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HP Quality Center Tutorial (Day 3) – Requirements and Release Cycle Management with Example

In last two HP Quality Center / ALM tutorials, we saw QC introduction and installation guide. In this tutorial let us continue the tutorial by means of an example:

(Note – please allow some time for the article to load, as it contains huge list of tutorial screenshots)

Consider that your AUT (Application under test) is Gmail.com or any other email application.

The following are the list of features that we need to test – a high-level testing – not taking into account field level validations and such.

  1. Login – with correct credentials
  2. Login – Incorrect credential handling
  3. Forgot password
  4. New user registration

The features are going to be part of a certain release that has a couple of cycles – We will see how through ALM we can define this information.

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HP Quality Center Installation Guide – Learn QC (Day 2)

After we published Quality Center tutorial 1, we figured it would help our readers immensely if we add an article that elaborates the download and installation procedure for ALM/QC 11.52. After all, you will enjoy these tutorials to the fullest if you can install and practice Quality Center Software at your home or office system. So we have introduced one more installation guide tutorial in our original 4 tutorial series.

HP ALM/QC installation is a little bit tricky, but this comprehensive installation guide makes it super easy with exact steps and screenshots you need to follow in order to install and start using HP Quality Center test management software on your machine.

Let’s get started.

HP ALM/QC Installation Steps:

Step #1: Download: The first step is to download latest HP Quality Center/ALM software (HP ALM 11.52).

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HP Quality Center Tutorials – Learn HP ALM/QC in 7 Days

Our recent QTP online training series with 25+ in-depth tutorials are helping many readers to get started in QTP. After this series, we have received many requests to cover HP Quality Center tutorials.

So from today, we are starting QC tutorial series. This will be HP ALM/QC test management software online training in 7 in-depth tutorials. Again, Swati Seela, our guest author for QTP, is helping us for these tutorials.

We have listed all tutorials on this page for your convenience. It’s recommended you read these tutorials sequentially. I’m sure, once you are done with reading, you won’t need any other training to start using this tool on your live projects.

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