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How to Report Test Execution Smartly – [Download Status Report Template]

Software Testing Status Reporting:

“The agreement that a certain information, in a certain format, will be sent by a certain team/individual, at certain intervals of time, to certain members – is like a handshake- an acknowledgement that no matter what the outcome of a task at hand, you would be kept posted about it, sooner than later.”

This is the first section of an IT professional’s oath. Well, I’m kidding! There is no oath, but if there was one, this would surely top the list of items in it. Isn’t it?

QA Status Report

Accountability and transparency (A & T) are essential to every IT project at various levels – Project level, team level, task level and also individual Continue reading →

Sample Test Case Template with Examples [Download]

I keep getting several requests to share a good Test Case Template. And I’m surprised that many testers are still documenting test cases with Word docs or Excel files. Most of them prefer excel spreadsheets because they can easily group test cases by test types and most importantly they can easily get test metrics with the Excel formulas. But I’m sure that as the volume of your tests goes on increasing, you will find it extremely difficult to manage.

If you are not using any test case management tool, then I would strongly recommend using an open source tool to manage and execute your test cases.  Continue reading →

How to Write Test Strategy Document (with Sample Test Strategy Template)

A strategy plan for defining the testing approach, what you want to accomplish and how you are going to achieve it.

This document removes all uncertainty or vague requirement statements with a clear plan of approach for achieving the test objectives. Test strategy is one of the most important documents for QA team. Writing it effectively is a skill every tester should achieve in their career.  Continue reading →

5 Simple Tips for Writing Test Cases

Test Cases Writing Tips:

One of the most frequent and major activities of a Software Tester (SQA/SQC person) is to write Test Cases. First of all, kindly keep in mind that all this discussion is about ‘Writing Test Cases’ not about designing/defining/identifying TCs.

There are some important and critical factors related to this major activity.

Let us have a bird’s eye view of those factors first.  Continue reading →

How to Test Software Requirements Specification (SRS)?

Are you aware that “Most of the bugs in software are due to incomplete or inaccurate functional requirements?” However well its written, the software code does not matter and nothing can be done if there are any ambiguities in requirements. This article on Software Requirements Specification (SRS) states that Requirements must be clear, specific, measurable and complete without contradictions.

It’s better to catch the requirement ambiguities and fix them in the early development life cycle itself.  Continue reading →