Bug life cycle

What is Bug/Defect?

Simple Wikipedia definition of Bug is: “A computer bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly or produces an incorrect result. Bugs arise from mistakes and errors, made by people, in either a program’s source code or its design.”

Other definitions can be:
An unwanted and unintended property of a program or piece of hardware, especially one that causes it to malfunction.

A fault in a program, which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner.

Lastly the general definition of bug is: “failure to conform to specifications”.

If you want to detect and resolve the defect in early development stage, defect tracking and software development phases should start simultaneously.

We will discuss more on Writing effective bug report in another article. Let’s concentrate here on bug/defect life cycle.

Life cycle of Bug:

1) Log new defect
When tester logs any new bug the mandatory fields are:
Build version, Submit On, Product, Module, Severity, Synopsis and Description to Reproduce

In above list you can add some optional fields if you are using manual Bug submission template:
These Optional Fields are: Customer name, Browser, Operating system, File Attachments or screenshots.

The following fields remain either specified or blank:
If you have authority to add bug Status, Priority and ‘Assigned to’ fields them you can specify these fields. Otherwise Test manager will set status, Bug priority and assign the bug to respective module owner.

Look at the following Bug life cycle:

Bug life cycle

[Click on the image to view full size] Ref: Bugzilla bug life cycle

The figure is quite complicated but when you consider the significant steps in bug life cycle you will get quick idea of bug life.

On successful logging the bug is reviewed by Development or Test manager. Test manager can set the bug status as Open, can Assign the bug to developer or bug may be deferred until next release.

When bug gets assigned to developer and can start working on it. Developer can set bug status as won’t fix, Couldn’t reproduce, Need more information or ‘Fixed’.

If the bug status set by developer is either ‘Need more info’ or Fixed then QA responds with specific action. If bug is fixed then QA verifies the bug and can set the bug status as verified closed or Reopen.

Bug status description:
These are various stages of bug life cycle. The status caption may vary depending on the bug tracking system you are using.

1) New: When QA files new bug.

2) Deferred: If the bug is not related to current build or can not be fixed in this release or bug is not important to fix immediately then the project manager can set the bug status as deferred.


3) Assigned: ‘Assigned to’ field is set by project lead or manager and assigns bug to developer.

4) Resolved/Fixed: When developer makes necessary code changes and verifies the changes then he/she can make bug status as ‘Fixed’ and the bug is passed to testing team.

5) Could not reproduce: If developer is not able to reproduce the bug by the steps given in bug report by QA then developer can mark the bug as ‘CNR’. QA needs action to check if bug is reproduced and can assign to developer with detailed reproducing steps.

6) Need more information: If developer is not clear about the bug reproduce steps provided by QA to reproduce the bug, then he/she can mark it as “Need more information’. In this case QA needs to add detailed reproducing steps and assign bug back to dev for fix.

7) Reopen: If QA is not satisfy with the fix and if bug is still reproducible even after fix then QA can mark it as ‘Reopen’ so that developer can take appropriate action.

8 ) Closed: If bug is verified by the QA team and if the fix is ok and problem is solved then QA can mark bug as ‘Closed’.

9) Rejected/Invalid: Some times developer or team lead can mark the bug as Rejected or invalid if the system is working according to specifications and bug is just due to some misinterpretation.

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#1 Sheetal on 09.12.07 at 6:37 am

Can you please provide any template for bug report?

#2 sailasri on 09.12.07 at 8:44 am

Can provide the list of free automation tools and their links to download

#3 Sam on 09.13.07 at 4:14 pm

Can you please provide Real time questions&Answers?

#4 Sam on 09.13.07 at 4:15 pm

Can you please provide Real time questions&Answers?
What is Webapp and Desktop app &windows app ?

#5 Naveen Pathak on 09.17.07 at 7:34 am

Nice defination,
but these all state can applied in a manual template, not in a generic tool like, Zera/BugZilla.

#6 How to write a good bug report? Tips and Tricks on 09.18.07 at 7:18 am

[…] ← Bug life cycle […]

#7 Trupti on 09.20.07 at 8:52 am

can u pls post the real bug report??
say for login screen..?

#8 Vijay on 09.21.07 at 6:41 am

@Sheetal: I have updated post with bug report template

@sailasri : Here is the comprehensive list of all open source automation tools:

@ Naveen and Trupti: You can see the bug report template in our article ‘How to write a bug report?’
Most of the fields in bug report are bugzilla fields, if you want real bug report see below the simple bug reported in bugzilla:

(Note that this is only a example bug report)

Summary: In CTR(Click trough ratio) ‘Total’ row calculation is wrong

Product: Example product

Version: 1.0

Platform: PC

URL: http://example.com/stats/traffic.php

OS/Version: Windows 2000

Status: NEW

Severity: Major

Priority: P1

Component: Publisher stats

AssignedTo: developer@example.com

ReportedBy: tester@example.com

CC: manager@example.com


Reproduce steps:

1)Go to page http://example.com/stats/traffic.php

2)Click on ‘Publisher stats’ link to view publisher’s revenue detail stats datewise.

