CAST 2008 conference in Toronto, Canada – We are the Silver conference sponsors

Association for software testing announced their third annual conference (Cast 2008), to be held on 14-16 July in Toronto, Canada. The conference theme for the current year is “Beyond the Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Software Testing”.

I am happy to announce that we are the official silver sponsors for this conference.

CAST 2008 is held for building an active community of software testing professionals. This will help to influence software testing practices through discussion between members of this community.

Three-day schedule of CAST 2008 is fully tight and there are many relevant keynotes, software testing sessions, and tutorials in this event. First keynote speakers in this conference will be Gerald M. Weinberg, presenting a talk entitled “Lessons from Past to Carry into the Future”. He will be speaking more on how to create true software testing profession.

Conferences like this are very helpful to get some insight into software testing and to learn from the experience of some testing experts and speakers from this conference like Gerald M. Weinberg, Cem Kaner, Robert Sabourin, Scott Barber, Hung Nguyen and Julian Harty. To know more about these guys and what they are speaking in this conference, please see this CAST brochure.

We have readers from many countries and I thought this would be a good opportunity for many of those interested in attending this conference. It will be worth to attend the conference for nominal registration charges.

See the complete CAST 2008 program here.

Note: Travelers from any country who enter Canada at an airport must possess a valid passport. Some countries (e.g. China and India) also require a visa. If you are a US citizen and not in possession of a valid passport, you can still attend CAST.