10 Essential Steps to Introduce Test Automation in Your Organization

In many organizations, quality is the first preference. If you are found to be in such an organization and still there is no formal test automation is done, you could be the person to inaugurate it. It will assist your organization to build more quality products in less time and likewise be able to market it early.

=> In this third piece of the ‘Test automation tutorial series’, I will discuss about how to introduce test automation in your organization. It is significant to understand that which step is to perform first and why.

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Types of Automated Tests and Some Misconceptions About Test Automation

In this second part of test automation tutorials series, I will briefly describe the types of automated tests and then most importantly I will clear some misconceptions about test automation.

Types of Automated Tests:

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The Ultimate Guide to Start Automation Testing on Your Project

Do you want to start automation testing on your project but struggling with the most basic steps like:

  • How to introduce test automation on your project?
  • How to select the best and the right automation tool?
  • How to develop scripts effectively?
  • How to execute and maintain test scripts?
  • and finally what are the best practices you need to follow for successful automation testing?

Today, we are starting a short but useful series of tutorials on “Getting started with Automation Testing”. In this automation testing tutorials series we will answer all above questions with step by step simple examples. Continue reading →

How to Figure Out What QA Job Best Suits You Based on Your Skills?

Job searching is probably the most stressful and overwhelming part of our careers.

There is just something about it, that gets to even the best of us. I am not going to say, this post will change that. However, there is one bit of the tiring process that we will try and simplify- and that is, “What kind of a job can you aspire for, with the skills you possess?”

QA Jobs and SKills

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11 Ways You Know You’re a Tester..

When you know, you are a tester ….

Some specific characteristics of a REAL TESTER, from my pen:

when you know you are a tester

#1. When a bug, seen but not reproduced, makes you sleepless:

While testing the application related to online transaction, you observed that there were two debits for single Continue reading →

Case Study: How to Eliminate Flaws of Waterfall and Agile Development Processes Using a Hybrid Model

Agile Waterfall Hybrid Model

The Waterfall Model has been the ideal choice for software development. In this model, an idea becomes usable software in a sequential process that cascades through the stages of Initiation, Analysis, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.

But the Waterfall model has some disadvantages.

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