3)On page http://example.com/stats/publisher_traffic.php
check CTR value in ‘Total’ row of CTR stats table.

Actual result: Calculation of ‘Total’ row in CTR table is wrong. Also Individual row CTR for each publisher is
not truncated to 2 digits after decimal point.Its showing CTR like 0.042556767.

Expected result: Total CTR= (Total clicks/Total searches)*100

#9 sailasri on 10.25.07 at 12:06 pm

Thank you

#10 Smitha on 10.26.07 at 10:54 am

Can any one help me to educate me abt Product Testing? Please…. Its urgent…

#11 chanda on 11.02.07 at 12:07 pm

i am eager to get job in testing ,but i don’t get call b’s i don’t have experience.plz tell me what sh’d i do?

#12 Raaghu on 11.08.07 at 10:36 am

i have one question, it was asked in interview i.e if i(Tester)has found 3 bugs and in the customer end he found 6 bugs then what is the bug ratio?

#13 JaiPrakash on 12.19.07 at 11:24 am

Please provide a template for bug report

#14 mazi on 12.19.07 at 4:16 pm

Can you provide details for STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) .. greatly appreciated

#15 anuprita on 12.26.07 at 5:52 am

hi, i have one question regarding Testing Documentation. Can you provide me detailed format of Testing Documentation.& how to prepare testing documentation

#16 anuprita on 12.26.07 at 5:55 am

Can you provide me information about International Certified s/w Testing Courses?

#17 Ashwin Channe on 12.26.07 at 10:44 am

Hi sam,

I am Ashwin, working as a QA Engineer in MNC.

I have the collections of recent industry questions and answers.

Kindly send me your email id if you are interested.


#18 Trupti on 12.26.07 at 11:38 am

Hi Ashwin

Kindly please send me industry question and answers. because i want to change the company as i had completed 1 year in this company and want to apply in MNC
Thanks in advance

#19 sandeep on 01.17.08 at 6:52 am

can u send me sm real time question and answar
thanks in addvance

#20 mithu on 01.17.08 at 9:59 am

can u plz sent the reat time questions and some projects if it it will be very helpful to me

#21 srinu on 01.18.08 at 8:28 am

hi, ashwin this srinu, can u send me that real time industy ?’s.Bcz i am into trail in testing with 3+.i hope it is useful for me.thank q

#22 kishore on 02.06.08 at 8:18 pm

Hi, Ashwin
I need your help. Pl send methe real time industry questions as this will help me in changing my career. Thank you

#23 Bharathi on 02.18.08 at 10:25 am

Hi Ashwin,

If you dont mind send me the question please.


#24 Bharathi on 02.18.08 at 10:28 am

Hi All,

If there is any requirment in your companies let me know.
I am looking for a change, currently i am working in Accenture from past 2 years.


#25 selvam on 02.27.08 at 2:16 pm

Hi All, I am very new to the testing .Plz can anybody give me the list of sites which give the full details of software testing along with all the tables for test cases bug repot tables etc. though i had learned some basics about testing i lack the real time exposure ,can anyone help me?????????

#26 PPt on 03.03.08 at 5:52 pm

09847932229-call me selvam

#27 PPt on 03.03.08 at 5:56 pm

What is TM?
What is Bug Life Cycle?
Types of Bugs?
How to fix a bug?

#28 selvam on 03.05.08 at 12:57 pm

Hi Ashwin,

If you dont mind, Plz send me the question and answers.
Thanks in advance.


#29 selvam on 03.05.08 at 1:00 pm

Thanku PPt, I am frm chennai.may i know where the gentle person from????????

#30 selvam on 03.05.08 at 1:01 pm

PPt Can you please send me to my mail.

#31 swati on 03.06.08 at 6:02 pm

hi ashwin,

could u plz forward me the collection of qs u have with you for my id.


#32 rajesh on 03.07.08 at 9:17 am

how to diffine bug in testing?

#33 Jaykay on 03.07.08 at 9:17 am

HI Swati!

How is ur preparation?


#34 Jaykay on 03.07.08 at 9:20 am

Hi Rajesh,

Bug:Once the developer accepts your defect,then that is called as a bug.

#35 rajesh on 03.07.08 at 9:52 am

what is diffrence bug report and bugtack.

