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ISTQB Testing Certification Sample Question Papers With Answers

If you are preparing for ISTQB foundation level certification exam then here are some sample question papers to make your preparation little easier.

Each ISTQB mock test contains 40 questions and answers are provided at the end of the page. Mark all answers on a separate paper first and then compare the results with answers provided. Try to finish these 40 questions in one-hour duration.

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ISTQB Exam Questions on Equivalence partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis

It’s important that all testers should be able to write test cases based on Equivalence partitioning and Boundary value analysis. Taking this into consideration ISTQB is having significant importance for this topic in ISTQB Foundation level Certificate exam. Good practice and logical thinking can make it very easy to solve these questions.

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ISTQB software testing certification sample question paper with answers – Part II

In continuation with our Previous article on “ISTQB software testing certification sample papers and tips to solve the questions quickly“, we are posting next set of ISTQB exam sample questions and answers with detailed evaluation for each option.

This is a guest article by “N. Sandhya Rani”.

ISTQB ‘Foundation level’ sample questions with answers and detailed evaluation of each option:

1. Methodologies adopted while performing Maintenance Testing:-
a) Breadth Test and Depth Test
b) Retesting
c) Confirmation Testing
d) Sanity Testing

Evaluating the options:
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ISTQB Question Pattern and Tips to Solve

In this article, our author Sandhya will be giving you ISTQB paper pattern and more tips on how to solve the questions quickly. To start with, here are 10 sample ISTQB ‘Foundation level’ questions with a detailed explanation for each answer.

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