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Continuous Delivery: How to Have the Reliable Software Releases to Production at Any Time

In this two-part article series, we will focus on Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI), starting with an at length discussion on Continuous delivery today.

Software development has seen a steep outlook and approach difference to keep up with the current market trends and consumer needs. While the traditional waterfall approach was more sequential and planned, it has setbacks in terms of satisfying customer expectations of the final product.  Continue reading →

Concluding Thoughts about Agile Implementation in Your Organization

This is the last part in our in-depth Agile implantation series. From the last article, we are learning how to cultivate Agile in your organization.

This is the concluding part of this series. Those who are in process to switch to Agile, this series is a set of some very practical tips learned from the own experience of the author while implementing Agile by overcoming all the obstacles in the way.

Let’s continue from our last article – Cultivating Agile in your organization, before concluding the series. Continue reading →

How to Cultivate Agile In Your Organization – Issues and the Practical Solutions

So folks! You should be well aware now about the elementary Agile adoption in your organization. But it is just getting to the first base of successful Agile implementation in an organization.

Please have a look at the articles we covered till now in this ‘Successful Agile implementation‘ series.

Agile has the capability to spread across all the fronts of software development and delivery. It has been built to have deep roots within the management framework. And to achieve this expansion and depth, there has to be a continuous improvement approach and an ongoing journey towards Agile implementation. Continue reading →

Groundwork For A Successful Agile Journey: How to Choose the Right Method, Tools and the Techniques

Congratulations for qualifying to read this article if you have already read the previous articles of this series. If not, please read part 1 and part 2 here.

You understandably have retained your interest in Agile implementation because you have assessed your feasibility well and now looking to start your endeavor for successful agile implementation.

As a beginner, every process engineer reviews the literature when assigned the huge mission of defining a compatible Agile process for the organization.

Continue reading →

5 Fundamental Questions To Test Whether Agile is Feasible For You (Part 2)

Agile Methodology Risks and their Mitigation – A practical approach based on our hands-on end to end experience.

In the previous article, I attempted to authenticate whether you are convinced about using Agile or not. Remember that I didn’t attempt to impose rather presented the possible reasons that could convince the organizations to adopt Agile.

But no one knows the organization better than its key decision makers. If they don’t feel persuaded by those reasons, there’s no point following a trend or pursuing it half-heartedly. Continue reading →