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5 Most Common Testing Tasks Testers Forget to Test (and How to Avoid That)

The conference room was silent and every face was staring at me. Just ended client call left all of us clueless about how we can rectify the mistake. Client was very unsatisfied and he was thinking that the product was not tested at all. When my manager tried to argue that all the functionality were working well, he cut shot him saying “What is the use of functionality, if users are not able to install the product?” We were stunned.

We borrowed two hours of time frame to look into it and finished the call. But no one moved out. Everyone was asking a question – How can it happen? Why we did not catch it?

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How to Find Maximum Valid Defects in Any Application?

An advice from a person passionate about testing:

-> Have you ever been in a situation where you’re out of college and hired by an organization for the role of a Quality Assurance Analyst or in general terms as a “software tester” instead of a developer?

-> Have you also been advised time and again by a bunch of people called “seniors” to opt for a project that will provide you Software Development experience instead of testing?


-> Have you been told that it’s okay to be a tester in the initial phase of your career, but later you must move to a development role or Continue reading →

How to Select Correct Test Cases for Automation Testing (and Ultimately Achieve a Positive Automation ROI)

Now is the era of test automation. Most of the testing projects are trying to translate their manual test cases to automated one to improve productivity and coverage.

One of the key steps to commence automation testing is – selecting the appropriate test cases and determining the ROI (Return of Investment).

What to expect from this article?
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Top 5 Things a Tester Must Have to Excel (And the Software Tester’s Shifting Perspectives)

Having been in the software testing industry for about 10 years now, I have had the good opportunity to witness first-hand the movement of the industry in this relatively short time span. When I started out, software testing was just beginning to make its importance known and have just recently upgraded from a ‘should do’ to a ‘must do’, regardless of what the software development lifecycle said.

Testing Perspective

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Exploratory Testing – How to Think Beyond Traditional Testing Boundaries?

“I really appreciate your concern for the product and making us helpful in understanding end user perspective. It’s going to be very helpful. Thanks for the good work and keep it up!!!”

This was the last e-mail of 21 e-mails long chain, from our client. It was midnight and our product release was delayed due to a critical bug reported by us. You might think, what is new in that? It may happen for many times. But this was really different as the critical bug we reported was not a result of any documented test case.

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Using Software Testing Checklists to Ensure Software Quality – Sample Checklists Included

Software Testing QA Checklists:

Today we bring to you another quality tool that is so often underused that we thought we would rehash details about it in the hope that it regains its lost glory. It is ‘Check List’.

Definition:  A check list is a catalog of items/tasks that are recorded for tracking. This list could be either ordered in a sequence or could be haphazard.

Check lists are part and parcel of our daily lives. We use them in various situations from grocery shopping, to having a to-do list for the day’s Continue reading →