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CSQA Certification Sample Questions with Answers and More Tips – Part 2

We have covered all the logistic based details about the CSQA certification examination in the previous article. I am now going to give you some sample CSQA exam questions. There are two parts – Essays and Multiple choice questions. I am going to list out 2 multiple choice questions from each skill category. For essays, I am going to give you one question each on Quality control and Quality Assurance with answers.

CSQA Multiple Choice Sample Questions:

(The answer key is at the end)

CSQA Certification sample questions

Tips to answer multiple choice questions:

  1. In my opinion this is the easiest part of the examination. If you are thorough with CBOK this is a piece of cake for you.
  2. You don’t have to answer the questions sequentially so move on if you don’t know something.

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CSQA Certification Preparation Guide – Part 1

This is an article for all those who have always wondered what CSQA was about and wanted to know more about how to approach it or whether to approach it or not. We decided to provide all the information related to CSQA certification at one place so you can make an informed decision if this is something you want to take up or not.

These are practical tips from Swati S. She is certified CSQA test professional with more than 7 years of QA experience.

What is CSQA?


CSQA (Certified Software Quality Analyst) is a software certification for Quality Continue reading →

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Certifications – Part 2

This is a part – II of testing certification series. If you missed the last article on the testing certification you can check it out here.  In the last article, we discussed on four important software testing certifications namely – CSTE, CSTP, CTM, and HP QTP Certification.

In this article we’ll be discussing on remaining five important software testing certifications:


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Software Testing Certifications – Eligibility, Exam Patterns and How to Apply

Quality assurance and software testing is the most crucial step in any software development process. It ensures requirement adherent, performance reliability and defect-free product delivery to the client.

As the demand for the role of tester is increasing, the more attention is being paid to the quality testing professional. Therefore, it is the high time to get certified and acquire the capabilities to fit in this demanding position. However, it is equally challenging to find the standard certifications which are being recognized all over the world.

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Top Database Testing Interview Questions Asked in an Interview – Testing Q&A Series

This article is a part of software testing questions and answers series. You can see all previous articles under this Q&A series on this page – Software Testing Questions & Answers. If you want to ask a question, just write a comment below.

Mallik asks:

What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?

Database Testing Interview Questions:

This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at entry level or for experienced testing professionals. The depth of database interview questions depends on the experience of the candidate.
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