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Top Database Testing Interview Questions Asked in an Interview – Testing Q&A Series

This article is a part of software testing questions and answers series. You can see all previous articles under this Q&A series on this page – Software Testing Questions & Answers. If you want to ask a question, just write a comment below.

Mallik asks:

What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?

Database Testing Interview Questions:

This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at entry level or for experienced testing professionals. The depth of database interview questions depends on the experience of the candidate.
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Software Test Estimation – 9 General Tips on How to Estimate Testing Time Accurately

This is a guest article by Author “N. Sandhya Rani”.

For the success of any project test estimation and proper execution is equally important as the development cycle. Sticking to the estimation is very important to build a good reputation with the client.

Experience plays a major role in estimating “software testing efforts”. Working on varied projects helps to prepare an accurate estimation for the testing cycle. Obviously one cannot just blindly put some number of days for any testing task. Test estimation should be realistic and accurate.

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Types of Risks in Software Projects

Are you developing any Test plan or test strategy for your project? Have you addressed all risks properly in your test plan or test strategy?

As testing is the last part of the project, it’s always under pressure and time constraint. To save time and money you should be able to prioritize your testing work. How will prioritize testing work? For this, you should be able to judge more important and less important testing work. How will you decide which work is more or less important? Here comes need of risk-based testing.

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Testing Checklist

Are you going to start on a new project for testing? Don’t forget to check this Testing Checklist in each and every step of your Project life cycle. The list is mostly equivalent to Test plan, it will cover all quality assurance and testing standards.

Testing Checklist:
1 Create System and Acceptance Tests [ ]
2 Start Acceptance test Creation [ ]
3 Identify test team [ ]
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What is The Actual Testing Process in a Practical or Company Environment?

Today, I got an interesting question from a reader, How is testing carried out in a company i.e in a practical environment?

Those who just pass out from college and start searching for jobs have this curiosity, as how would be the actual working environment in a company?

Here I have focused on the actual working process of Software Testing in the companies.

As of now, I got a good experience of software testing career and day to day testing activities.  So I will try to share more practically rather than theoretically.  Continue reading →