#36 Jaykay on 03.07.08 at 10:34 am

Bugreport: Its a document having description abt bugs.
Bugtrack: Its the way how we are reporting the bug.
(thro tool or doc)

if am wrong let me know pls

#37 sowmya on 03.13.08 at 8:23 am

hi ashwin

pls forward me the questionare u have…….
my id is……pola.sowmya@gmail.com

#38 Rama Krishna on 03.14.08 at 12:09 pm


I am new i want start my job on testing plz. send

quations & answers

rama krishna

#39 Goverdhan Goud on 03.18.08 at 5:39 am

Hi, Friends

how to give the seviority
pls explain about those in bug report.

#40 Devi on 03.21.08 at 12:20 pm

hi jk

my mail id is sridevi_delight@rediffmail.com

#41 Devi on 03.21.08 at 12:31 pm


can i know wht do u mean by test case doucument, is it necessary to have priorities in the documents.
and also test procedure

#42 jk on 03.21.08 at 12:50 pm

Hi Devi,

Test Case: Is a sequence of process to check the functionality of the feature or component.

A test case is also defined as a sequence of steps to test the correct behavior of a functionality/feature of an application.

#43 jk on 03.21.08 at 1:34 pm

“Priority” can be defined as How that particular test case impact the business or application.

If am not clear or wrong pls let me know.


#44 Girish on 03.21.08 at 1:49 pm

Wow! it sounds good

#45 jk on 03.22.08 at 9:53 am

Hi Devi, these are also the benifits if u mention priority in test cases

a. You shorten the time required for testing
b. You do the best testing in the time available
c. You do more effective testing
d. You find more faults………………….


#46 lalit on 03.27.08 at 9:49 am

Hi ashwin plz mail the qus and ans to lalitd@indiatimes.com

#47 santosh on 04.02.08 at 8:54 am

Hi Devi,

Test casedocument is related to The Test cases which are produced from the scenarios. And When there wonot be time, then only Priority comes into picture. Me worked in Applabs, Verizon etc… my yahoo id: santoshpalvai@yahoo.com

#48 santosh on 04.02.08 at 9:10 am

Priority: It is according to the Business needs

#49 Balister Panwar on 04.03.08 at 10:45 am

hai Ashwin

My self Balister Panwar…………please tell we .. what is the format of test case in Real time ..testing .
my ID is Panwar.balister@gmail.com

#50 Mahesh on 04.04.08 at 9:58 am

Hi, All
Can Anyone tell me the contents of Test Plan..

#51 Rahul on 04.04.08 at 10:13 am

priority–talks Application Issues
severity–talks Business issues!!!

say this in interview ..it makes impact buddy!!! means u have worked on real prjt..

#52 Rahul on 04.04.08 at 10:23 am

test plan consist of
3>schedule & Milestone& staffing
6>tool used,environment,
thest all are important item that shoul dpresent in TP
ping me back rahulkumarbangalore@yahoo.co.in

#53 Sursh on 04.10.08 at 7:58 am


I am manual tester there are no any tools in my company, I am preparing Defect report format in Excel itself only and every thing is OK. But the main problem is sometime I need to send a snapshot(screens) to the development team along with Defect report. Though I keep hyperlink in the same excel file there are problem relating to links when path is changing. So I need to provide the process of sending snapshots along with defect report

#54 george on 04.10.08 at 8:34 am

Bug tracking tools you can download from the net and configure for your company needs. One which is good of such is Qengine Issue Manager.
Enjoy… Why you want to send screen shots just add a column section\screen in your excel sheet and describe the issue too.

#55 phalguna on 04.16.08 at 10:13 am

hi ashwin, nice to meet u

This Phalguna iam working in software company i want change to MNC
If u don’t mind could u plz forward me the collection of Qs and Answers u have with you for my id.

Thanks in advance.

#56 laxman on 04.29.08 at 1:18 pm

how i test(convert) the project in to automation like QTP…………to testing

#57 VIJAYD on 05.02.08 at 9:46 am

Hi All,

On seeing many requests, I feel that the below one would be helpful to you all.

Lets assume in your application you want to create a new user with his/her information, for that you need to logon into the applicataion and navigate to USERS menu > New User, then enter all the details in the User form like, First Name, Last Name, Age, Address, Phone etc. Once you enter all these need to click on SAVE button in order to save the user and you can see a success message saying “New User has been created successfully”.

Now you entered into your application by logging in and navigete to USERS menu > New user, entered all the information and clicked on SAVE button and now the application creashed and you can see one error page
on the screen, now you would like to report this BUG.


Bug Name: Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new user.
Bug ID : It will be automatically created by the BUG Tracking tool once you save this.
Area Path: USERS menu > New Users
Build Number:/Version Number 5.0.1
Severity: HIGH (High/Medium/Low)
Priority: HIGH (High/Medium/Low)
Assigned to: Developer-X
Created By: Your Name
Cerated On: Date
Reason: Defect
status: New/Open/Active – Depends on the Tool you are using
Environment: Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005

Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new
user, hence unable to create a new user in the application.

