Bugzilla New version, Bugzilla 3.0 Released

Bugzilla is a open-source Bug tracking tool. Many companies are using this open source tool for managing the software development process.

After a long break finally Bugzilla project announced a new version of bugzilla 3.0 with some cool features like:

Custom Fields
mod_perl support for greatly-improved performance
Per-Product Permissions
XML-RPC Interface
Create and Modify Bugs by Email.


See the features in detail here.

I am using Bugzilla 2.0 for the last one year and found it as an interesting bug tracking tool. Before this I was using Mercury Test director to track the bugs.

Now we will also upgrade to this new version soon and will enjoy the new features.

You can download the new version at Bugzilla 3.0 download.


#1 jhenz

i am quite interested in this automation testing method and i would like to know more about this one. like who would benefit, aside from testers? who would be able to log on the tracker? could the developer make the log?

thank you very much! :D

#2 vinothkumar

i want the test case sample,give testcase sample.

#3 swapnil

hi i want 2 learn a how 2 create a test cases in technical laungauge …. thankx

#4 hari

To work on this tool we surely want to know about the Perl lang.
Pls clarify……..

#5 nikhil

Hi I want to know more about bug tracker.I heard also about mantis which is also license free.Can u tell me the further detail of bugzilla.our company decide to install it.what is the procedure of installation.and what we do actually through bug trackers.

#6 sravani

Hi I want to know details about more about bug tracker. and i want know acrual process for bugtracking

#7 Kishore

Kindly help me out in installation of bugzilla3.0.3
I have downloaded the latest version of bugzilla, now whats the next step? I am using windows XP, i have Xampp installed on my system will this be required?
Do help me out members.
Early help will be appreaciated.
kindly mail me the instructions at kksharma@potioninfosystems.com
http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/win32install.html (didn’t find very suitable guide) so other then this would be great


#8 raghavendra

pls let me know what are the fields in the bugzilla?
how do we identify the bugs in it?

#9 rajiv

plz mail me the instructions to download bugzilla..

#10 Rahul

@rajiv ,@raghavendra .@Kishore
Hey guys..
i dont think y there is so much abt Bugzilla..some its a simple bug tracking tool THATS ALL nothing more buddy..
do dont drain ur energy on this trivial things at all..
i dont think it will take more than 5 minute to understaand all this…

#11 Mudit

Please provide me the basics of setting the premissions in bugzilla. i.e. how to aviod a reporter to report a bug other then assingee? , how to avoid any developer to further assign a bug which is assigned to him?

#12 Younus

Hello Sir,

I need to install Bugzilla in my system.please do let me how to install as i tried all the ways but it is not installing the bugzilla and i need to configure in Xammp.

I am waiting for your replay as soon as possible.

Younus Ahmed.

#13 nirav bhatia

hi… I am novice to testing but i have enough knowledge of concepts of testing but how can i go for a project? can you send me some real time test cases of any website on my email id sampatnirav1984@yahoo.co.in plz help me I expect a lot from you…as i am not getting any help I posted many times.

#14 namrata

i want ti know about bugzilla . How to track . My id

#15 naga

I want know more about Bug Tracker

#16 naga

when we use bug tracking in manuel testing

#17 pooja

Kindly send me the sample of bugzilla tracker. can i Download bugzilla in my system for own practise. If yes the tell me how?

#18 pooja

This is my email id: kashyap.pooja1988@gmail.com

#19 simmi

hi all

can anybody tell me how i can install bugzilla on windows XP?

#20 jeevan

hi all

can anybody tell me how i can install bugzilla on windows XP? and which version is best plzz help me guys

#21 jeevan

this my emailid:bjk428@gmail.com

#22 Raju

Why don’t u post job openings in your respective companies?? it wil b helpful to all those who are serching for a job on testing..

#23 Imran

pls sir tell me more about the bugzilla provide us a good installation guide which help us to download and install bugzilla in to our system
its so complicated to find a setup of bugzilla i do everything to find it but can’t so pls help me

i am waiting for your response pls

#24 Mansoor Vali

Hai Guys Can any one help me out here…………..please help me in installing Bugzilla and Apache JMeter in Windows 8.1………please reply as fast you can please.
Thanks & Regards
Shaik Mansoor Vali
+91 9491 502 658

#25 Bindhu

Hi,I am a Begginer in Software Testing ,Does Bugzilla tool supports Applications Developed in PHP,ColdFusion?Which Tool supports PHP Applications??

#26 Modupe

If you are having problem installing bugzilla like me. try the website below to practise.

It is a testing and demonstration site, so do not enter any personal information or anything that is considered private or security sensitive into any of these Bugzillas


Good luck

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