances for me to get job. Please somebody answer me

#65 vijay on 04.05.11 at 1:26 pm

@sumathi don’t loose your hope….first u have to decide is really u want carrier in s/w testing ?if yes then choose best institute for testing course who have good real work exp. faculty,then gain good technical knowledge and put 1 year experience in your resume…u have to do work hard and keep doing your work…don’t get demoralize any time….may be your good time is infront of you now.

#66 Afroz on 05.10.11 at 4:53 pm

can any one give me the soft copy of s/w testing material (manual and Automated) for preparetion, if any one is have that plz forward me through mail

To all

#67 Afroz on 05.10.11 at 4:55 pm

my mail id

#68 Ashok on 05.30.11 at 5:06 am

Hi sir,
I completed my B.Tech(I.T) in 2008 with an aggregate of 55%. I was doing job as a programmer now . I want to shift my carrier to Testing side .

Is it possible to change from Programmine side to Testing Side by putting programming experience……..?

Which testing tool is better in market now………?

Can u please guide me ……….?

#69 Ashok on 05.30.11 at 5:13 am

My Mailid is

#70 ambi on 06.06.11 at 5:24 am

I have finishe MCA, i hv done testing course, in interviews they r asking me that why am not into development & why r u looking for testing jobs, How to answer this ??plz help.Thanx in advance

#71 Ambika on 06.06.11 at 5:27 am

I finished MCA in 2006.i have onli 1 year of experience in Testing field. for , the past years i was not working due to some personal reasons, will i get job now help…

#72 thimmareddyv on 06.15.11 at 5:23 pm

this article is very useful for students who are preapare for software testing jobs.thanks for author

#73 Srinivas on 07.07.11 at 4:45 pm

Hi, Srinias here,

im a graduate, currently im working as graphic designer, im planning to change my platform to Testing. please advise me will it works or not?

#74 Divya on 07.09.11 at 5:41 pm

im divya here……
Im a BE graduate …
I have done software testing course found it interesting…want to continue my career in this field….
i have updated my resume with all the relevent info and been looking for job from past 4 months but im not getting any proper opening ….could u pls suggest me hw to go abt the job search in this field…and also tel me some job websites……actually i have domain knowlege in networking …….


#75 software test questions on 07.22.11 at 4:40 pm

Hi ,

I want to make career in software testing. can you please send me good questions on it.

#76 gowse on 07.28.11 at 3:23 pm

hi sir,
i need how to face an interview tips and anwers

#77 thimmareddyv on 08.07.11 at 2:57 pm

sir i have completed my mca in 2006 . iam working

as gis engineer since 2007. paraller i complted my

testingsting course recently. in gis field i worked on the

telecom iam planning to move gis field

to software test enginner. pls suggest me


#78 Venkat on 08.17.11 at 3:38 pm

Thank you very much there are lot of things to learn from this site.

#79 ravi on 08.23.11 at 5:22 pm

hi, subash,
Can you please tell me what may be the ETL Testing. I am trying to learn ETL Testing. Please give me some information

#80 Shilpee Naik on 10.04.11 at 7:23 am

Sir I have a doubt
since automation testing is easier and can be done using the tool easily, then why we should go for mannual testing.

#81 Kiran on 12.15.11 at 10:30 am

My question is .. why you choosed Testing as your career. And why you did S/w testing course being a CS graduate………..?

#82 Vikram Jadhav on 01.20.12 at 9:06 am with Mannual Testing

#83 Anand Yagati on 01.24.12 at 4:44 pm

Hi Friends,

This is really an interesting and fantastic website for Job seekers ans well as employees, who can fire their queries and get the answers. It is a good platform to learn S/W testing and to clear your doubts…and to enrich your knowledge :)

#84 Anand Yagati on 01.24.12 at 4:47 pm

-> To Shilpee Naik,

If the Client don’t want to spend more money on Testing and if iterative work is not required, in that case they prefer Manual Testing.

Choosing the Testing methodoly depends on Resources and Operational Cost.

#85 satish on 03.24.12 at 10:01 am

Hello I am completed my BE(CS) in 2009.I have undergone a course in manual testing as well as selenium testing tool.Please help me how to get interview calls as I am not getting any calls.
Can I get a job in testing at this stage.

#86 thambidurai on 05.13.12 at 8:54 am

Hi friends,
I am a B.E/ECE graduvate and am working in retail sales. i like to swtich in software testing field. Pls mhelp me out to get some material to prepare for interview.

#87 ramakant vishnoi on 05.18.12 at 11:05 am

i want information how to write test cases and bug efficient way which is understandable by show effecient way excel sheet any wessite test cases and bug report.

