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How to be a good tester?

It’s an every tester question. How to be a good tester? Apart from the technical knowledge, testing skills, the tester should have some personal level skills which will help them to build a good rapport with the testing team.

What are these abilities , skills which make a tester as a good tester? Well, I was reading Dave Whalen’s article “Ugly Baby Syndrome!” and found it very interesting. Dave compared software developers with the parents who deliver a baby (software) with countless efforts. Naturally the product managers, architectures, Continue reading →

Need of Skilled Testers

Some years ago many companies preferred not to have separate test engineers in the project team. But this I have not seen in past 2-3 years in my career. As now all the companies have a clear idea of the need of the QA and test engineers. Also, the QA and testers rolls are now concrete and there is no confusion.

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