Steps To Reproduce:
1) Logon into the application
2) Navigate to the USers Menu > New User
3) Filled all the fields
4) Clicked on Save button
5) Seen an error page “ORA1090 Exception: Insert values Error…”
6) See the attached logs for more information
7) And also see the attached screenshot of the error page.

Expected: On clicking SAVE button should be prompted to a success message “New User has been created successfully”.

Save the defect/bug in the BUG TRACKING TOOL.


#58 Ashwin kumar on 05.09.08 at 7:54 pm

thanx for providing the detailed information about the Testing

#59 Suresh Balakrishnan on 06.02.08 at 7:28 am

Hi Sowmya,

This is suresh working as a Test Engineer i think better you visit following Sites these are most helpful for you http://www.stickyminds.com, http://www.qastreet.com, http://www.sqa-guide.com, http://www.testinggeek.com.

Suresh Balakrishnan.

#60 Suresh Balakrishnan on 06.04.08 at 10:51 am

Hi Anupriya,

This is Suresh working as a Test Engineer i have mentioned International Software testing Certification as below:
ISTQB please visit http://www.istqb.org/downloads/syllabi/SyllabusFoundation.pdf

#61 Bibin on 06.05.08 at 8:43 am

Hi Vijay,

Can you pls explain this :

What are the reasons for marking a bug as Invalid ?

#62 madhuri on 08.27.08 at 6:17 am

this is madhuri.i need a change iam presently working in brainstorm technologies.if at all any recruitments in u r company plz forward details to my mail

thank u

#63 santosh on 08.27.08 at 12:39 pm


This is santosh from hyderabad.I am also looking for a change. I am having yrs of experience and holding a valid business Visa(USA). If any recuirtments there , plz let me know. Thanks before hand. My yahoo id: santoshpalvai@yahoo.com.

#64 Vishal on 09.20.08 at 6:29 am

hi ashwin,

could u plz forward me the collection of qs u have with you for my id.


#65 Ashwini on 10.08.08 at 10:56 am

hi ashwin,

could u plz forward me the collection of qs u have with you for my id.


#66 santosh on 10.08.08 at 4:36 pm

Hi Madhuri,

Hru doing, Any updates, any interview calls, Have u changed the job, Kindly can u update to my id: santoshpalvai@yahoo.com

Thanks Before Hand

#67 Rahul Das on 10.21.08 at 8:21 am

Is Software Quality and Software Testing Equal ?

#68 kanchan on 11.17.08 at 9:51 am

hi suresh and vijay

This is kanchan,i am working in MNC as a software test engineer.i have only one year of experience.i want to do certification .. can u suggest me any software testing related certification course to my mail id other than ISTQB.

My id is kanchan_eyes@yahoo.com


#69 Gautam on 02.20.09 at 7:07 am

I need some help. Could you solve this query i got this query the other day. Any help would be appreciated

Write down any potential problems or omissions from this

Fault Log

Fault no: 278 Environment: Windows 98
Priority:3 Tester:Author
Application: Web testing

When i log onto the screen DF342 I should be able to delete records. However when trying to delete records an error message appears telling mw that im not authorized

25 Aug: Programmer: Security needs to be setup providing access to the delete facility- No error

26 Aug:Tester: We had Security up and it doesnt seem to work- I have reopened this fault

#70 Ali on 03.06.09 at 12:00 pm

Can a “closed” bug be re-opened ? remember we are talking different iterations.

#71 Ali on 03.06.09 at 12:01 pm

there is a difference in what the diagram says about “re-opening” a bug and the text here on the page.

#72 Neha Dudeja on 04.13.09 at 2:14 pm

When do we mark the bug as “Won’t fix” and “Works for me”?

#73 avinash on 07.06.09 at 2:55 pm

H!! Ashwin,

can u plz forward the Q.’s that u r havng
It would be very nice!!!

#74 avinash on 07.06.09 at 2:56 pm


email : avi_nagare@rediffmail.com

#75 Prasad on 07.23.09 at 7:35 am


“Won’t Fix” —>> this will be assigned by Developer.
when a bug is not effecting any functionality of the application. Then the developer will change the status of bug From “New” to “Won’t fix”.

#76 sandesh on 10.15.09 at 7:22 pm

I am the student ofpune university.We have the software testing as subject. So plz tellme the web-sites that will help me for my study….

#77 ak on 11.18.09 at 12:28 pm


#78 deepa on 12.03.09 at 11:21 am

Hi, I m Deepa
I have 4 years of experience in troubleshooting and maintenance of software, now I would like to get a job in software testing. how I can get job in software testing? pls suggest.

