I’m Writing an eBook and Need Your Help to Make it Super Helpful!

This is something that’s in my mind since a long time. I get so many questions from readers about getting started in software testing and becoming an expert in this field! I thought it would be helpful to all if I share these answers in an eBook.

So, I’ve decided to write an eBook on software testing career and becoming an expert in this field. It would be the collection of answers to all these burning questions almost all testers face in their career life. I’ll also include some of the most useful guides I’ve ever written on this blog over the last 6 years with updates aligning with latest trends in software testing field.

So Here is How You Can Help:

What questions would you want me to answer about software testing and building a creative career? What could I answer that would help you in your own career?

Any feedback is welcome. For example, you could say that you want help on how to get started in software testing. You can ask more specific questions about software testing career or any specific task you find difficult to understand/manage in your career. So this eBook guide will be helpful to all from newbies to experienced professionals who seek help on general to any specific software testing/QA topics.

I’m trying to make it with full of practical tips and guide. Of course, it would come with a little price for the value I’m proving in this eBook. Don’t worry, you get a chance to win a copy of that killer software testing eBook for free if you just ask your biggest question in your testing career.

I’d love to know what burning questions you have or what pieces of software testing advice you’d like to know about! If you don’t have any question, I would still love to know your suggestions or ideas to make it more helpful.

Thank you! I want this eBook to be super useful to all, so ask me all you’ve got in your mind!

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