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How to Manage Risks During Test Planning Phase – Risk Based Testing (Part 1)

Risk Management During Test Planning – Risk Based Testing:

Life is full of risks, and so is a software project. Anything can go wrong anytime. We are always on our toes to make things right – but what about making sure that nothing goes wrong and that when it does we know exactly what to do? Enter Risk management – this is a portion of a software testing project that prepares us to prevent, understand, find and get over risks.

A risk is simply a problem that is likely to occur and when it does occur, will cause a loss.

The loss could be anything- money, time, effort or a compromise in quality. The loss is never good. No matter how much of a spin we give it, Continue reading →

Test Data Management Techniques and Best Practices (Part 2)

In the last tutorial, we focused on how to prepare test bed to minimize test environment defects. In continuation with the same tutorial, today we will learn how to setup and maintain test environment and important test data management techniques.

Test environment setup process

The most important factor for test environment is to replicate it as close to the end user environment as possible. Commonly, end users are not expected to perform any configuration or installations by themselves as a complete product or system is shipped out to them. Hence, by Continue reading →

Testing Healthcare Applications – Tips and Important Test Scenarios (Part 2)

In the last article, we did some heavy lifting in terms of understand the healthcare domain. We are ready to put our “Tester’s hat” back on and now try to understand how to test the health care applications.

=> If you haven’t read part 1 please read it here: How to Test Health care application – introduction

We are now going to pick each application/system and come up with conditions that we are going to validate in each one of them.

This article is useful for the testers who are already in the healthcare domain or those who want to enter in this hottest career field.

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How to Write Complex Business Logic Test Scenarios Using Decision Table Technique

There are several test case design techniques. In this article, we will learn how to use Decision Table technique effectively to write test cases for an application with complex business logic.

Decision table testing is an easy and confident approach to identify the test scenarios for complex business logic.

Here is an illustration of example:
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Definitive Guide to Develop a Good Test Strategy Document with These 7 Simple Steps

What is Test Strategy?
A strategy plan for defining the testing approach, what you want to accomplish and how you are going to achieve it.

This document removes all uncertainty or vague requirement statements with a clear plan of approach for achieving the test objectives. Test strategy is one of the most important documents for QA team. Writing it effectively is a skill every tester should achieve in their career.

It initiates your thought process which helps to discover many missing requirements. Thinking and test planning activities help a team to define the testing scope and test coverage.  It helps test managers to get the clear state of the project at any point. The chances of missing any test activity are very low when there is a proper test strategy in place.

test strategy

Test execution without any plan rarely works. I know teams who write strategy document but never refer it Continue reading →