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How to Test Application Security – Web and Desktop Application Security Testing Techniques

The need of Security Testing?

The software industry has achieved a solid recognition in this age. In the recent decade, however, cyber-world seems to be even more dominating and driving force which is shaping up the new forms of almost every business. Web-based ERP systems used today are the best evidence that IT has revolutionized our beloved global village.

These days, websites are not meant only for publicity or marketing but these have been evolved into the stronger tools to cater complete business needs. Web-based Payroll systems, Shopping Malls, Banking, Stock Trade application are not only being used by organizations but are also being sold as products today.

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How to Test Banking Applications

Banking applications are one of the most complex applications in today’s software development and testing industry.

What makes Banking application so complex? What approach should be followed to test the complex workflows involved in banking applications?

In this article, we will be highlighting different stages and techniques involved in testing Banking applications.

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Top 25 common programming bugs every tester should know

Just a quick note to share a useful resource with you. Just came across a good article 25 common programming errors for software programmers and software testers. Basically, this is more useful for programmers but I think software testers can get insight on how developers can unknowingly leave bugs in software programs.

Each bug listed in this resource can lead to serious software vulnerabilities if not fixed. The top 25 security bugs list will help programmers to avoid some common but serious coding mistakes. For software testers list will be useful as a security testing checklist for the Internet as well as for testing desktop application.

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SQL Injection – How to Test Web Applications against SQL Injection Attacks

Security testing of web applications against SQL Injection explained with simple examples – By Inder P Singh.

Many applications use some type of a database. An application under test might have a user interface that accepts user input that is used to perform the following tasks:

1.    Show the relevant stored data to the user e.g. the application checks the credentials of the user using the login information entered by the user and exposes only the relevant functionality and data to the user

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An Approach for Security Testing of Web Applications


Owing to the huge amount of data stored in web applications and increase in the number of transactions on the web, proper Security Testing of Web Applications is becoming too important day by day. In this article, we will learn in detail about the key terms used in Security Testing and its approach. Continue reading →