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Why Software Testing Needs Revolution? (and Here is How)

Like every technology, software testing is also growing. As we see, nowadays, technology is evolving fast, there is a question to ask ourselves – as a tester are we growing? (Do not misunderstand this question as growing by learning 5-6 automation tools).

After spending almost a decade in the industry and observing number of projects and technologies, I would like to claim that this is the right time for software testing to be revolutionized.

As usual, I have points to support my claim. Read on -
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8 Critical Factors for Success of Any QA Project

Teatime discussion with a fellow friend from same industry raised the point about why projects see higher failures in terms of expectation and timeline. The critical demands from today’s projects were not the case before 5 years. Mobile applications have changed the definition of word ‘project’ in many terms.


Nowadays, everything is quick, everyone needs quick results, everywhere there is an opportunity and each part of the world is communicating with the remaining. With this level of globalization, it is really difficult to win a project, complete it, and mark it as successful.

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How to Find Maximum Valid Defects in Any Application?

An advice from a person passionate about testing:

-> Have you ever been in a situation where you’re out of college and hired by an organization for the role of a Quality Assurance Analyst or in general terms as a “software tester” instead of a developer?

-> Have you also been advised time and again by a bunch of people called “seniors” to opt for a project that will provide you Software Development experience instead of testing?

-> Have you been told that it’s okay to be a tester in the initial phase of your career, but later you must move to a development role or Continue reading →

How to Improve Your Testing Skills and Beat the Competition!

8 Practical Techniques to Keep Mind in Tune for Testing

During a recent software testing interview, I asked the candidate about what does he do to keep the mind in tune so that he can continuously think about new testing ideas. He was confused and answered “I do testing”.  I smiled.

While working on the same project/application/product/domain for long years, we become expert of particular domain or product but if not taken care, we lose the most important thing – The eye to test.

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The Only 150 Words Advice You Should Read Today to Start Taking Action

Taking action is the key to success. Do you know the secret of taking action? Ask this question to yourself: What is the smallest step I can take towards my goal, right now?

No matter how much you read, if you don’t get into action, you’re wasting your time.

Today, I’m cutting this post very short and asking you to do something right now. This could be anything like: start looking for a better career, start learning any automation tool, learn basic SQL and UNIX commands, learn basics of scripting and HTML or do something that will improve your life and Continue reading →

Team Building in Software Testing – How to Build and Grow Your QA Team

Like in any other software development life cycle, Testing too requires some important factors to develop and maintain for continuous process improvement. One such factor is Team Building. While building a right team, focus should be on the following key elements:

Roles and Responsibilities

It is very important for the team members to understand what they are supposed to do. This was quite often not communicated or discussed with the team. Before start of a project, the team members must be explained on the typical tasks which they will be performing on a daily basis for their respective roles. Be it a tester or a test lead, setting the expectations and explaining what is expected out of them will give correct results without unnecessary delays or errors.

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