#79 Akshata on 12.06.09 at 2:57 pm


Can you please tell me the difference between Test Scenario, Test Case and Test Script.

#80 Govardhan Reddy M on 12.07.09 at 6:16 am

Dear Ms. Deepa (# 81),
Yes, You can. Because Impossible is nothing, When our heart is willing. Just read out my comments at


Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#81 Govardhan Reddy M on 12.07.09 at 6:34 am

Dear Ms. Akshata (# 82),
Test Case:
Describes set of instructions to carry out. Besides consists of the fields test name, design step, step number, description, pass/fail criteria, etc.,

Test Script:
Manually written script or generated script for automation purpose.
May be covering a single test case or more than one test case at a time.
No limit of number of test cases.

Test Scenario:
Group of test cases together is collectively called as test scenario.
Main intention to test the every day routine use of the DUT/AUT/SUT.
Can also be defined as testing the major part of computer program.

If all the test cases are passed, then only we can say that this scenario is passed.

Field issues/bugs/defects are almost all test scenarios only.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

#82 Akshata on 12.08.09 at 8:01 pm

Thanks Govardhan

#83 Deepa on 12.19.09 at 9:33 am

Dear Govardhan Reddy JI,
I can apply For which type of jobs in software testing (FRESHERS OR EXPRNCD).COMPANY WILL TAKE(OR NOT) ANY INTEREST IN MY RESUME..

#84 S.Prasad on 12.19.09 at 2:53 pm

can some one tell wht is the diffrence between defect and a bug…

#85 Govardhan Reddy M on 12.21.09 at 7:04 am

Dear Ms. Deepa (#86),
Pl. route your resume to my email id gova.mca@gmail.com

How can I say without looking into your profile?

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Do the right thing!”

#86 Govardhan Reddy M on 12.21.09 at 7:07 am

Dear Mr. Prasad S (# 87),
After 2-3 hr of google search in my free time, I collected the below information. Have a look and finalize by yourself.

Error : Deviation for actual and the expected/theoritical value .

Bug : An Error found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the customer .

Defect : An Error found in the product itself after it is shipped to the customer .

Defect: The flaws that exist in the system and is in the knowledge of everyone and cannot be solved at that moment.

Bug: The flaws that exist in the system and the system doesn’t work according to the business logic and occurs due to improper understanding of the requirements.

Error: The flaws that exist due to improper coding and it mainly involves syntactical errors like null pointer exception in the perspective of java

error: Undesirable output whicuh negates the requirement.

Bug : Any fault in the software that is detected before the application is released

Defect : any fault or error in the software that is detected after the application is released

BUG: Un Expected Behaviour Found in Development/QA Environment before product released to Customer.
DEFECT:Same as BUG but found in realtime environment/at customer’s site.
ERROR: Any thing that is not comfirming to requirements/expected behaviour and it may be at any stage like during Development/QA or even after release of product. i.e. An Error can be a Ddefect or Bug.

Bug : Is an error found BEFORE the application goes into production

Defect :Is an error found AFTER the application goes into production

A bug is a fault found before the product is released to a client and a defect is a fault that is detected after the product is released.

An error is any discrepancy between the expected value and the actually observed value.

Bug : An Error found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the customer .

Defect : An Error found in the product itself after it is shipped to the customer .

Defect: deviation of the customer requirement

Error : Error occurs in the syntax level (syntax error) or it could be in environment, application and the resource associated with testing bed setup.

Govardhan Reddy M,
Software Test Engineer.
“Results matter, Efforts won’t”

#87 nitin on 01.29.10 at 8:32 am

hi vijay….many thanx for such wonderful articles..can some1 answer my ques? i have been learning QC and have been practising to add defects in QC..when we talk about reporting a bug, is it equivalent to adding a defect in QC? and also some1 told me that we need to create a bug logging sheet for each bug v find…so how is a bug logging sheet different from bug report?

#88 Sophie on 02.02.10 at 6:40 am

Have any one received industry questions and answers from Ashwin?, if yes, pls forward to

#89 michael on 02.16.10 at 1:51 pm

i need pictures now fags

#90 puviarasu on 02.17.10 at 6:26 am

i want full details abt software test life cycle..any one give??

#91 Arun krishnan on 03.04.10 at 12:36 pm

Can u post a document, which displays compleate step of bug management in Bugzilla

#92 manio on 04.09.10 at 11:30 am

wow!!!!!!!!!!!! got useful information

#93 Pavitra on 04.22.10 at 7:27 am

I am a fresher for testing team in one of the MNC.So am not getting how to start my career in testing(manual testing).I have many questions like what materials to refer,what certifications to make?Can anybody help me please???If so then please mail me to pavitrabne@gmail.com

#94 Shivendra on 04.28.10 at 9:23 am

We are using Bugzilla in our project for Bug tracking.
We have several product and under each product we have several components.

