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The Art of Bug Reporting: How to Market and Get Your Bugs Fixed?

Why there is a need for Marketing a Bug?

The first things that come to my mind as I start writing this article are the words of Cem Kaner“The best tester isn’t the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses most programmers. The best tester is the one who gets most bugs fixed.”

Now – What is the difference between finding most bugs and getting most bugs fixed?

Isn’t it obvious that any bug logged in a bug management system should be fixed by the developer? The answer is No. Factors like time to market the product, time to complete the project on schedule and developers working in Continue reading →

Top 7 Major Goals of A Software Tester – Are You a “Made” Tester or “Chosen” One?

Being a tester in the software industry, is a big responsibility, just like:

  • A proofreader, who will have to proofread each and every word, written by the author.
  • A fashion designer, who will have to try the designer clothes on her own, before putting them for display.
  • A scientist, who will have to do R & D to understand the impacts of implementation.

For most of my career, I have seen “made” testers due to lack of other career options, lack of technical knowledge etc., rather than “chosen” testers, who have chosen the software testing career consciously. Continue reading →

How a Tester Can Think As an End User?

Scene: In a restaurant, a family of 3 arrived – parents and a toddler. After ordering the most favourite pizza, the family was relaxing and toddler started playing with the chopsticks laid on the table. He liked them and decided to eat his dinner using chopsticks only.

He announced his desire and parents, busy in talking, agreed upon it. When the pizza was served, the toddler started using chopsticks and was failing a number of times in getting the pizza in his mouth. Suddenly the parents noticed it and ordered the toddler to not use chopsticks. Toddler did not convince as the parents had already agreed upon his desire earlier. Continue reading →

Why Software Testing is a Tough Job? And Here is How You Can Make It Easy

You are so lucky to be in testing, you won’t have to look after all these messy things – prototyping, client confirmation, development, logic.., – a frustrated developer

But I have to look after mess you create, – a frustrated tester

A long silence.

Most of the time, being in the testing industry, we have felt mixed emotions – at a time it seems really easy and at a time it feels really difficult.

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10 Qualities that Can Make You a Good Tester

What makes you think you are good at testing?

The question still bangs in my ears whenever it comes to an interview. This was the question I was asked at the beginning of my career as a software tester. The interviewer asked some aptitude questions as usual and suddenly he threw this question to me. I was almost speechless. Most of the time, we think we are good at something because we are doing it or maybe we presume we are good at it.

After spending almost a decade in the industry, when I look back I can understand the importance of the question and therefore today I am going to present you a list of points I have jotted to make myself feel that I was/am good at testing.

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