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Creating Generics and Testsuites – Selenium Tutorial #22

In the previous tutorial, we started off with the representation of the sample project hierarchy and various framework components. We also discussed the data source – “excels” used to store the test data and their excel manipulations. We also discussed the new strategies and resources to mature our framework.

Now we are moving ahead with advanced topics in this Selenium Training Series. In this session, we would take the opportunity to discuss two important concepts that play an important role to mature the framework. We would discuss the concept of Generics and reusability aspects. We would also discuss about creation and significance of Test suite.

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Selenium Framework Creation and Accessing Test Data from Excel – Selenium Tutorial #21

In the last tutorial, we familiarized you with the basics of test automation Frameworks, its components and types. The frameworks illustrated in the previous tutorial were a few amongst the most popular frameworks used by the testing fraternity.

We briefly discussed Module based Frameworks, Library Architecture based framework, Keyword driven framework, Data driven Framework and Hybrid Framework. There are various other frameworks also in the place.

Please take a note that we would be adopting Data Driven Test Automation Framework for the rest of our tutorials.
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Most Popular Test Automation Frameworks with Pros and Cons of Each – Selenium Tutorial #20

In the last few Selenium tutorials, we discussed various commonly and popularly used commands in WebDriver, handling web elements like Web Tables, Frames and handling exceptions in Selenium scripts.

We discussed each of these commands with sample code snippets and examples so as to make you capable of using these commands effectively whenever you are encountered with similar situations. Amongst the commands we discussed in the previous tutorial, few of them owe utmost importance.

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Handling Exceptions Using Exception Handling Framework in Selenium Scripts – Selenium Tutorial #19

In last WebDriver tutorial, we learned about 3 different types of important web elements like Web Tables, Frames and Dynamic elements and their handling mechanisms in selenium script

Before moving ahead with Framework tutorials in this Selenium training series, here in this tutorial we will learn about types of exceptions and how to handle exceptions in Java and Selenium scripts. Developers/testers use exception handling framework to handle an exception in selenium scripts. Continue reading →

Handling Web Tables, Frames, and Dynamic Elements in Selenium Script – Selenium Tutorial #18

In last Selenium WebDriver tutorial, we learned various commonly and routinely used Selenium WebDriver commands including important topics like handling iframe and exceptions in Selenium scripts.

Moving ahead in our comprehensive series of tutorials on Selenium, in this tutorial we would discuss about handling Web tables, iframe and dynamic elements which are an essential part of any web project.

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