We want that bug for “each” component (for every product) should start with Bug Id = 1. How to achive this?

Currently it is based on ongoing bug id sequence last stroed for any Product/Component in the the database.

#95 savitha on 05.13.10 at 6:14 am

hi i want to now test defect life cycle

#96 Mayasen on 05.27.10 at 10:54 am

Hi Pavithra,


Just post your queries in this forum itself. So that anyone can answer and everyone who are with same questions can get answers.

#97 Mayasen on 05.27.10 at 10:56 am

Hi selbaa,

I dono, based on wat you said like “Only institute with best faculty and blah blah blah…” :) How you evaluate other institutes…?

#98 Mohan on 06.07.10 at 8:32 am

Hi all,

When Issue is found and it is marked as not a bug, is this issue should be closed or we need to just leave it.

Is “Not a Bug” a status in bug life cycle.

Let me know the exact thing what happens when an issue is marked as Not a bug.

#99 Mayasen on 06.07.10 at 9:07 am

Statuses of BUG life cycle:

# New
# Open
# Assign
# Verified / Confirmed
# Resolved
# Deferred
# Reopened
# Duplicate
# Rejected
# Closed


“Not a Bug” gives more than one meaning; so it is not possible to derive the meaning for this status without providing proper comment.

~ Deferred (Not a bug, but change request)
~ Feature (Not a bug, additional/missing feature)
~ Not Fixable (Not a bug, exceptional)

Hope I’m right and the answer satisfies your query.

#100 Mohan on 06.07.10 at 11:40 am

Hi Mayasen,

Tthanks for your reply
If there is an issue which is not a bug marked as “Rejected” or “Not fixable”
In this case, what needs to be the status of the bug at the time of releasing to production.

At time of release to production all the incidents or issues needs be in closed status as per my knowledge
correct me if i am wrong.


#101 james on 07.08.10 at 8:51 am

What is the difference b/w Project Plan and Test Plan?

#102 james on 07.08.10 at 8:53 am

What all are the securities that we provide for web testing?

#103 Vishal on 07.08.10 at 10:16 am

@James >> When we perform security testing for a web based application we do following testing:
^ Check for cookies.
^ Copy and paste url in different browser
^ Check for session time
^ Check for secure information like password, credit card details etc.

#104 james on 07.09.10 at 4:21 am

thanks vishal

#105 Priyanka on 07.10.10 at 7:32 pm

Hi James,

A project plan is a plan on how to execute the entire project, timelines, resources, estimates, developement, testing, documentation and almost everything that goes into making a project.

On the other hand, a test plan is a document which deals with specific activities related to testing. It will talk about resources for testing, documentation for testing, estimates for testing and so on.


#106 james on 07.12.10 at 9:58 am

Thanks Priyanka.
So test plan deals with the activities related to testing(only) and project plan deals with all the activities related to the entire project(Design,Dev,testing…)

#107 Mayasen on 07.12.10 at 10:22 am

Hi Mohan, (#103)

You are right, While delivering a product all bugs should be in closed state; but not necessary to fixed. So if there is any valid reason or with respect to the spec. some of the bugs/changes/suggestions can be closed with the resolution “Not Fixable/Rejected”

#108 Mohan on 07.12.10 at 10:33 am

Thank Q Mayasen

#109 Mayasen on 07.12.10 at 10:56 am

You are welcome mohan. (#111)

Hi James (#105),

Kindly check the web application testing page in this same forum. There you can find lot of information. Even i too shared some tips on that page. (239,243,244,245 and 246)


#110 Mayasen on 07.12.10 at 10:57 am

Hi James, (#105)

Plz check the following link for web application testing:


#111 james on 07.28.10 at 8:42 am

thanks a lot Mayasen

#112 Mayasen on 07.28.10 at 9:13 am

You are welcome.

#113 Prajakta Sawant on 08.06.10 at 6:22 am

Your way of making people understand is really good. Thanks.

#114 Sourabh on 08.27.10 at 8:55 am

I am working as a manual test engineer in Pune from last 3.6 years.

I would like to learn Security Testing. Please let me know if you can provide any good material or any ref.


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Hi Friends,

After a long time i am joining the blog. Actually i was out of India for some time.

Those who want the real time interview questions please let me know. I have already sent those questions to few of you.


#116 KAPIL VERMA on 08.27.10 at 5:37 pm

I am a fresher for testing .Can anybody help me in searching Testing Job?