#88 ankit chourasia on 06.02.12 at 1:42 pm

i have done my B.E in 2010 , n i did’nt get the job from my relevent field. so right now i m doing software testing cource, but i get trouble when somebody ask me …… what u have done in this period… or why you choose software testing?….. why you want to be a sofware tester…. ?
but i haven’ t a proper answer… plz help me.. and tell me answer abt the relevent questions. which will help me in interview time …. thank u

#89 k.subramani on 08.27.12 at 2:23 pm

hi sir,
I completed my B.E(CSE) IN 2011 with an aggregate of 52%,due to some family issues i have got a long delay in my graduation of about 4 yrs…..
i am intrested in testing field,will i get a job in testing field,
will they hire me as a test engineer………..
pls send me reply

#90 manjunath.k on 11.14.12 at 10:28 am

Dear vijay

Your message of s/w testing was inspirable and informative and yet simple,I hope you to reply so as being completed my B.E 1 and half year ago,Now i have done my testing course ,and i want to fake a year experience,can i do that now,and which would be the domain i can do that…

#91 Sridevi on 12.27.12 at 5:08 am

Dear Sir,

Im Sridevi and I got 5 yrs exp.. in Network Protocol (L2/L3)testing but now I would like to change my field to software testing. Is that posible? if so please guide me how and what to prepare

#92 kushal on 03.17.13 at 12:11 pm

very nice useful information boss..
really worth of reading it..
plz share some of the experience if any one, if u ppl wud have faced any interview on automation testing concepts,Performance testing and on QC concepts n questions on experience on these tools..

#93 Anu on 04.18.13 at 2:51 am

I am looking for mortgage domain knowledge. Can anybady help me. Any interview questions on Mortgage application.

#94 Ashim Ghosh on 04.23.13 at 10:19 am

How to prepare for Testing Interviews ?

From Where I get some real type example of testing documents ?

Tools used… Every thing relatedd to Testing Services.

#95 ANURADHA on 05.24.13 at 5:29 am

sir, i am 2009 paasout … have done MCA from banasthali university. i have 2 year of experience as a software developer after that i didn’t able to do job bcaz of health problem… but now i wanna to come back by switching SOFTWARE TESTING … wt should i do ? how can i enter myself in a sortware company as a software tester for this where to start preparation any certification just advice me…

#96 sindhu on 05.26.13 at 8:50 am

hi vijay,
i am applying as a fresher so,do i need to mention any projects in resume?

#97 juhi on 06.07.13 at 10:14 am

I have completed B.Sc. with physics and maths in 2011 then I completed PGDCA through correspondance in 2012.
Then I came to Gurgaon and I worked in a BPO for 6 month.I was very confused abt my carrier that wt to do
One person suggest me for software testing.I have done a manual testing course. Bt I don’t get any call for interview. I hv mention the experience of BPO in my CV and I get call only for BPO. Please suggest me Wt I do? Should I mention the experience of BPO in my CV or not? Please help me how can I get a job?

#98 juhi on 06.07.13 at 10:20 am

And one another thing I want to know abt automation testing that which tool is in demand now ?

#99 somy on 07.10.13 at 3:03 pm

hi, in 2010 i was working as testing engineer,
from past one yr am not working now again i want to start my career, but am not getting from where should i start..
please suggest me how to prepare for my interviews..

#100 Simi on 08.09.13 at 4:00 pm

Hi I am going to have face to face interview in capgemini . In the final round they are going to give me a case study for testing. Can u provide some book name, or other book so I can prepare for different test case study.its urgent. Looking forward for ur reply.thanks in advance

#101 Simi on 08.09.13 at 4:01 pm

Hi I am going to have face to face interview in capgemini . In the final round they are going to give me a case study for testing. Can u provide some book name, or other material so I can prepare for different test case study.its urgent. Looking forward for ur reply.thanks in advance

#102 hem padia on 10.18.13 at 11:06 am

I have done mainly manual testing and have not worked in automation testing. Can anyone please advise what are the skill sets required for a QA tester with automation. Automation testing I beleive cannot be learned without working on any specific tool, if this is the case where do we need to start for learning Automation. I know core java which may help in learning selenium but don’t know how it can be implemented. Do we need to know scripting languages like perl python and upto what level?

#103 Smrithi on 10.30.13 at 11:40 am

Hi can anyone plz share documents for manual and automation testing… I’m a fresher in testing and want to build my career in software testing

#104 Smrithi on 10.30.13 at 11:40 am

#105 robert shiju on 11.15.13 at 8:03 am

as I m fresher,
I know the details of testing but I m not sure about the details of vb scribt is any best way to study the details, and tell me how to prepare for an interview, which is the most important are to cover for interview

#106 How to Improve Your Testing Skills and Beat the Competition! — Software Testing Help on 12.15.13 at 8:14 pm

[…] a recent software testing interview, I asked the candidate about what does he do to keep the mind in tune so that he can continuously […]

#107 Renuka on 12.17.13 at 6:15 am

Hi Vijay,This is Renuka…there is a vacancy ,there are doing digital navigation data standard….lokking for ETL process complex query handling….as u told in before article there is a demand for ETL/Datawarehouse testing….can you help me out to prepare for this interview.

#108 Sonal on 12.24.13 at 9:17 am

I have 5 + years experience in Manual Testing but from last one year I m out of job. Please help me how and where I have to work hard so that I can crack the Interview.

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