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Cosmetic and the Functional Bugs – What has to be Treated and How?

There are always huge responsibilities imposed on the tester to uncover any kind of bug that software has got. Irrespective of the functionality and user interface, testers can raise bugs wherever there is a non-conformance.

This article helps in understanding the importance of the functional and the cosmetic bugs. Additionally, the factors to be considered in prioritizing them are also explained here in an understandable way with some live examples for illustrations.

cosmetic bugs vs functional bugs

Bugs are inevitable in the Software development. Hence it is always very important to perform the software a through testing before it can be Continue reading →

Usability Testing Tutorial: A Complete Getting Started Guide

Today’s article is going to be a complete guide to usability testing. Does it sound too ambitious that we say it is a “complete guide”? In this case, it truly is.

Usability Testing is a realm of the IT world that tries incorporating how “people” would like their applications to be– which is never easy. It is like trying to read minds. What sounds like common sense, is a profound science when it comes to testing usability.

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100+ Ready-to-Execute Test Cases (Checklists) You Can Use to Test the Most Common Components of AUT

How to test the most common components of your AUT effectively, every single time

This article is a list of common validations on most widely found elements of AUT – that is put together for the convenience of testers (especially in the agile environment where frequent short-term releases happen).

Every AUT (Application Under Test) is unique and has a very specific business purpose. The individual aspects (modules) of the AUT cater to different operations/actions that are crucial to the success of the business that the AUT supports. Though each AUT is designed differently, Continue reading →

180+ Sample Test Cases for Testing Web and Desktop Applications – Comprehensive Testing Checklist

This is a Testing Checklist for both webs as well as desktop applications.

Note – This article is a little lengthy one (over 2700 words). However, my goal is to share one of the most comprehensive testing checklist ever written and this is not yet done. I’ll keep updating this post in the future as well with more scenarios. If you don’t have time to read it now, please feel free to share this with your friends and bookmark it for later.

Make testing checklist as an integral part of your test case writing process. Using this checklist, you can easily create hundreds of test cases for testing web or desktop applications. Continue reading →

GUI Testing on Smart Devices – Testing Guidelines

As “First impression is the last”, so GUI (Graphical User Interface) does matter and creates a lot of difference about how interesting & interactive a user finds your application. The importance of decent and attractive GUI can be felt more significantly in smart devices environment where screen size is far smaller as compared to laptop or desktop screen.

GUI testing can be the toughest part especially while testing on the smart device. You should pay full attention to the GUI while testing on smart devices. This is surely a critical task that deserves significant time and resource allocation.

Practical Tips for Testing GUI on Smart Devices:

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