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Hi ashwin,

Send me the Q&A


#118 Begin on 09.01.10 at 11:13 am


Send me the Q&A


#119 haritha on 09.15.10 at 6:27 am

i have so many quries
1.how to begain testing in the system.
2.which topics i contenterate
how to write bug format (can u send digram)

#120 archendra yadav on 12.05.10 at 6:23 pm

hi friends ,
i m looking for the job change , i have around 1.8 year of exp in software testing in manual and automation , and having knowledge of loadrunner and qf test tools , currently i m working as a consultant engineer in cisco systems india , plz if any body have requirement in his/her org , revert me back ……..
thanks in advance …..

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Hi Ashwin,
Could you please forward me the FAQs for manual and web testing.

My email id is : swatimishra1688@gmail.com

#122 Swati Mishra on 12.12.10 at 6:41 pm

What is a test directory?
Please answer if anyone know about this?

#123 mouni on 12.15.10 at 10:25 am

nice,but if i am writing this i will give more explaination about this

#124 mouni on 12.15.10 at 10:26 am

because i am expert in testing

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hi ashwin, this is kannan. i am working in a mnc as manual tester. can u send the recent real time testing interview questions with answers. it will helpful for me.. my id is kannasv@gmail.com


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Send me the indestrial question on my email ID



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Dear Ashwin

Send me the Question & answer on my email ID


Thanks for help


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u can read my blog, its concise and covers all questions

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if any query plz ask to me

#130 chin on 02.11.11 at 5:01 am

can anybody tell me what is bug tracking…….

#131 chirag on 02.11.11 at 5:47 am

what is bug tracking…….

#132 Prashant on 02.11.11 at 12:11 pm

If you dont mind, Plz send me the question and answers.
Thanks in advance.


#133 Kapil on 02.11.11 at 12:12 pm

hi ALL

m looking for the job change , i have around 1.8 year of exp in software testing in manual and automation , and having knowledge of loadrunner and qf test tools , currently i m working as a consultant engineer in cisco systems india , plz if any body have requirement in his/her org , revert me back ……..
thanks in advance …..



#134 Faheem on 02.12.11 at 8:42 am

Dear Ashwin

what kind of Q/ Ans generally asked to candidate with one year of experience

Send me the interview Question & answer of manual testin for 1-year of experience on my email ID


Thanks for your help

#135 rajesh on 02.15.11 at 10:25 am

how many questions putout from bug life cycle in testing plzzz tell me

#136 pavan on 02.23.11 at 5:59 am

Hi Ashwin

Send me the Q&A on my email ID



#137 ashok Reddy on 03.10.11 at 8:04 am

hi friends i wannna know about how to prepare the test plan document

#138 Ashwin Channe on 05.19.11 at 9:40 am

Hi Pavan,

By Tomorrow I will share the QA Interview questions with you.


#139 Write an effective Bug report « Testingstation's Blog on 07.10.11 at 6:49 am

[…] ‘New’. Later on bug goes through various stages like Fixed, Verified, Reopen, Won’t Fix etc. Click here to read more about detail bug life […]

#140 Ramchandra on 07.14.11 at 3:20 am

what is difference between bug and defect? both r same or not? . . i hav confusion with this

#141 Deepak.G on 07.15.11 at 10:07 am

Error -A Fault in the program leads to error in program
Defect-If the error caught by tester then it is called
as defect.
Bug – If the defect is accepted by the development people
then it is called as Bug.

Error may be generated due to syntax or symantic fault.

Different types of error are
1.syntax errors
2.symantic errors
3.Logical errors
4.Runtime errors…etc

All athe above errors will be occured during white box
testing of the application/product.

if any doubt send the mail

#142 Deepak.G on 07.15.11 at 10:09 am

Error -A Fault in the program leads to error in program
Defect-If the error caught by tester then it is called
as defect.
Bug – If the defect is accepted by the development people
then it is called as Bug.

Error may be generated due to syntax or symantic fault.

Different types of error are
1.syntax errors
2.symantic errors
3.Logical errors
4.Runtime errors…etc

All athe above errors will be occured during white box
testing of the application/product.

if any doubt send the mail

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Dear ashwin Please send testing & development qu’s.

#144 Shanmugam on 08.02.11 at 5:38 pm

Dear Ashwin,
what kind of Q/ Ans generally asked to candidate with 2 years of experience

Send me the interview Question & answer of manual testin for 1-year of experience on my email ID


Thanks for your help

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hi friends plz send me testig interview questions


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hi all,
Any questions related to manual testing u can contact me

#147 srikanth on 08.17.11 at 4:17 pm

hi all,
Any questions related to manual testing u can contact me

#148 keshav on 08.22.11 at 6:46 pm

please add some more examples to all articles or topics then we easy to understand and please add some more images in some required time….thank you very much

#149 prabhakaran on 08.25.11 at 9:21 am

hii all,

This is prabhakaran,please send ppt in bug types and example

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pls send some testing interview questions for freshers this is my email id yazhiniss@gmail.com

#151 selva on 10.18.11 at 12:11 pm

HI all,

I wanna to learn any automated tools like QTP, how to proceed?? anyone guide me as i am new to automated.


#152 selva on 10.18.11 at 12:12 pm

I wanna to learn any automated tools like QTP, how to proceed?? anyone guide me as i am new to automated.


#153 Ibrahim on 11.14.11 at 12:37 pm

keep three group of people in mind

*Customer of ur company gives requirements of the Project to be developed
*Managers/Developers will make an SRS of the customer requirements
*Developers:- Project Manager divide’s the task into modules and assigned to different individual or group of developers.
* Immediate after getting SRS prepared by the developers Shared with Testing Team
*Testing Manager/Lead will assign an individual/group to prepare test case document for the same until we get the release/build for testing
* Now when developers feel to share the build with testing team to test they even have send the release notes with the build
*release notes contains what features to be tested and what not in the particular release
*TM/TL will assign that task to the group of test engineers to test the build
*test engineers should test SANITY first and move on to different test Types.

More info can be updated later ;)

#154 Prabhu on 11.20.11 at 6:19 am

Hi ashwin,

This is prabhu from chennai, i m new to testing field m trying to get testing jobs, so would u pls send me the interview question and answer and guide me.
advance in thanks

#155 Prabhu on 11.20.11 at 6:20 am

my mail id is prabhudni@gmail.com

#156 sivakumar on 12.09.11 at 9:31 am

Would you mind in elaborate more about bug life cycle with example.

#157 Sheela on 12.14.11 at 11:04 am

Dear Sir,

kindly arrange and update to me the type bugs in software testing area

Waiting quick respend


#158 Gowthami on 12.26.11 at 7:06 am

can u please suggest me how we can work with Bugzilla tool

#159 Mahek on 12.27.11 at 6:27 am


Frinds can u told me that how can create the Bug Repart, so tell me

#160 younas on 01.12.13 at 7:54 am

i am working as a sqa engineer. but i dont know what is the scope of sqa in future. please can anyone guid me about the field sqa. and provide me link or sites where i get any guidence. my email id is younaskhan_18@yahoo.com i will appreciate it…

#161 Aashay on 01.28.13 at 11:54 am

what is the meaning of duplicate bug?

#162 shiv on 02.02.13 at 5:30 am

very nice

#163 Hemant on 05.07.13 at 2:31 pm

hey guys,,,is there any job opening for manual tester , please inform me at sinsinwarhemant@gmail.com…. i hv 10 months experience in it.

#164 Gopinath on 06.07.13 at 9:18 am

Can anyone please tell me the answer for the below question
what the difference between open issue and known issue?

#165 soumya on 06.13.13 at 7:53 am

hi all,
Am fresher , looking for a job on manual & automation(QTP)testing. Can anybody help me in searching job in Bangalore? And please send me some real time interview QS & ans.


#166 kumari on 06.25.13 at 4:41 pm

recently i faced this question

tell me realtime manual testing life cycle

anybody can post the answer

#167 Amita on 07.27.13 at 11:54 am

hi Ashwin,

send me the recent real time testing interview questions with answers. it will helpful for me.. my id is meamita45@gmail.com

#168 Live Project Bug Tracking, Test Metrics, and Test Sign off – Free QA Training Day 6 — Software Testing Help on 02.26.14 at 9:42 pm

[…] From the above process it can be noted that, bugs go through different people and different decisions in the process of being identified to fixed. To track and to establish a transparency as to exact what state a certain bug is at, a “Status” field is used in the bug report. The entire process is referred to as a “Bug life cycle”. For more information on all the statuses and their meaning, please refer to this bug life cycle tutorial. […]

#169 umar on 02.27.14 at 7:36 am

kindly can u provide me complete flow of testing techniques and tools in practical level……..plz

#170 JKT on 03.05.14 at 10:21 am

Thank you very much… good to understand the bug cycle..

#171 sathya on 11.22.14 at 4:27 am

hi ashwin
send me the recent real time testing interview questions with answers. it will helpful for me.. my id is sathyahabeeby@gmail.com

#172 JYOTSNA on 12.15.14 at 8:26 am

Bug can be defined as the abnormal behavior of the software. No software exists without a bug. The elimination of bugs from the software depends upon the efficiency of testing done on the software. A bug is a specific concern about the quality of the Application under Test (AUT).

The different states of a bug can be summarized as follows:

1. New

2. Open

3. Assign

4. Test

5. Verified

6. Deferred

7. Reopened

8. Duplicate

9. Rejected

10. Closed

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